Portal Master achievement in Disneyland Adventures

Portal Master

Win the platinum pin badge on all attractions

Portal Master-1.1
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How to unlock the Portal Master achievement

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    To be honest to all TA users and achievement lovers, I will copy and paste the fantastic solution of NickHawkeye who wrote it for the Kinect Xbox 360 version of the game. But as all ingame content is the same, it applies to the Xbox One version as well.
    On top of that I added some valuable information from myself as well as comments by TA users underneath this solution as I try to implement these missing information.
    Once again, all credit goes to NickHawkeye:

    A "Pin Badge" is earned by the averages of your scores in the different chapters of the adventures and is easily displayed before you begin an attraction and at the end before you "exit to the park". The score consists of two main objectives that are tracked at the end of each level.

    1.) Gain a "5 star" rating in the level
    You gain stars by collecting the required number of coins in each level. (the stars will fill up as you collect coins so you can see your progress on that chapter while you are playing. getting this level in all chapters will earn you the gold pin at a minimum
    Note if you are only going for the Gold pins and not the platinum you do not have to worry about collecting the Mickey coins. simply try and collect all the regular coins in all the chapters and get a 5 star rating in all the chapters to get the Gold level pin for the attractions. (i.e.) even if you get all the Mickey Pins/Coins but you have 4 stars on any one of the chapters the highest pin you will get is silver.

    2.) Collecting all the Mickey shaped secrets/pins/coins
    There are Mickey “secrets” or coins in every chapter of each adventure ride / "Attraction". Collecting them all will boost your pin rating from gold up to the platinum level. (As far as I can tell there are 10 Mickey Coins per attraction divided across all the chapters of that attraction.)

    General Tip: The entire game can be played with two players, the 2nd player can jump in and out at will and not effect anything. However be careful that if you drop one player make sure your account is still signed in on the player that is still in the game. 2 players is helpful in most cases because the 5 star requirement does not change that I have noticed even if another player is gaining coins that go in the same account. This also makes attractions where you have to hit x number of targets or get all the dance moves as only one player has to achieve the task and it will count. If you are having trouble try and get someone to stand in and help you out.
    I have not been able to confirm if it is possible to get 2 accounts the achievement at the same time however but it would be interesting to know. I will have a 2nd player signed in when i get my last badge but I’m not going to hold my breath. If someone wanted to test this out I would have both accounts signed in all the time while playing.

    Note: this achievement will "stack" with the lower pin badges so you can get them all at the same time if you get all platinum badges throughout. so this achievement will also net you these along the way

    Disneyland AdventuresThe Bare NecessitiesThe The Bare Necessities achievement in Disneyland Adventures worth 63 pointsWin the bronze pin badge on all attractions

    Disneyland AdventuresMine Mine Mine MineThe Mine Mine Mine Mine achievement in Disneyland Adventures worth 108 pointsWin the silver pin badge on all attractions

    Disneyland AdventuresThere's Gold in Them There HillsThe There's Gold in Them There Hills achievement in Disneyland Adventures worth 187 pointsWin the gold pin badge on all attractions

    A lot of my start up information came from this guide I found online located here Updated Jan-16th 2012

    Jorden Clarke’s GameFAQs - Version 0.6
    I will bring out and add to the information from this guide that pertains to this achievement in particular and put it below here, However feel free to use the guide I linked to for the full version

    I will also update some of the areas that may be lacking so if you notice or find anything please let me know and I'll update it.

    Note: The guide I grabbed some of my start up information from refereed to the "mickey pins/coins" as "secrets" but from here on I will refer to them as Mickey Coins [MC]

    Note: Also note that you do not have to do/grab everything in one run. just grab what you can and try again. If you're going for one thing and you miss just pause the game and restart the attraction

    Note: This is still a major work in progress so any help would be much appreciated and cited accordingly i.e. I will be trying to note the score I got when I hit 5 stars but if anyone else has information I do not, just let me know in the comments or a PM. Thanks in advance!

    Main Street, U.S.A. (2 Attractions)

    ~ Fireworks Spectacular ~
    Basically you're launching fireworks and steering them into targets in the sky.

    Mickey Coins (10)
    Keep an eye out for hidden mickeys in some of the targets to get secrets. The hard ones are the little stars that come flying in and move all around but they are the same every time so just play through it and learn where they are and you should be able to get them all eventually.

    5 star level:30,000 (Tip from RazorPriest.htm )
    The more fireworks you hit the more points you get. also when there’s a circle in the sky try and fire as many fireworks into it as you can before it becomes small and sets them all off (like little finale bursts) this is probably the area where you can improve your score the most.

    Tip from RazorPriest.htm -
    Aim for 10k when you switch fireworks for the first time, and 20k when you do it the second time, and you should be good

    ~ Mickey's Soundsational Parade ~
    The parade has two different modes. You conduct marching bands, and wave/ dance
    with floats. It's not too complex as long as you can keep time for the
    conducting parts.

    Mickey Coins (10)
    1.) Wave at the crowd while marching down the street in the beginning
    2.) Point successfully four times while conducting the Mickey Mouse float band.
    3.) Follow the commands on Mickey's float for the first flourish. (If you already have Ariel's quest to "go to the parade" with her then she will be the first float you encounter and you will get this on her float not on Mickeys)
    4.) Follow the commands on Tiana's float for the first flourish.
    5.) Get 3 flourishes on Aladdin's float.
    6.) Get 3 flourishes on Tiana's float.
    7.) Get 3 flourishes on Mickey's float.
    8.) Get 3 flourishes on Ariel's float.
    9.) Get 3 flourishes on Peter Pan's float.
    10.) Get 3 flourishes on the Princess float.

