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Sidetracked achievement in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus


Complete all side missions

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How to unlock the Sidetracked achievement

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    NOTE: Before going for this achievement I would highly recommend completing the main story and getting all three contraptions, although the latter is not entirely necessary.

    There are a total of 6 side missions in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, all of them are pretty easy and don't take very long to complete. I'm going to give a description as to how to get each side quest, as well as a description for how to complete each side quest.

    SIDE QUEST #1: Destroy The Tapes
    LOCATION: Manhattan Nuclear Bunker District

    To get this side quest, speak to Angela Cummings who is located at Hacker Central on the ship, although I have also seen her in the shooting range. Once you get into the bunker, Go into the first room (with the two guards) and on the very far side of the room, there will be some metal boxes. Climb the boxes and in the small area directly after we climb up will be 2 out of the 3 tapes we need to destroy. Leave that small area through the door and in the next room will be the final tape to destroy.

    SIDE QUEST #2: Destroy the Sumerian Tablets
    LOCATION: Roswell Underground District

    To get this side quest, speak to Maya Gilliam at the Hanger Bay. Once you get about halfway through the district, there will be one single train cabinet that will have its front door locked. Go around the side and you will be in the storage area of the train, two out of the three tablets you need to destroy will be laying on pallets on the ground in the storage area. the third one will be in a hallway on the second floor of the same train.

    SIDE QUEST #3: Save Hercules' Cousin
    LOCATION: Venus Oberkommando District

    To get this side quest, speak to Hercules Leclercq (that's not a typo lol) at the 2nd floor of Set's Lab. Go through the Oberkommando district until you use a elevator. When you get out of the elevator, keep going until you see a door on your right hand side. Enter the room and interact with the cousin.

    SIDE QUEST #4: Feed Rosa the Pig
    LOCATION: Eva's Hammer

    To unlock this side quest, interact with Rosa the pig in the pig pen. It is right next to your room on the ship. After that, go to the stairs that lead to the bar, from the diner. Take a left instead of going up the stairs and you will be in a small food storage room. Scattered on the shelves and the floor are a handful of potatoes. Pick up the potatoes then head back to Rosa and feed her.

    SIDE QUEST #5: Collect Toys for Max

    All you have to do is collect all of the toy collectibles for Max. There are plenty of guides here and elsewhere on where to find them. See more details on the TA page for the achievement called "Toy Collector"

    SIDE QUEST #6: Get Rid of the Rat
    LOCATION: Eva's Hammer

    To unlock this side quest, speak to Demont Conway, who is just to the right of the Ammo Depot. Go into the ammo depot and lift the flipped over box that's on the floor.

    That's it! After you've completed all 6 side quests the achievement should pop for you.

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    BushidoBrown305Did the 6 above. No achievement. As soon as I finished the contraption side quests the achievement popped. Needs to be added to the guide
    Posted by BushidoBrown305 on 04 Aug 19 at 05:53
    WerferAkrobat7For me the quest giver for the magnetic tapes was Laney. But she was just next to Angela
    Posted by WerferAkrobat7 on 23 Feb 20 at 23:13
    MAJDI70For me contraptions and upgrades were needed to unlock the achievement.
    Posted by MAJDI70 on 01 Mar 20 at 05:14
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    There’s are 9 side quests in Wolfenstein II.
    One of them is to collect all of Max’s toys
    Be sure to talk to the lady on the catwalks of the main floor of Eva’s Hammer BEFORE collecting the last toy. She disappears once you collect all toys and your progress will be stuck at 89%.
    You must also complete all 3 of the contraption upgrade missions.

    NOTE: This is not a complete guide. thekennygambit’s guide does a nice job explaining the other side quests. I just thought this guide could compliment his in order to give you the best information to unlock this.
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    mongrominet1 of 9 in this youtube video link = save cousin dimitri =
    2 of 9 in this youtube video link = Sabotage the Magnetic Tape Units Side Quest ( 1 of max toys ) =
    3 of 9 in this youtube video link = Destroy the Sumerian Tablets Side Quest =
    Posted by mongrominet on 05 May 19 at 20:20
    EliteAssassin13The Toy Collector achievement pops when you get the last toy. The lady gives the quest, that’s it. No need to see her again.
    Posted by EliteAssassin13 on 18 Jul 19 at 01:17
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