It's More Than Luck achievement in Super Lucky's Tale

It's More Than Luck

Defeat Jinx once and for all!

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How to unlock the It's More Than Luck achievement

  • SodernautSodernaut99,250
    13 Nov 2017 13 Nov 2017 14 Nov 2017
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    There are 5 phases to this boss that repeats three times. I made up names for the phases.


    Jinx casts a ring that expands for the entire floor 3-4 times. Jump to avoid.


    The floor tiles raises to different levels and the boss shoots lasers out of his eyes. Double jump around to avoid.


    Two walls raises at the left and right hand sides and shoots fireballs in preset patterns. It is however random which pattern you get. Look for larger clear areas and jump / double jump to them.

    On top of the fire the floor will move during this phase but if you focus on avoiding the fire it's easy enough to jump to places where there are tiles. Try to stay in the center of the platform as much as possible.

    During the third round it helped me to turn the camera to another angle to easier see the clear spots but the change of perspective might make it harder. That's up to you.


    Walls will be raised and a red orb spawns on one of the tiles. The orb will explode if you don't hit it in time costing you one heart. On the other hand if you hit the orb it will be launched towards Jinx and hurt him.

    Should you fail to hit the orb and if you don't die you will go back to the previous phase for another round of fire.

    Position yourself on the "dot" between the intersection of four squares. See where I position myself in the video - you will pushed on top of the walls if you do it right and it will be faster to jump to where the orbs spawn (as opposed to actually running through the labyrinth).

    Hit Jinx with three red orbs to defeat him.


    Two bees and a maggot or a fire golem will spawn. Each one of these gives you one full heart as you kill them so if you get hit during any other phases this is your chance to heal.


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    oONeonDemonOo+1 same as erod550!! Only way i failed was because of the stupid labyrinth. Thx again
    Posted by oONeonDemonOo on 24 Jun 18 at 08:58
    ALoneWolf42I got this after about ~8 hours. By this point in the game I had ~7300 metres and almost $14,000.
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 29 Nov 20 at 18:15
    I Like DrinkinOne of his fireball patterns spells out "Lucky Smells!". That one is a pain to try and avoid.
    Posted by I Like Drinkin on 08 Jan at 11:01
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  • Krows GraveyardKrows Graveyard716,551
    05 Mar 2018 07 Mar 2018 07 Mar 2018
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    Jinx is the final boss of the game and the overall boss for Spookington. He isn't very hard and attacks in a pattern that is fairly easy to learn.

    First, Jinx will create pink shockwaves that will expand like giant rings. Simply jump inside them as they expand to avoid them.

    Second, Jinx will raise the 9 blocks you're standing on to a random elevation before trying to hit you with laser eye beams. Simply go from left to right on the same 3 blocks and jump over the beams as they come until he stops.

    Third, Jinx will summon fire cannons and will shoot them as many other bosses have done. However he will alter the positions of the blocks you stand on while the fireballs are in mid air and will even spin the blocks around. Keep your attention mainly focused on the fireballs and jump into gaps between waves, making sure you have a place to land along the way.

    Fourth, Jinx will create a mini-maze in the 9 blocks with a glowing orb at the end. Get to the orb and hit it to knock it into Jinx and damage him. If you are quick, you can jump the moment you see the orb spawn to jump the maze walls and instantly get to the orb.

    Fifth, Jinx will summon smaller enemies to attack you, and they will heal you upon being defeated. The first time you see them you will get Yellow Bees and Giant Worms, the 2nd time will be Red Bees and a Golem from the Yeti stages.

    Jinx will repeat from the 1st phase from here and your goal will be the same until you've hit Jinx with 3 Orbs, defeating him.
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