    5 star level:50,000
    You get coins for waving to the crowd, conducting the bands and the wave/dance flourishes

    Adventureland (1.5 Attractions)
    ~ The Jungle Cruise ~

    Chapter 1: River Cruise
    Mickey Coins (4)
    1.) After spraying 8 Hippos you will have to jump to get one that appears above you (you don't automatically get this one you have to jump)
    2.) Wave at the group of people standing in the waterfall with all the hippos.
    3.) Shoot the Rhino that has chased some explorers up a tree until he runs away (people who have ridden the actual ride will appreciate/remember this scene)
    4.) At the end of the level try to keep the piranhas off of you because there is one at the end you need to jump to get before the chapter ends

    5 star level:39,000
    You get coins for hitting just about everything so you should be constantly spraying the crates/barrels, spraying the hippos and elephants, waving to explorers and in the meantime a lot of gold coins will be floating above you so jump and grab those when you get the chance.

    Chapter 2: Native Village
    Mickey Coins (3)
    1.) Hit 40 gorillas with bananas.
    2.) Hit 3 Armored gorillas with your bananas. (these take two hits to bring down)
    3.) Match all 8 poses at the end to shed the artifacts from the gorillas

    5 star level:43,000
    You get coins for every gorilla you hit however keep tossing them because a lot of the crates and items can be smashed for more coins. you will also get coins for matching the poses in between the firing ranges

    Chapter 3: Kayaking
    Mickey Coins (3)
    1.) Hit 8 gorillas by hitting the fruit they throw at you back at them
    2.) (I'll have to go back and look exactly to confirm but)one of the paths on the left will take you through a narrow section of cave and it will be at the bottom of this section right before you join up with the main path again. It is to the left of the second fork inside the last box on that path (Thanks STOUTASSASSIN67 for the clarification)
    3.) Take the fork to your right shortly after the Crocodiles start appearing. It's floating in the water.

    5 star level:37,000
    You get coins for hitting the gorillas with their own fruit, hitting the crocodiles that swim up next to you and smashing through any crates floating in the water

    ~ Enchanted Tiki Room ~
    This is more of a "musical" event but I did not get 100% attractions completed until I completed this
    note: you also need the baton from Navine before this can be attempted

    Critter Country (2 Attractions)

    ~ The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ~

    Chapter 1: A Very Blustery Day
    Mickey Coins (4)
    1.) Collect 15 Balloons.
    2.) When you get to the river, it should be in plain sight on the left side (above a branch?)
    3.) Take a right at the last crossroads (you'll see a bridge in front of you, don't go across it) and it'll be on the left side behind a tree.
    4.) Right before the end of the level, you have to pass by a huge tree blocking your path. Go through the hole on the bottom right, then quickly sweep left and you should get this one.

    5 star level:40,000

    Chapter 2: Bouncing with Tigger
    Mickey Coins (4)
    1.) Take the right path on the 2nd fork.
    2.) Take the left path on the 3rd fork.
    3.) Bounce into 12 beehives to collect 12 honey pots.
    4.) Wave at Roo the 1st time he appears (Thanks AP E JC !)

    5 star level:34,500

    Chapter 3: Finding Presents
    Mickey Coins (2)
    1.) Catch the Cake.
    2.) Catch Eeyore's tail.

    5 star level:53,000~54,000

    ~ Splash Mountain ~

    Chapter 1. Briar Patch and River

    You will need a minimum of 2 play thoughts of this attraction. there are two path choices and you need to complete each one “Without Failing” you will know if you have “failed” because the counter will no longer show up on your screen when you pass an obstacle. Note: everything including the water puddles and rocks that are thrown at you will cause your streak to end. also hitting obstacles will cause you to fail. (very annoying in the river portion of the level) so take care as the cut scene in the middle is at least 90 seconds long and un-skippable. gets old very fast. the river is the same every time so just try to memorize where things are. tricky parts are where fox is throwing little crap at you, you can knock these back at him but just be careful not to drift into the side of the river while swinging at them.

    Mickey Coins (5)
    1.) First path on left (on foot) you must navigate 28 obstacles “Without failing”
    2.) Second left path (in the river) you must navigate 8 obstacles (including the crap fox and bear throw at you)
    3.) First path on right (on foot, “Br'Er Rabbit's shortcut“) you must navigate 25 obstacles “Without failing” this side is a little harder and the obstacles are closer together.
    4.) Second right path (in the river) you must navigate 13 obstacles (including the crap fox and bear throw at you)
    5.) You will see one at the end in plain sight inside the cave no matter which paths you take or how much crap you hit.

