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Come Back, Kenny! achievement in Final Fantasy XV

Come Back, Kenny!

Met the owner of the Crow's Nest Diner.

Come Back, Kenny!0
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How to unlock the Come Back, Kenny! achievement

  • EnlunaEnluna756,971
    17 Nov 2017 17 Nov 2017 01 Jan 2018
    23 7 39
    Random appearance after completing a mission, the owner of crow's net will cook for you and unlock the achievement.

    Apparently appears at lower levels more often, so if you already have all the others achievements of the DLC and have unluck finding Kenny, try creating a new avatar and spam the first mission (level 1)

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    SweetArkhaneYes, I realized that when he showed up^^
    Posted by SweetArkhane on 19 Nov 18 at 11:34
    RetroCarruthersJust got him randomly after doing a few Roboresurrection quests with AI!
    Posted by RetroCarruthers on 19 Nov 18 at 14:42
    Ludio NomenWhilst doing the 'Too Tough to Tame' quest for crooked helixhorns, I found that I got a special chef every time I finished the mission without the objective taking any damage. I tested it a few times and got special chefs, then let one of the monsters through and immediately got Monica again. I actually got the owner (Jetty) first time after completing the quest 'Everybody's Groan' without the objective taking any damage, which isn't too difficult at a decent level (I was 28) with some good gear.

    I don't know whether this was simply a coincidence, or whether it could influence the outcome. Either way I thought I'd share it for anyone having trouble like me!
    Posted by Ludio Nomen on 23 Mar at 10:56
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  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm464,895
    19 Nov 2017 25 Nov 2018 09 Dec 2018
    13 2 4
    Play the Daily: Infernal Invaders with four human players. You will not have the choice to take food with you on the mission. There is no food available to be picked up during the mission. At the end of a successful completion, Kenny will appear and unlock the achievement if not already earned. I have done this three times in succession.

    I would have waited and done further testing before posting this solution. I don't consider the test to be conclusive. All three instances were done on the 25 November 2018 daily. Another date may yield different results. However, many people are anxious to get this achievement before the 12 December 2018 server closure. So, I thought I'd err in favor of a quick posting. I would have done more testing but am having trouble finding three other human players to volunteer for the experiment.

    When I first played comrades back in November 2017, I relied on a random appearance. I got all chefs except for Gentiana and Aranea before Kenny appeared. It took me over 40 hours of play. I tried all the missions several time varying food choices. There was some discussion about what missions and food choices were best. They may have improved the odds but none of them worked for me. Eventually, I got it while grinding and did not take note of my food choices. Since then, Kenny has appeared only half a dozen times. He has appeared in both low level and high level missions. I have been unable to discern any pattern other than the solution I posted above.

    Edited 8 Dec: I have now tested with a party of 4 human players over a dozen times with 100% success. When we started any mission the Dailies, an urgent mission, or a regular mission with no food and picked up no food on the battle field, Kenny has always appeared following the mission. With the Dailies, human players start with no food and there is no food on the battle field. So, as stated above, Kenny appears after the successful completion of a daily mission with 4 human players. If the human party of 4 plays an urgent or regular mission (red or green missions), and ensures nobody picks up food at the camp or on the battlefield, Kenny appears following successful completion of the mission.
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    AllgorhythmGreat to get this confirmation and congrats on the achievement.
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 02 Dec 18 at 19:42
    AllgorhythmI see I have picked up a negative vote. Is it because a human party of 4 successfully completed a Daily and Kenny did not appear?
    Posted by Allgorhythm on 09 Dec 18 at 01:40
    ThanagarIf anyone wants to try this 4 player method please message me and we can try and set up a time.
    Posted by Thanagar on 22 Jan at 09:43
  • Legendary J ManLegendary J Man520,733
    14 Nov 2018 14 Nov 2018
    7 1 0
    There is not a lot of information about this online so I spent all day grinding this out and finally got it. Here is what I discovered.

    It is random, but not that random.

    What I found is that you will get a special chef 1 out of 5 matches, so about 20%. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be 20% each time. Here is an example: I did 10 missions and in those 10 missions I got a special chef after mission 3 and mission 6.
    I then did another set of 10 and got special chefs on mission 5 and mission 7.
    Finally I did one more set of 10 before I was convinced of the odds and I got a special chef in mission 6 and then mission 7. So it broke the odds, but I got a special chef twice in a row, so RNG kinda made up for the weird numbers.

    So when grinding this out I would do missions until I got a special chef then reset the game. Sometimes I would get the chef on the second mission, sometimes it would be the 5th, but once I got it wasn't worth doing more missions because I knew I was going to have to do at least 5 more matches until the chef would show up. Turning the game off and then on again would reset the imaginary counter.

    Now the downside is that there are 8 special chefs that can show up to cook for you. As far as I can tell it's random who will show up. Some people say certain characters won't show up until certain parts of the story, but there is no real way to know. I can say when I did this grind I had already beaten the story and was level 34.

    The grind I did was on the level 25 mission Roboresurections. It's pretty quick when you have some powerful weapons, but the important part is to find a mission that you can do fast.

    That is guide, it's what I did and how I got it. Here are the hard numbers:

    Missions: 50 (I had done a lot more because I had beaten the story, but this is the count for when I started grinding this achievement specifically).

    Special Chef count:
    Cor - 2
    Cid - 2
    Libertus - 3
    Cindy - 1
    Iris - 1
    Kenny's Diner Manager - 1

    If your are interested here is the 8 chefs and what they cook:

    Cor - Chef Leonis's Seafood Special
    Attack bonus, Defense bonus

    Cid - Grease Monkey's Meat Wraps
    Crafted Weapon bonus (increases stats for your weapons)

    Cindy - Summer Salad in a Pot
    Shop discount (even works at the meteorshard shop)

    Libertus - Galhand Style Stir Fry
    HP bonus, Defense bonus

    Iris - Moggie Mog Mousse
    Exp bonus

    Arenea - Vheltham Cassoulet
    Gil bonus

    Gentiana - Almighty Astral Lunchbox
    Elemental resistence, Status effect immunity

    Kenny's Diner Manager - Letty's (french fries and mineral water)
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