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Hide and Seek

Find Erin when she's gone.

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Achievement Guide for Hide and Seek

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    Highly missable !

    Hello guys !

    Here's my guide for the Hide & Seek achievement in AER - Memories of Old.With that,you'll find that bit**...errr the cute little Erin without much problems.

    To unlock this one,you must find and speak to her but ONLY when she's close to the Sky boat !

    According to the devs on Twitter the achievement is some sort of glitched.Normally you should also unlock the achievement when you find Erin to the North of the island (after completing the 2nd dungeon) but it's not the case at the moment.
    So feel free to tell me in the comments if and when it'll be solved,thanks a lot !

    So to make Erin go near the Sky boat you must speak to her and his parents each time it's possible.So after getting a Key and after completing a dungeon.It's crucial !

    If you spoke to her each time you should get the achievement after getting the 2nd key (and before going to the 2nd dungeon,be careful ! After that it'll be too late)

    Here's my video to show you the good location of Erin to unlock the achievement.You don't have to speak to the parents this time.(In French sorry,but texts are useless for understanding):

    In short:

    - Complete the 1st cave
    - Talk with everybody in the Settlement
    - Get the 1st key
    - Talk with everybody in the Settlement
    - Complete the 1st dungeon
    - Talk with everybody in the Settlement (Erin is on on the tree stump near the camp fire)
    - Get the 2nd key
    - Talk with Erin near the Sky boat
    - *achievement unlocked* !

    - If Erin is not there try to go to the Archives tower in the east (2nd dungeon).Open it,enter it and leave.Go back to the settlement and she should be hiding near the sky boat.

    Voila that's good ! Have fun and enjoy AER !
    Don't hesitate to put a like and to comment my guide if you have some problems with this achievement and mostly when the patch will be available to make this one easier to get ! ^^

    Thanks to BiLLzuMaNaTi and NoHeroes94 for the infos !
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