    5 star level: 27,000
    The Left paths in both the patch and the river are longer and seem to have more coins, just take your time and try not to get hit by the obstacles as you will lose about 50 coins per hit (not to mention not getting hit is the main way to get Mickey Coins in this level

    Chapter 2. Laughing Place

    This chapter will also require at least 2 runs but it is not as long as the 1st one and much easier. The gates are easy to see and fairly wide with coins leading you to them
    Mickey Coins (5)

    “Left Run”
    1.) 1st left path you must travel under 6 “Possum Gates”
    2.) 2nd left path you will have to pass through 19 “Rock gates”

    “Right Run”
    3.) 1st right path you will have to “dodge” 4 of the alligators that attack you. The counter on this one is a little screwy as it doesn’t count every one of them so just keep going if you haven't been hit by any of them and you should get it.
    4.) Just after the first group of Gators there will be a Goose waving at you...you guessed it just wave back for this one
    5.) 2nd right path you can take you will see the familiar “rock gates” same as the left path but you only need 10 of these gates Note: this counter will show up even if you already have this Mickey Coin completed. must be a bug as most others will not show the counter after you have completed a task even if you come back to it later)

    5 star level: 29,000
    There are 3 parts to this level, the 1st and 3rd parts are “falling” parts. just follow the coin paths and try to avoid the obstacles. the 2nd part is a floating barrel and oar scene. This is where you will get 90% of your coins. biggest part is when you start seeing the glowing mushrooms try to hit them all as they will give you most of the coins in this level

    Fantasyland (6 Attractions)

    ~ "it's a small world" ~
    Chapter 1. Small world
    Mickey Coins (10)
    This one was very frustrating as it requires you to get dance moves perfect in every land, only problem is there are 6 lands and you only get 3 during one run though, oh and did I mention they show up randomly? I played this at least 10-12 times though and was about to give up when a land that i had not seen before finally came up. so by my rough calculation (results my vary) but this last one I needed presented itself with a 3% regularity
    Note: The Kinect seems to largely ignore your legs during this part so try to match your arms as best you can to the dance moves. You have "matched" the move perfectly if a group of coins pops out, You only need to match them once per move to get the Mickey coins

    1.) there are 4 "ocean" parts where you have to row the boat. make sure you go fairly fast and a "secret character" will pop up. see all 4 of these in a single run to get this Mickey coin
    2.) I think you can get this on any land but make sure you wave to the dancers when they wave before and after their dances
    3.) Match all 4 dance moves in Asia
    4.) Match all 4 dance moves in the American Old West
    5.) Match all 4 dance moves in the Pacific Islands
    6.) Match all 4 dance moves in Africa
    7.) Match all 4 dance moves in Europe
    8.) Match all 4 dance moves in the Middle East
    9.) Match all 4 dance moves in Middle and South America (**this is the one I didn't know about and took almost 20 run throughs to show up**)
    10.) Match all dance moves at the end with all the kids on the boat

    5 star level: 50,000
    Every time you match a dance move you get 500-800 coins, you can "match" it multiple times per move so if you get all the moves you should get to the 50k. you also get more coins the faster you row over the oceans, as well as coins for waving at the dancers before and after they start dancing.

    ~ Alice in Wonderland ~

    Chapter 1. Down the Rabbit Hole
    Mickey Coins (4)
    1.) When you see a "mirror" on your right side lean into it and you will pass through into an alternate "path" this one will be next to a group of furniture just before you start passing through the doors
    2.) As you are falling through the doors (near the last few doors)
    3.) Match all 5 Cheshire Cat poses
    4.) Found one in the first falling section after the Cheshire cat poses (before you go outside with the bubbles).

    5 star level: 30,000
    Nothing special about this one, just guide your character though the fall collecting as many coins as you can.

    Chapter 2. Queen's Croquet
    Mickey Coins (4)
    1.) Hit or "bump" 4 flowers (I think there is one per "area" separated by the cards stopping you)
    2.) After the first stop take the left path, its on your left before the first jump.
    3.) You'll get this one jumping over a card.
    4.) You'll find this one to the right of an arched card near the end after you go through the castle.

    5 star level: 31,950
    This one took me a few tries. I think if you take the right paths there are more coins available. if you hold your arm out while making a turn it will allow you to turn a little tighter. just try not to bump into the cards as you will lose coins for doing so.

    Chapter 3. The Unbirthday Party
    Mickey Coins (2)
    1.) Get one for doing the first dance move.
    2.) Wave at Alice when she interrupts your dance.

    5 star level: 25,000
    Pretty Easy, just wave your arms around like a maniac and then match their pose, also wave at Alice when that part comes up

    ~ The Matterhorn ~

    Chapter 1. Bobsled
    Mickey Coins (4)
    1.) The first Jump you come to that doesn't have a tree there will be a ramp on the right that will take you to the "upper" path. DO NOT TAKE THIS. stay to the left of this ramp and you will go down a little ice slide and there will be a Mickey coin in the middle of a tree you have to jump over.
    Comment: I was also misreading Matterhorn, Chapter 1, Coin 1 last night. I kept thinking it was talking about the first fork, where you can go up to the right (as Goofy suggests) or down to the left on an ice slide. On the other hand, the solution does say jump ramp, so I wasn't reading carefully enough. I believe no matter which fork you take, the ramp in question is the first one you can choose not to take (by swerving left), without crashing. I'm not sure an edit is really necessary. Just commenting for the sake of others.
    2.) Hit 10 Yeti with your snowballs
    3.) Wave back at the mountaineers when they wave at you on your left side before you go down a drop
    4.) Near the end of the level the left part of the path will collapse (goofy will fall this way) stay to the right side of the path (where the coins are leading past a Yeti) you will encounter more falling Ice columns. this Mickey coin will be in the middle of the path but a big Ice sickle will block your path so stay to the right or left and cut across behind it to get the coin.

    5 star level:44,000
    Make sure your focus is on getting the coins in front of you but when the Yeti start showing up throw your snowballs at them as they will give you coins when hit. I was getting around 39-40k until I figured out you can hit them with your snowballs then I was able to get 50,000 so it makes a big difference getting to that 5 star level. I don't think crashing makes you lose coins other than the ones you cannot pick up until your player has recovered.

