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Kill 3 enemies with one hit.

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Achievement Guide for Slasher

  • DeathDealingCatDeathDealingCat183,568
    28 Oct 2017 28 Oct 2017 02 Nov 2017
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    This achievement is a lot easier than it seems. An easy spot to do this is in the Amanai Cave in the Siwa oasis during the “Water Rats” mission, but the same technique can be used anywhere. In the Water Rats cave, there’s a grassy spot to hide right next to a ladder that leads to the lower part of the cave. Crouch here and wait for three separate enemies to approach (you can whistle to attract them over if needed). Incapacitate each one individually with a takedown. Once you have three enemies all down, but still alive (writhing around – they need to all be alive for this to work) you then perform a quick attack, and this should finish all three off with one blow!

    If you already have the hidden blade, JuicyUrchin498 pointed out the following: "You can just equip "Unarmed" weapon in gear menu and it doesn't kill with the assassins blade so the first solution still works after getting the blade. I just hid in a bush and knocked them out and killed them later."

    You can also kill hostile animals for this achievement. Thanks to Dr Zoidstein for the following additional info: "I killed four hyenas with one slash while on horseback and got the achievement. I don't know if killing non hostile animals will work or not but hostile ones definitely do."

    Darkness Momon has confirmed that non-hostile animals won't work: "Does not work on neutral animals. Just got 5 goats at once and no achievement."

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    02 Nov 2017 02 Nov 2017
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    I got this against hyenas in Siwa. I was level 24 and used a high level spear.

    In the middle of Siwa top right of lake there is a hyena lair with loads of hyenas. Swing with RB on the group of hyenas. Achievement unlocked!
  • ScubaSte3veScubaSte3ve537,604
    11 Nov 2017 11 Nov 2017
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    I found that using sleep darts works well... go to a low level area and promptly engage the enemy...sleep dart 3 close together (nighty, night)..take a heavy weapon like an axe, wind up and swing, hopefully hitting all of them while they nap. Be quick about it though...they are light sleepers. Hope this is a technique that helps!
  • MiZ DoveMiZ Dove225,827
    16 Jan 2018 16 Jan 2018
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    I did this at the Hyena Lair in SIWA. I was lvl 30. I simply went to Hyena Lair, whistled to get them to surround me. Charged the sword, let go and couldn’t NOT kill several at once, EZ
  • Re4perKnightRe4perKnight260,480
    29 Oct 2017 04 Nov 2017
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    In Kanopos Nome there is a side quest where you gotta get a horse back then later on in the quest you come across 3 guys by a fire, make sure you have a heavy blade on since it attacks does a nice 360 swing, sneak up and in two hits you could kill them.

    if you have already gotten past this point and still don't have it one of my friends had confirmed that it will count if you kill 3 hyenas with one hit too.
  • RobG88RobG88188,929
    21 Feb 2018 23 Feb 2018
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    I actually got this achievement while riding and seeing a group of bandits or hyenas and simply swiped them with my crushing mace, but I'm offering something that seems really easy and I would have popped it had I already not got it.

    There is a particular quest GIFT FROM THE GODS that once completed grants you a little ole sword and shield, once you have it and you're outside that location, you'll more than likely see a pack of hyenas -- I've seen 10 packs of 5 of them throughout this area -- ride at them, swing and you should pick up this achievement without issue.

    Hope this helps.
  • MajorLethalCycoMajorLethalCyco316,922
    16 Oct 2018 16 Oct 2018
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    I just actually got my achievement right now doing a side quest called " A Tithe By Any Other Name" in Alexandria where you have to get a cart back from some guards. Once you get close to the mission objective, use Senu to mark the guards and objective. There should be about 4 or 5 guards huddle together and all I did was throw sleeping darts at all the guards and went up to takedown them one by one. Once all guards are on the floor wiggling around just use your melee weapon to kill them all. I had a regular sword on me to finish the job and achievement popped.
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