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The Mayor of Monsterville

Stake a claim to Monster Town by playing as the classic Vampire character in the Monsters pack

The Mayor of Monsterville+6.0
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Achievement Guide for The Mayor of Monsterville

  • thunderkiss92thunderkiss92433,552
    28 Oct 2017 28 Oct 2017 28 Oct 2017
    16 1 12
    I searched far and wide in the new Monsters DLC for Dracula and never found him. Funny thing is, he isn't even IN the DLC!!

    To unlock him (if you haven't already), you'll need to travel to the Weird Woods biome and do a small series of quests.

    1. load up the galaxy map.
    2. hit cn_X to bring up options. Select "Locate a World."
    3. in the long box type this exactly as it is shown: 118-127-316.
    4. in the small box (there should be a letter inside of it), put a capital letter G. Select the checkmark when you're done to go to the world.
    5. Go to the following coordinates, you should see a big house: X: 24.4 Y:30 Z: 120.
    6. From the front of the house, run around to the back. Someone dug up a chest back here, open it to obtain a Red Potion.
    7. Run around to the side of the building where the explorer gentlemen is standing. Talk to him. He wants to fight the monsters of the night but lacks the proper equipment. He wants you to build a Monster Fighter Camp. If you don't have this item already, you should be able to find it in this biome, likely from a chest.
    8. Build the Monster Fighter Camp. I built it behind the house.
    9. Run around to the front of the house now and talk to the woman there. She wants a photo of her with a skull in the background. Fortunately there's one directly behind her, on the stairs. Oblige her wishes and take the photo of her with the skull.
    10. Immediately after that she has another request: vandalize the Count's home. Take out your Paint Tool and color the house until she's happy with your work.
    11. Return to the explorer you spoke to previously. He wants to trade a Wooden Sword for your Red Potion. Make the trade.
    12. The explorer loses his courage and begins to cower. Try to speak with him again and you'll activate one of those defense quests. You'll be fighting none other than Dracula himself. And he isn't happy about the way you vandalized his house. Try to defeat him in this fight.

    *If you don't win this fight, it's not a big deal. You can find him roaming the Weird Woods at night. Defeat him and you'll be able to use the Discovery Tool to "discover" him.

    13. Return to the Monsters DLC world and make your entrance as the coolest minifigure in the game...DRACULA. Achievement Unlocked!
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