    Chapter 2. Snowball Fight
    Mickey Coins (1)
    1.) Hit 35 Yeti in one run, pretty easy as they don't move around much and there are way more than 35

    5 star level:26,000
    Just keep hitting Yeti with your snowballs, this is the only way to get coins in this level. Make sure you duck when they throw some at you because you will lose coins if you get hit.

    Chapter 3. Skiing
    Mickey Coins (5)
    1.) Make sure you have a lot of speed when you come to the first major jump (a Mickey snowman will be on the left side but you want to jump off the right side with the coins) This coin will be in mid air amongst a ring of regular coins you jump through.
    2.) Take the first 2 rights at the forks and take a left on the next few. this should be on the path (I wasn't paying very good attention when I got this one so if someone could clarify this post that would help as I probably won't start a whole new game just for this one spot)
    This is actually the last coin. After the short avalanche cutscene, immediately move to the left. The coin is then in the middle of this lefthand path. Thanks to MathGuy42
    3.) Hit 7 of the Mickey Snowmen (there are more than 7 so don't worry if you miss a few, there's also a section set up like bowling pins where you can knock out 3 in a row)
    4.) After the Mickey Snowmen in the big bowling pin group take every right path you can and this Mickey coin should be next to a rock wall
    5.) complete 10 "Star Jumps". Goofy doesn't do a good job of explaining anything but a Star jump is when you jump and put your arms up in the air. I just put my arms in the air on every jump until I got this one. Also i don't think you crash if you pull it back so just hold it all the way through the jump. A on screen counter will keep track of your progress so you will know if you completed a jump successfully or not.

    5 star level:44,000
    This one gave me the most trouble of the Matterhorn chapters and it took me several runs just focusing on coins to finish it.
    The key is knowing where the big jumps are as you can take it slow to grab all the ground level coins but you need a lot of speed built up to make the jumps long enough to get the airborne coins.
    Also don't forget that you get coins for landing "Star Jumps" (just hold your arms up in the air after you jump until you land). Also every Mickey Snowman and Crate you smash will give you coins as well.

    ~ Peter Pan's Flight ~

    Chapter 1: The Skies of London
    Mickey Coins (4)
    1.) Take the left path when you get to the park.
    2.) Take the left path when you get to the river with the boats and cranes, after you cross the river it will be behind a crane.
    3.) When you reach the bridge it will be under the first archway.
    4.) Take the left path past Big Ben. (It looks like its low to the right but if you stay at your current level(don't crouch) and stay right you should get it as your invisible path ahead will dive down)

    5 star level: 33,500
    Thanks RazorPriest , MathGuy42 , INCANTATI0N

    Chapter 2: Battle with the Jolly Roger
    Mickey Coins (1)
    1.) Do not get hit by any of the cannon shots or bombs that the pirates throw. (Don't worry about hitting them back at the pirates just dodge everything and play though a second time to get your coins for the 5 stars)

    Tip: The bombs the pirates throw can be easily dodged by leaning left and right, On the first side of the ship when the cannons shoot they always shoot from left to right on the lower level and then the upper level so to avoid them flap your arms to fly up one level for the first wave and then crouch down to avoid the high fire. The hardest part is seeing the next pirate bomb after the cannons are done because of all the smoke they make. The second side of the boat the cannons seem to fire a bit more erratically just dodge as best you can and like I said if your having trouble then focus 100% on dodging everything and don’t try and volley any pirate bombs (“Staying at the top middle of the screen and quickly diving down if a cannonball is about to hit you seems to be the best way to do it”- RazorPriest )

    (“I think they do shoot in a pattern up then down left to right on the 2nd side of the ship but sometimes they start by shooting up and sometimes down so you have to be careful and pay attention to the first set of cannons, after that it rotates. And so far I haven't gotten hit by cannons going to the top right corner on the 3rd section of the ship.” - INCANTATI0N)

    5 star level: 9,800
    Hit the bombs back at the pirates for coins, you don't have to hit them all but try not to get hit as i think this takes coins away.

    Chapter 3: Flight through Neverland
    Mickey Coins (4)
    1.) Wave to the mermaids.
    2.) Take the left path when you see the big rock. I believe the Pirate ship is off to the left of this rock as well.
    3.) Just inside cave when you go through the waterfall by the mermaids.
    4.) Just as you exit the cave you will go down the waterfall, it will be on the left side just before you start dropping.

    5 star level: 35,500

    Chapter 4: Sword fight with Hook
    Mickey Coins (1)
    1.) Don't get hit while defeating Hook
    (This is also part 1 of the Pirate's Life for Me achievement)

    Disneyland AdventuresPirate's Life for MeThe Pirate's Life for Me achievement in Disneyland Adventures worth 96 pointsWin the swordfights in Peter Pan's Flight and Pirates of the Caribbean without being hit

    5 star level:
    Every time you hit Hook you will get coins.

    ~ Pixie Hollow ~
    Chapter 1. Storytelling
    Mickey Coins (10)
    Not sure exactly where these coins pop up as I did a perfect run-though and only got 6 on my first time. then I tried again and got the other 4 on the 2nd perfect run-though so just match their movements when they tell you to.

