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Multiple Award Winner

Receive 5 awards in the same zoo (Challenge Mode only).

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How to unlock the Multiple Award Winner achievement

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    The full list of challenges(thank you ShameOnAMonkk) are:

    Safari Excellence: Adopt five different types of African Animals
    Animal Delight: Have average animal happiness in the green for 30 minutes
    Tropical Excellence: Adopt five different types of Asian Animals
    Awards Award: Get all other 19 awards
    Chilled Excellence: Adopt five different type of animals that prefer a cold climate
    Concessions Excellence: Have 10 different concessions in your zoo at the same time
    Decorations Excellence: Have 10 different decorations in your zoo at the same time
    Exhibits Excellence: Have one of every type of exhibit in your zoo
    Fame Effort: Reach fame level 10
    Fame Achievement: Reach fame level 25
    Fame Excellence: Achieve maximum fame (level 40)
    Guest Delight: Have an average guest happiness in the green for 30 minutes
    Zoo Rating 1,000: Have a Guest Rating of 1000 or more
    Conservation Excellence: Release 100 animals into the wild
    Breeding Excellence: Breed 100 animals in your zoo
    Zoo Rating 10,000: Have a Guest Rating of 10000 or more
    Conservation Effort: Release an animal into the wild
    Conservation Achievement: Release 10 animals into the wild
    Breeding Achievement: Breed 10 animals in your zoo
    Breeding Effort: Breed an animal in your zoo

    Easy ones to go for are:
    Animal Delight - Research and build a medium outback exhibit. Adopt 2 male kangaroos and 2 female. make sure one is a very high level(around 13). Fill the exhibit with cleaning stations, feeding stations, toys and decorations. Leave this for 30 minutes
    Breeding Effort - Research and build Breeding facilities. Fully upgrade the facility, and higher a 3 star staff member. Assign them to the outback exhibit mentioned above
    Fame Effort/Zoo Rating - Research and build a different medium exhibit. Repeat the stages for Animal Delight but with different animals. Again, Leave this for up to 30 minutes. Repeat this, build decorations and concessions until you reach Fame level 10. Higher more breeding staff and assign them to each exhibit.
    Conservation Effort - It won't take long for your high level kangaroo to reach level 15. When it does, adopt a replacement then release your level 15 one "to wild"
    Breeding Effort - It won't take long for your kangaroos to breed. Once they give birth, this will be awarded.

    Most awards just come from natural play, but the above is a quick way to get the achievement
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