Sacrifice Medal achievement in 911 Operator

Sacrifice Medal

Awarded for resolving a case despite death of your team member

Sacrifice Medal-0.3
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How to unlock the Sacrifice Medal achievement

  • Guy The AceGuy The Ace429,471
    01 Jan 2018 01 Jan 2018
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    Easier than you think but need patiance.

    First of all: I really hate this achievement! I enjoyed controlling emergency units and try to never let anyone down or anyone behinde. Because of that I didn't got this achievement on a legit way, so I have to set up a plan to unlock it.

    The method is the fallowing. You need one of the fallowing cases:
    - Vandals
    - Gang War (fighting with clubs)
    - Gang War (fighting with fire arms) !!!There is you best bet!!!
    - Gun Raid
    - Home Invasion
    - Bank Robbery
    - Crime Organization Meeting
    - Drug Lord

    In this cases mostly armed criminals committing crimes and they will start a fight before you can arrest or shoot down them and there is your chance:
    Send a police car or helicopter or motorybike with two police officers to the spot, then wait. 3 things could happen:

    1) The police officers arrest 2 of the suspects and injured the rest. But the police officers remain healty or they just lightly injured (so not heavily injured). In this case you can do nothing. It is wasen't a success. Transport the injured to the hospital and the rest to the jail than try again.

    2) The suspects heavily injured booth of the police officers. In this case you have to send another police unit with two officers to the scene then see point "3". NOTE: I played aroung 2-300 dutys in the game because I really liked it, but never happened something like that.

    3) The susspects are down (heavily injured) and one of your police officers are heavily injured too. THAT IS YOUR CHANCE!
    All you have to do is wait. The heavily injured persons are going to bleed out with time. The not injured police officer will try to give first aid to the suffering people on the scene with no luck, because he or she is not a meddic. You have to wait until your heavily injured officer is dead (a black strip will appear on his or her picture). After that you can send in the ambulance, police, everyone. The dead cop will be transported to the hospital and as soon as you duty is over the achievement is yours!

    Sorry if I was too complicated on some points but I want this solution to be perfectly understandable. I hope that was a success. :)

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    Guy The AceYour welcome! And thanks for the video. I think it will help a lot of people. :)
    Posted by Guy The Ace on 05 Jan at 14:18
    GREGO McGEENo one in my game dies. I've had 50+ heavily injured people but they don't bleed out. It just turns into in a picture of a hospital with a green plus symbol and says Needs Med Transport. No one has a first aid kit equipped. I'm playing on Hard. Basically, I can't get anyone to die no matter how badly they're injured... Playing career Wash Level 4...
    Posted by GREGO McGEE on 19 Jun at 05:15
    GREGO McGEEThis was a nightmare. All I can say is that for me, the only thing that resulted in the person dying was to send unequipped medics AND an unarmed cop car to a gang war (no other events worked for me). Try to land them at the same time and hope a medic dies. Hope that helps someone...
    Posted by GREGO McGEE on 19 Jun at 17:31
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  • AhrimalAhrimal803,551
    19 Nov 2017 20 Nov 2017
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    I got this on the Washington map, during the 3rd or 4th duty you have to deal with someone setting bombs in the city. I found a possible bomb and sent 1 police car and 1 fire engine to investigate. After a while the bomb went off and I then sent another police car, ambulance and fire truck to the site and every now and then sent another ambulance till it cleared. There were two possible bombs on the level I did the same for each.

    The vehicles I sent only had 2 people in them and the only equipment they had was a handgun on the police officers.

    The achievement then popped for me at the end of the duty.

    This is my first solution so if you can think of any improvements or had any other questions let me know.
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    AhrimalI honestly cant remember sorry
    Posted by Ahrimal on 23 Nov 17 at 16:49
    Crater BobI'm trying to do this in free play, and despite violent cases getting resolved after unarmed bike cops getting killed isn't working for me, little help?
    Posted by Crater Bob on 07 Jul 18 at 04:45
    Crater BobNevermind, just unlocked the bloody thing.
    Posted by Crater Bob on 09 Jul 18 at 00:30
  • Tired RevokerTired Revoker637,878
    21 Jan 2018 21 Jan 2018
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    To add to Ahrimal strategy. When going for this achievement in Washington... set up a bike with 2 cops. Both should have no weapon and one should have bulletproof vest. The firetruck that will accompany them should have 3-4 firemen equipped with nothing.

    When bomber will be stating his demands which is 3rd he will call you on 4th duty in Washington just agree to everything he says. One he hangs up just hold on to the call to track his location. Once location is known you just send cops on the bike and 1-2 second after that fireman should join. Once you get info on a screen that officer is down you should add additional police car which should roam nearby with cops equipped with guns and ambulance. The cop doesn't need to show dead during the fight because message "office is down" will ensure he/she will die. If by any chance terrorist will be injured before once of the cops or both cops get injured before support arrives make sure to back to main menu and restart 4th duty.

    Achievement will pop after 4th duty is completed.

    Overall quite annoying achievement.
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