    When you are running through this you will get coins like Razor points out, however in this game it doesn't mean you did it perfect, You can note the coins increase like Razor mentioned but you can also just look for the “chapter x perfect storytelling” counter pop up, There are 10 “chapters” with 2 moves each. You will get a Mickey Coin for every 2 you get perfect, if you miss one then make a note as to which one you missed so you can hit it on the next run. the coins will show up after every other perfect move completed. i.e. if you get move 1 the next move you get will have a coin, i.e. if you miss move 2 but get 3 it will pop up then where as if you got 1&2, the next one will not pop up until the 4th move. if that sounds confusing because it is confusing to try and explain, as you play it will make more sense and bottom line is you need to perfect each move so again take note of the ones you miss. The only ones that are kind of hard is when they say to spin.

    Note: After you play through once and get 5 stars if you missed some moves at the beginning of the story don’t worry you only have to play up to the point you need, if you miss it again just restart the attraction if you get the ones you need you do not have to finish the story, it saves once the Mickey Coin registers. You can then pause and “exit” that attraction, you will lose the regular coins I think but the Mickey ones will be preserved. you can always go back to the attraction menu to make sure you have them all.

    1.) 2 perfect storytelling actions
    2.) 4 perfect storytelling actions
    3.) 6 perfect storytelling actions
    4.) 8 perfect storytelling actions
    5.) 10 perfect storytelling actions
    6.) 12 perfect storytelling actions
    7.) 14 perfect storytelling actions
    8.) 16 perfect storytelling actions
    9.) 18 perfect storytelling actions
    10.) 20 perfect storytelling actions

    TIP: If you have two players in the game only one of them needs to get the move, this makes it much easier to “perfect” as I was having trouble with Kinect registering my spins whereas it picked up my wife every time she spun, and there were moves she missed that I got correct and the counter never stopped as long as one of us got “perfect” on the move (she was just signed in as a guest)

    Tip from RazorPriest -
    Just finished Pixie Hollow, and what you have to do for the mickey coins there is to perfect each chapter of the story. Thing is, the game often tells you that you got "perfect storytelling" on a chapter, but it doesn't give you the coin! That's because you didn't actually perfect it. The way you can see this is by keeping an eye on your score. If you perfect a pose/gesture, you get 2000 points, but sometimes you'll hit the pose and still only get 1000 points, which will result in an uneven score. The game will still tell you you did it perfectly, but you won't get the coin. From what I can tell, you need to hit the pose(s) before the timer is halfway done, but I could be wrong. Sounds reasonable, though. For the spins, you should start spinning before the timer pops up to be safe, and to get the spins to register properly (I had a lot of trouble with this before I figured it out) spin at a moderate speed, not too fast. in a clockwise circle while moving your legs as little as possible and holding your hands up in front of your chest the whole time. For the hands, imagine a dog standing on its hind legs, the front legs pointing up, but the paws (your hands) pointing down. Pull up a google image if you have to, I'm not very good at describing it :p

    Pixie Technique

    5 star level:
    I didn't write down what the level was because I was trying to see what would give me Mickey coins but this is easy enough as you get coins for every story pose you match and you reach 5 stars well before the end. (If someone comes up with a number let me know and I'll add it and cite your hard work ;)

    ~ Princess Fantasy Faire ~
    Chapter 1.
    Mickey Coins (10)

    Each princess has a dance and you can earn 2 Mickey coins per princess although some of the princess will require you to complete their adventure line out in the park before you can dance with them here (i.e. Cinderellas "going to the Ball") and they will be locked until then.

    Make sure you see the word “Perfect” appear. you will know if you missed a move if you no longer see the perfect move counter on the left side of the screen. The hardest parts are when they do a spin, its hard to register your spins sometimes and even harder to see if you got the “perfect” to pop up as you are not facing the screen when it registers.

    TIP: see the two player tip from Pixies Hallow, it applies here as well

    1.)get a "Perfect" on the first few dance moves
    2.)get a "Perfect" on entire song (28 moves)
    3.)get a "Perfect" on the first few dance moves
    4.)get a "Perfect" on entire song (25 moves)
    5.)get a "Perfect" on the first few dance moves
    6.)get a "Perfect" on entire song
    7.)get a "Perfect" on the first few dance moves
    8.)get a "Perfect" on entire song (43 moves)
    9.)get a "Perfect" on the first few dance moves
    10.)get a "Perfect" on entire song

    (“I also had trouble with the Waving Arms movement of Princess Faire. I ended up holding my arms with hands around forehead level and waving them in opposite directions quickly. It didn't look anything like the princess, but the movement was accepted. I also had some trouble with Princess Spin until I bent my arms and held my forearms out to the side while keeping my upper arms close to my body.” - MathGuy42)

    5 star level:(one for each princess)
    I didn't write down what the level was because I was focusing on getting the dance moves perfect but I was well over so if you get a perfect dance you should already have the 5 stars. It also does not seem to change the 5 star level when you have 2 players playing even though you both earn coins for the main account.

    Frontierland (1 Attraction)

    ~ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ~
    Chapter 1. Riding the Mine Cart
    Mickey Coins (5)
    1.) Jump to hit 3 birds with crates when they fly over you
    2.) take 4 left paths
    3.) Left side near end
    4.) Wave to the cow/goat at the top of the mountain (Thanks STLfan2468 !)
    RazorPriest - “ I'd like to point out that you have to slow down a LOT to be able to wave at that goat.”
    5.) The fifth one can be obtained by just going right at every opportunity; it is early on in the level while still going through the caves. (Thanks I MooseJoose I)

    5 star level:42,000

    Chapter 2. Runaway Train
    Mickey Coins (5)
    RazorPriest.htm - “ all five Mickeys are clearly visible on either side of the track, as there are no alternate paths on this level. Just remember to reach out with your arm to grab them.”

    5 star level:~42,000

    Mickey's Toontown (1 Attraction)
    - None that badges can be earned on -

    New Orleans Square (2 Attractions)

    ~ Pirates of the Caribbean ~

    Chapter 1. Down the Bayou
    Mickey Coins (3)
    1.) Right before the mid cut scene this one is on the left.
    2.) Smack 12 gators
    3.) Collect 5 chests in the second half (after the mid-level cutscene)

    5 star level:45,000
    Not much to this one. try not to hit the explosive barrels and whack those gators!

    Chapter 2. Dead Man's Cave
    Mickey Coins (3)
    1.) Take a left at the third fork, it will be in plain sight in the middle of the path
    2.) Defeat 9 pirates
    3.) Make it through the level without getting hit by a bomb or hitting the sides of the walls (there are 3 forks in the path, one side usually has a very narrow path but no bomb throwers and the other is wider but with more bomb throwers. it may take a few tries but find out which paths fit your style of play and just practice them until you make it through) The Mickey coin will add to your total immediately after the last two skeletons throw the two bombs at you simultaneously right before the treasure chest then the level ends.

    “you need to complete last part of the level to get the last mickey flawlessly (from the point of entering pirate ship), not the whole level!!! note: I grabbed only one or two treasures along the way. So it's more of a completing without hits last part of the level with reflecting bombs back to pirates and not hitting anything (walls, rocks etc).” - antyagonista

    “Confirmation for the last Mickey head in Pirates of the Caribbean, Chapter 2: Dead Man's Cave - you don't need to collect the 4 treasure chests at the end (that only gives you extra money). And, it doesn't matter if you get hit by a bomb. To get the Mickey head, don't hit a wall or an obstruction. I was hit by a bunch of bombs and missed 1 treasure chest, but avoided running into everything else. Just slalom like you're skiing or snowboarding and this getting Mickey head is pretty smooth. Avoid hitting a wall, and the head will appear when you complete the level.” - Gwenllian

    5 star level:46,000
    I don’t think you lose coins by getting hit but you do receive coins for knocking the bombs back at the skeletons so just try to hit every one back and get the coins in the path. if you are coming up short there are 4 treasure chests at the end of the level you can get. if you're still having trouble try going through the barrel mine field and getting the small barrels with coins there. (take a left at the 2nd fork, you should be able to see all the barrels)

    Chapter 3. Pirate Ship
    Mickey Coins (1)
    1.) Defeat 12 pirates before your fight with Blackbeard. (there are more than 12 but if you take too long fighting one then they will run off and won't be 'defeatable')

    This is also part 2 of the Pirate's Life for Me achievement
    Disneyland AdventuresPirate's Life for MeThe Pirate's Life for Me achievement in Disneyland Adventures worth 96 pointsWin the swordfights in Peter Pan's Flight and Pirates of the Caribbean without being hit

    5 star level:42,500 confirmed by: Satman9
    Each pirate takes three hits to kill (except Blackbeard). you only get a limited time with them so make your swings count (if they are blocking low swing your sword from top to bottom, and if they are blocking high swing your sword from right to left. make sure you duck when they fire the cannon balls at you on top of the mast I think you get some coins for doing that as well.

    Chapter 4. Puerto Dorado
    Mickey Coins (3)
    1.) Remembering the 4 pirate poses to impress the second pirate. (fight, Pose, Walk, then Dance)
    2.) Wave at the Dog after throwing the fruit to the prisoners (should be a familiar scene to those who have ridden the rides)
    3.) Defeat Blackbeard without getting hit (you should try to not get hit at all but I got hit twice while Blackbeard was the only one throwing bombs at me so it may be just don't get hit by his minions (when there are 4-5 pirates throwing bombs at you)) just be cautious and only pop up when one bomb is in the air. slow and calculated less you want to do the barrel walk again...
    (CONFIRMED: you CAN get hit by Blackbeard’s bombs and still get this. Just make sure you dodge all the attacks by the other pirates. Thanks STLfan2468)

    “ok, btw i only got hit by Blackbeards bombs and no mickey” - Lord Dirt

    5 star level:62,000
    Just make sure you collect all the coins you see on the ground while running/barrel walking. I didn't notice any areas that you can lose coins so just try not to be seen or get hit. always take the left paths when you have a choice. they are a little longer but have more coins.

    ~ The Haunted Mansion ~

    Chapter 1.
    Mickey Coins (5)
    (AP E JC Notes: You can not get #1 and #2 in the same run though)
    1.) First path option go to the left (you will see it in the Window/door frame before you get to choose)
    2.) I will have to check again when I get a chance but I believe the second time you chose a path you need to go right. (You should be able to see this one no matter which path you take however you can only collect it if you are on the right path.) there are a line of coins leading to the doorway after this one can be seen so it is before the doorway
    3.) Match the clocks Hands
    4.) in the middle of the pack of singing busts after you go though the clock (AP E JC notes: take the right path after going though the Clock)
    5.) towards the end there will be a single arm waving out of a coffin, just wave back

    5 star level:27,000
    Keep taking the left paths they seem to have more coins floating around. the only way to squeeze coins on this one is to match the poses of the picture frames you go though and wave at the arm waving out of the coffin

    Chapter 2.
    Mickey Coins (5)
    1.) Take the first left path and follow the ghost motioning to you. after you turn a left corner and a right corner he will be motioning for you to go though a door on your right side just follow him and it will be in plain sight
    2.) You will have to take a right at the first fork to get to the room with the piano. shine your light on the floating candelabra that's just behind the piano
    3.) As you are running away from the statue of armor you will come to a room with a lot of doors opening and closing. stay to the left side as you will have to follow the ghost once again on a detour to your left. it will be in plain sight once you take the left side detour
    4.) Shine your light on the organ/organist in the dancing ballroom area
    5.) Shine your light on 4 crystal balls
    -In the first open area on the ground a little to your left
    -Take the left path when you have the option. (There's a ghost motioning you to follow him) its being held in the arms of a suit of armor. IMPORTANT: after the fork you are going to come around a left corner do not shoot the floating mirror with your light until you shine your light on the crystal ball in the arms of the suit of armor in the corner. once you hit the mirror you will continue walking and have to restart for this one
    -on the round table in the room with the floating ball with the lady's head talking to you
    -on a little table on the left side of the ball room as your looking from the windows

    5 star level:49,000
    Fairly simple, shine your light on everything and anything. The only tip I can give is if you can't hit a ghost before he charges you remember to duck. This will not only give you a potion of the coins you would normally get for hitting him but you won't lose coins by getting hit by him.

    Tomorrowland (4 Attractions)

    ~ Space Mountain ~

    Thanks HATRED REMAINS for all of the Mickey Coin information in the comments!
    Chapter 1. Journey through Space
    Mickey Coins (5)
    1.) Destroy the 15 lights on the hyperspace centers.
    2.) Fly through 30 rings in hyperspace.
    3.) Wave at the first UFO
    4.) In plain sight during flying section in between hyperspace
    5.) Up to the right during last flying section.

    Chapter 2. Space Junk Yard
    Mickey Coins (5)
    1.) Destroy the 15 parts of debris
    2.) Throw balls at the 15 space parts.
    Comment: My old comment was accidentally placed under Astro Blasters, Chapter 2, Coin 2. So move, "you need to choose the left path immediately after destroying the second set of debris. The guide doesn't mention a choice, but you can choose to go left through a broken tunnel (like the first choice mentioned for Coin 1). The right path is quite short, so the left is probably also useful for those struggling with getting Gold.
    3.) Take left at the first path.
    4.) Blow up all of the second section parts of debris.
    5.) In tube thing at the end of the level.

    ~ Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ~

    Thanks STLfan2468.htm for all of the Mickey Coin information!
    Chapter 1.
    Mickey Coins (4)
    1.) Shoot all six arms off of the 2nd robot.
    2.) Take a left when you see the 2nd robot. It will be on the right side.
    3.) When you pass the last big snake at the end of the level.
    4.) You automatically get one for completing the level.

    5 star level:?

    Chapter 2.
    Mickey Coins (2)
    1.) Shoot all the spikes off both walls (easier with two people).
    2.) Shoot the stuff at the bottom of the big room with the aliens.
    you need to choose the left path immediately after destroying the second set of debris. The guide doesn't mention a choice, but you can choose to go left through a broken tunnel (like the first choice mentioned for Coin 1). The right path is quite short, so the left is probably also useful for those struggling with getting Gold. - MathGuy42 )

    5 star level:?

    Chapter 3.
    Mickey Coins (1)
    1.) When you fly in to confront Zurg. It's on the left side before the first cut scene.

    5 star level:~13850
    Just kill everyone in the sky... When you face zurg, forget the flying drones for a moment, and keep shooting the cannons... The left one and the right one... alternately... Until you get more than 13200 points. And as soon as you start the level... Before zurg begins his speech, shoot as many cannons as you can... Before the cutscene where buzz and zurg start the first conversation... Hope it helps... - MarioFlaBR )

    Chapter 4.
    Mickey Coins (3)
    1.) As you go up the big room, it appears on the bottom of the first tunnel.
    2.) Stay to the right side of the tunnel.
    3.) In the asteroid field on the right side.
    Comment: You have to aim in the mid right. I was going too high right. Thanks to ChooseMyFate

    5 star level:?

    ~ Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage ~
    Thanks to RazorPriest for all the Nemo information!

    Chapter 1.
    Mickey Coins (3)
    1.) Wave back at Squirt and Nemo when they wave at you before Nemo starts counting for the first time.
    2.) In one of the coin rings Squirt shoots at you at the second (might have been third) hiding place, in the top right corner of the area.
    3.) Complete the entire chapter without Nemo finding you once. This is really tricky, mostly due to how finicky the game is with deciding if you're hidden or not. The key is to look for a blue kind of mist to appear around you, that's how you know when you're hidden.
    Hiding Tips
    a)For the first spot, just float behind one of the big "walls" in the top right/left corners.
    b)For the second one I like to use the coral on the left side, but the buoy works just as well.
    c)The third spot is definitely the hardest. The upper school of fish has never worked for me, so as soon as you can move, crouch down and slightly to the left to get into position for the lower school. When the blue mist appears, stay PERFECTLY STILL. If you move even a tiny bit, Nemo will see you. It's frustrating, but doable.
    d)For the fourth one, just swim up to the reed wall in the top left corner and stay there.
    e)For the fifth one, get behind the pillar on the right and hold your arms up and down so they're covered by the flags. The flags change directions about five seconds before Nemo starts looking, but as long as you're ready you should be able to make the blue mist appear in time. Also, stay slightly to the right of the pillar so the sponge things don't hit you just before he starts looking, cause that can mess you up.
    f)The sixth and final spot is pretty hard too. You definitely want to stay behind the buoy, but it's small, so you'll have to time your arm flaps VERY well so as not to end up above it when it's going up. The sponges shouldn't hit you if you're high enough either, so don't worry about that.

