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Royal Retinue Rumble achievement in Final Fantasy XV

Royal Retinue Rumble


Royal Retinue Rumble0
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How to unlock the Royal Retinue Rumble achievement

  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm
    19 Nov 2017 20 Nov 2017 20 Nov 2017
    How to unlock the achievement. As you progress through the story, at intervals, Noctis's companions will show up at Lestallum. The game clearly shows them arriving so it is not something you will overlook. Accept offers to train or skirmish with them. When you defeat the third and final companion, the achievement will unlock

    Where to find the companions.
    The three companions each go to the same location near the power plant. Just go all the way up the map to the power plant and turn left at the end. This is to the left of where you talked to Holly early in the DLC. Talk to each one and accept an offer to train or skirmish with them. This will initiate a one on one confrontation.

    Defeating the companions. The tactics you use will depend on your game style and choice of weapons. I was efficiently going through the story and was resisting the temptation to be distracted by side missions. So, I was fairly low level and did not have any kick-ass weapons. It could be the game adjusts to your level and equipment. Nevertheless, it does not appear that any special preparations are in order. Gladiolus is first, then Prompto, and Ignis is last. The Gladiolus and Prompto fights are very straightforward. They could each be overcome by spamming warp attacks. (Note that there are no warp-out points so use a weapon that will permit multiple warp attacks if you want to spam warp attacks.) Ignis is more challenging. He has a 9,999 counter attack. He can be defeated with physical attacks; however, to do so, you need to employ precision blocking and dodge-rolls. I recommend magic attacks even though I rarely employed them in the rest of the DLC. For me, Ignis was weak to magic. The prompts for a magic attack are on the left. I was using a type C controller so a magic attack was cn_RB + cn_RT. I just spammed the magic attack & Ignis was unable to counter-attack.

    The above tactics are suggestions. You will have preferred weapons and tactics based on your play style. Use them. The companions are not super bosses that require a specialized approach. Use what you are comfortable with. This comment applies to the below note as well. You have a lot of flexibility. There is no 'right' set-up. The game is designed for you to have fun. Set up your protagonist according to your personal tastes and play according to your favorite play style.

    A note on birthplace - not directly related to unlocking the achievement but may affect your choice of tactics. The tactics I outline above - warp attacks against Gladiolus and Prompto and magic attacks against Ignis - may be dependent the birthplace you choose at the beginning. I chose Galahd - offensive specialist - high power & magic. This is what I recommend for the entire DLC. Per, the disclaimer above, this is just a suggestion and I do not mean to dogmatically imply that there is a 'best' birthplace. The other birthplaces have advantages in HP, MP, vitality, & spirit. Nevertheless, the tactics you use throughout the DLC can ensure that you are not dependent on any of those. So, I recommend getting the highest power and magic you can and use them to kick ass. In most instances, you can use warp attack, warp out tactics so you're not taking hits, your HP stays high. Moreover, your MP regenerates when you warp out.

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    ValdimierThx for the reply. It unlocked 10 minutes later.
    Posted by Valdimier On 15 Nov 18 at 20:43
    AllgorhythmGreat. Congrats. I always hate it when achievements have problems.
    Posted by Allgorhythm On 16 Nov 18 at 01:21
    BigWiIIieStyIeI didn't have a shield so I found with crossbow he goes down at the end of the autofire. I also tried different spells blizzard and thunder neither were strong on him. For the attempt when I completed it I replaced thunder with poison x (not sure if that really helped) and used the default magic spell. I also cranked up my ice resist which meant even if I couldn't keep the string going he did little damage. Basic strat was try to keep him in a corner and keep holding down B + LB + RT. You basically barrage him with arrows until he goes down then you cast your spell then start the barrage again. You will never run out of mana this way either. He occasionally will slide away from the corner when this happens warp to him and continue the assault (don't forget to release RT or you will cast heal). He might get a heal off but just keep at it and you should get him to nothing. I was only lvl 12 with 1054 HP, 132 MP, 82% Ice Res, 205 Magic, my bow had 91 attack but even with a higher level bow I tried originally it does little damage and it's not what is going to kill him, but is used to knock him down, it's the magic blast which mine did about 350 avg.
    Posted by BigWiIIieStyIe On 25 Nov 18 at 20:02
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    27 Nov 2018 27 Nov 2018 27 Nov 2018
    My character's level was only 17-19 (?) when I fought all 4 characters.

    Ignis can be defeated with a level 1 shield, just hold the cn_B and he will stay perpetually stunned. He can be pressed into a corner and he won't do anything offensively. Fight duration was 2 minutes, 3 at the most.

    Prompto can be defeated by stun locking him with a level 1 shield as well. He will get a shot in on you every 3 or 4 hits you hit him, but all you have to do is do a quick heal and go right back to holding the cn_B. I felt his hit exchange increased if he was cornered, so I maneuvered my character a bit so when I did the shield slam into the ground, Prompto staggered away from the corner and walked along the edge. Fight duration was 2 minutes, 3 at the most.

    Gladiolus was easy, just warp attack him and then warp away and dodge his wide sweeping move he does. Rinse and repeat. I didn't try, but I wouldn't be surprised if the shield stunning worked on him as well. Fight duration was 2 minutes, 3 at the most.

    You spar with Gladiolus first, then Prompto, followed lastly by Ignis.

    Easy peasy. Enjoy your newly acquired rare cheevo!!
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    EmagDrolBotFantastic solution for Ignis. +1

    The others I pretty much held down B while targetting them and occasionally healed.
    Posted by EmagDrolBot On 23 Nov 19 at 09:03
    demon jonzeyI was level 11 and took on this method and worked first time! Thanks!
    Posted by demon jonzey On 13 May 20 at 09:08
  • Astra InitiaAstra Initia
    15 Nov 2018 17 Nov 2018 17 Nov 2018
    I just wanted to add on to the solution above. For people who didn't go with the magic boost birthplace like me, the way to beat Ignis is to just dance him. When he attacks with his swords dodge them, if you can dodge when he throws his ice attacks then get behind him and attack to get the blindside attack bonus and just keep attacking when he is staggered. You can also attack him when he heals himself to make him stagger, but when he tries to counter attack you or just plain out attack you move away from him and heal when you can or if you need to.

    This is just what I found out for myself when I tried to fight him with magic and I couldn't get it, I hope this helps everyone.
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