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Overheating achievement in AC Origins


Witness raining bugs in the desert.

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How to unlock the Overheating achievement

  • DeathDealingCatDeathDealingCat
    29 Oct 2017 30 Oct 2017
    This achievement requires you to wander in the desert midday. Many players have had luck in the Great Sand Sea. It might take 5-10 minutes of running around before you start experiencing any hallucinations, and after that you'll have to keep wandering around until you get the right one - raining bugs! Once you see the scarab beetles raining down around you the achievement or trophy will pop (but it might take a few seconds after the hallucination finishes)!

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    I Like DrinkinThis one just weirdly popped on me. I was stealth killing some guys, inside some ruins, and poof!
    Posted by I Like Drinkin on 19 Jul 23 at 05:27
    MTwemI ran around for 45 mins and saw the same ones over and over. Most frustrating is the swarm of bugs instead of raining bugs
    Posted by MTwem on 15 Oct 23 at 09:45
    DoomScottI can confirm that if you find the exact spot he has them rain on him in the video, it will immediately start to rain scarabs. I used VoidSeekers advice and followed the video right to the exact ridge he was on. It is directly north of the "T" in Great Sand Sea and it is south and a little east of the position he shows in the video on the map. Find that exact ridge and run along it and they should rain down almost immediately. Tried 30 mins before finding this exact spot and nothing. Got it as soon as it hit where he was in the video
    Posted by DoomScott on 02 Feb at 04:01
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  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV
    26 Oct 2017 26 Oct 2017 27 Oct 2017
    Run or walk at daytime through any desert like the Great Sand Sea territory to trigger a random hallucination. Run or walk through the desert until the right hallucination appears. The raining bugs hallucination is very rare, so you may need a while.

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    TheDude722I had to run around Great Sand Sea for 2 hours before finally getting scarab storm. But during that time, I had seen 15 different other mirages though, with varying frequency.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    Posted by TheDude722 on 30 Oct 17 at 22:50
    Meta1ingusI can confirm that riding your horse/camel will still trigger hallucinations as that's what just happened with me. I was riding in the Desheret Desert and then I saw a flopping fish... I the proceeded onward and then a sand storm hit after that it started raining scarabs and then the achievement unlocked!
    Posted by Meta1ingus on 05 Nov 17 at 04:23
    MasterTimosI can confirm what SolaceConquest said about getting it during a sandstorm. The scarabs started raining down seconds after the sandstorm started. And you don't need to run around. Just go do something else 😉
    Posted by MasterTimos on 07 Nov 21 at 11:14
    15 Nov 2017 15 Nov 2017
    This solution doesn't require your active participation unlike the two methods already provided.

    First, go to any desert area in the game. (Qattara Desert, Iment Nome, Isolated Desert, Black Desert) Wait there until you see a hallucination, it's usually accompanied by a sound queue. Wait in the area for a few minutes to ensure it's safe from attack, meaning there are no animals (lions, hyenas, jaguars) that will attack you, nor any convoy routes that pass through there. After that, just wait.

    Additionally, if you want to leave your console alone, you can do some of these things:
    - Go to your Xbox's Settings > Preferences > Idle Options and turn off 'Show me things when idle'. If you go idle, ACO will pause.
    - Go to your Xbox's Settings > Power & Start Up > Power mode & startup and set your Turn off after option to 'Do not turn off automatically'.
    - Plug your controller in to the console so it does not turn off.

    There have been some reports of it taking people up to 11 hours to get this achievement, so you don't want to have to run around or even pay attention to your console while trying to get this.
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    FootyMadGot this using this solution. Triggered the first hallucination and then just waited in the same spot and went afk. Not long after the achievement popped - 10 minutes or so. Thanks!
    Posted by FootyMad on 09 Feb 20 at 11:09
    Marshal034Can confirm this works. It still took about three days in game. When the sun would set I'd speed up time then go chase a new hallucination for the new day then stand there all day.... Eventually popped after about an hour. Stupid cheevo.
    Posted by Marshal034 on 23 May 20 at 00:37
    WithTheDawnPerfect, worked within 5 mins for me.
    Posted by WithTheDawn on 31 Aug 22 at 09:58
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