    (“After much trouble with hiding spot 3 on Nemo chapter 1, here's how I got it...
    Line up roughly centered with the hole in the rock you see to the right of Nemo. When the upper school of fish stops, you will be over its left arm. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees like with the flags in spot 5 and you should get this. I didn't have 100% consistency, but hell, at this spot Nemo finds me even if I see the blue mist that indicates I'm hidden!
    ” - HyruleBalverine )

    (“As an alternative for Nemo's 6th hiding spot, you can hide behind the orange coral "man" at the bottom. Get in a half-crouch like a sumo wrestler and stick your arms outwards horizontally. It didn't work the first time, but did in my second attempt. Also, it helps to stand a bit to the right of the center of the man, so the floating sponge misses you.” - MathGuy42 )

    5 star level:37,000

    Chapter 2.
    Mickey Coins (4)
    1.) Right after Bruce chases you for the first time, you have to dodge over and under a few horizontal beams. This one is above the last one, and I got it by just staying high and crashing right through the beam before it. I might just have gotten lucky, though.

    2.) Right after the second Bruce chase, you must quickly choose a path. Stick right, and then right again at the next fork as well, and you should see the Mickey next to you.

    3.) To get this, pay attention to when you first enter a cave in the level. The path will turn left, and there will be a split second path choice to make. You need to be on the left path, and chances are you won't be unless you know it's coming up. Once you're on the path, the Mickey is in plain view.
    4.) After you get up on the deck of the ship, you'll swim up some stairs up onto the high deck. Then you'll turn left, and right through a railing. When you go through, the Mickey will be in the bottom right corner of the screen. Lower than it appears, actually, so make sure to start diving down in time!

    5 star level:34,800
    Not hard at all, plenty of room for error. I ended up with over 44k on my very first run. Even if you're doing poorly, there's a ring of six gold coins (worth a thousand each, so 6000 if you get them all, which isn't hard) right at the end of the level to push you up to 5 stars.

    Chapter 3.
    Mickey Coins (3)
    These Mickeys are all pretty easy to spot, but hard to get. For one of them, you have to take the right path when entering the tunnels, but the other two you'll pass by regardless of path choices. Remember that you have to jump slightly ahead of time if the Mickey is too high up to get without jumping, and you should be able to get them all without too much trouble.


    5 star level:32,000
    Not that bad, as long as you can get used to the controls, which are quite different from other "flying" levels. As I said, jumping ahead of time is crucial to get some gold coins, but once you've played through the level a few times, 5 stars should come easily.

    Big thanks to all my contributors!

    RazorPriest (now playing as SpiralGamerpro)
    AP E JC
    STLfan2468 (now playing as Kamera)
    I MooseJoose I
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    E vee dubThanks.
    I made a list of the floats and checked them all off. Still no luck.
    I'll keep at it. Hopefully, I figure out which I missed/ or miscounted.

    Now I need help with Chapter 2 of Winnie the Pooh.
    How do I "wave" at Roo the first time he appears?
    To wave, press X. To bounce, Press X.
    So how do I wave over bouncing?
    UPDATE: I pressed and held X to be sure a wave. My character didn't wave, but the hidden mickey appeared.

    I'll keep trying.
    Posted by E vee dub on 29 Mar 19 at 12:02
    ChooseMyFate~ Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ~
    Chapter 4.
    3.) In the asteroid field on the right side. <-------- This one is really ticking me off. It won't pickup.

    Edit: Finally got it. You have to aim in the mid right. I was going too high right.
    Posted by ChooseMyFate on 21 Feb at 03:00
    ChooseMyFate~ The Matterhorn ~
    4.) After the Mickey Snowmen in the big bowling pin group take every right path you can and this Mickey coin should be next to a rock wall <---- Downright Impossible. I hold left as much as possible when making a right and I can never go left enough.
    Posted by ChooseMyFate on 21 Feb at 04:33
    ChooseMyFate~ Mickey's Soundsational Parade ~
    5 Star Level = Around 35,000 not 50,000.
    Posted by ChooseMyFate on 21 Feb at 06:01
    ChooseMyFate~ Peter Pan's Flight ~
    Chapter 2: Battle with the Jolly Roger - When you get to the canon firing part just mash A and stay in the top right. I didn't get hit by anything there. You just have to wait it out.
    Posted by ChooseMyFate on 21 Feb at 07:14
    I8ITackyticsI8IMatterhorn skiing number 2 is incorrect
    2.) Take the first 2 rights at the forks and take a left on the next few. this should be on the path (I wasn't paying very good attention when I got this one so if someone could clarify this post that would help as I probably won't start a whole new game just for this one spot)

    It is actually right at the end after the avalanche cutscene - take the left path and it is in the middle.

    I also agree with ChooseMyFate that the 4th one is ridiculously hard to get
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 28 Mar at 18:09
    I8ITackyticsI8IPirates of the Caribbean dead mans cove mickey coin no 3
    Make it through the level without getting hit by a bomb or hitting the sides of the walls

    Just to clarify on this, I got hit several times by pirates but never hit a wall or bomb and got this
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 28 Mar at 20:41
    I8ITackyticsI8ISplash mountain - just came here to moan about the really annoying long unskippable cutscene before arguably the hardest secret mickeys in the game where you have to avoid everything thrown at you by moving constantly whilst avoiding obstacles in the river. