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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Sell 100 trinkets at once.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle0
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  • Pink Freud PhDPink Freud PhD379,362
    31 Oct 2017 30 Oct 2017 07 Aug 2018
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    Step by Step Instructions

    - Acquire 100+ total (don't have to be unique) Trinkets through random looting
    - (Optional) Purchase the Salesman skill in the Seer tree for additional 25% profit
    - Visit a vendor
    - Select 'Sell'
    - Use down on the dpad to 'Sell unnecessary items'


    To be absolutely clear, the only items counted toward this achievement are listed directly under the word, 'Trinkets' in the Inventory screen. They can be looted in random urns, bags, etc. around the world. You should hit the 100 mark around 10-15hrs of play time, provided you are looting everything.

    Please comment as to why you have downvoted if you do so I can correct the issue.


    From user MungBard re: trinkets end-game:

    "If, like me, you noticed this late and finished the game with fewer than the necessary trinkets, you can start a new game+ and continue collecting. The new game+ will keep the trinkets you currently have in your inventory. I was able to get the last 20 or so I needed before I ever left Siwa."

    From user ResidentialEvil

    "for me the urns at military encapments have been respawning."
  • Marine1TenMarine1Ten272,739
    18 Nov 2017 18 Nov 2017 01 Jan 2018
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    Just unlocked this on the Xbox One X and this is how I did it:

    Have 100 or more items in your trinket slots ( I had 102). Find a Weaver and sell your Animal Goods first! NOT the Crafting Materials- (pelts for gear upgrades). Only sell the hyena ears, bird tongues, etc. I used the weaver in Karanis, which is in northern Faiyum. (Location should not matter.) Back out of the sell/buy menu completely and check to see that the Animal Goods menu is empty. Then press Y to interact again with the Weaver. Go back into the Weaver sell menu and push down on the D-pad to "sell unnecessary items". The achievement will pop immediately.

    I tried this 2x prior with Blacksmiths and failed!
    I thought I had miscounted the first time I failed. Then on the second try I noticed that the Animal Goods were selling at the same time as the Trinkets. So, by emptying the Animal Goods slot first and selling to a Weaver who only buys the Crafting Materials, the Animal Goods & the Trinkets, it works! I think the key is to empty the Animal Goods slot prior to selling the Trinkets. Blacksmiths have worked for others but not for me.
  • DUFF MAN34DUFF MAN34182,942
    25 Mar 2018 26 Mar 2018
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    I got this achievement yesterday. I was worried about it being glitched due to the solution provided by Marine1Ten so I held off from selling my trinkets. I had about 130 trinkets and went to a Blacksmith. I didn't sell any of my weapons or skins or anything like that. I literally just hit up on the D Pad and sold all unnecessary items and it worked just fine.

    I recommend just triple checking your trinkets to make sure you have over 100 and you'll be fine.

    It's worth counting them more than once before selling so you don't miscount and end up not getting the achievement.

    Happy hunting!
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