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HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points achievement in ACA NEOGEO MUTATION NATION

HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points

HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points.

HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points+0.5
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How to unlock the HI SCORE MODE 200,000 points achievement

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    For starters this can be one of the more annoying ACA NEOGEO games if you let it be. That's because like most of these games, if you either don't google the rules / manual, or have already played the game in the past, you won't know the mechanics of how to succeed.

    First things first, you'll need to make it through the second level / boss in order to achieve this score. Now every so often you'll see orbs on the ground. Some of these have letters. The ones with letters are Special Abilities. The way this works is your current special ability is the last lettered orb you picked up. These also give you a little extra health back. Non lettered orbs will give you a little extra health and increase your special ability by +1. This is the number you'll notice at the top left of your screen. This number reflects how many times you can use your special. The max is 5. Once you've exhausted this number to 0, any further special ability usages will result in -2 Health Point Blocks.

    Your regular attack is going to be mashing the cn_X. For enemies with more hitpoints you'll not want to mash the cn_X as fast because it will lead to knocking them down. If you just tap cn_X a few times and give a small breather you can chain a near infinite combo. On larger enemies this is a smart tactic because when enemies get up off the ground they will blink and this means they are briefly invulnerable for about 2 seconds. While they are invulnerable they can still damage you of course so you'll want to avoid this.

    The first boss is easy and you shouldn't need any special ability usage. Ideally we will want to get to the second boss with 5 special abilities. The special abilities are based on your preference but I personally prefer B because unlike most specials it's not used right away. I.e. if you use A, or C there is the potential to miss the enemy if he moved while you were charging the special. B acts like a Hyuken Fireball from Street Fighter. A acts like a Raiden / Nightcrawler teleport across the screen. C and D are hurricane kicks and lightning bolts essentially.

    Once you've made it to the second boss with your 5 B's you'll want to charge the B special attack by holding cn_X towards the bottom of the screen. If you stay at the top, the hornets the boss spawns will hit you constantly. This will slowly fill the meter in the top left of your screen. Once it's full it will blink. If you are interrupted by an attack it will restart. Once you've got it charged get closer to the boss and unleash it by hitting cn_X. After 3 or 4 he should go down and you should get your high score required for the achievements.

    Final note, as with all ACA NEOGEO games, do not hit pause by any methods cn_back / cn_start / cn_guide during the run as you will have to restart your run.
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    fsanukso if I want to have special ability 'B' at Level 5 I should only pick up B's from the floor?
    Posted by fsanuk on 24 Oct 19 at 09:00
    FNSUITE GHOSTYou could do that or more likely just make sure the last orb you pick up near boss is a B. To skip all the non B’s in beginning would make it harder because the letters give you health and +1 to special counter. For example if you pick up an A,C,B,A,A that would be level 5 A, the max. Then just pick up a B near boss and you’ll be at level 5 B.
    Posted by FNSUITE GHOST on 25 Oct 19 at 22:45
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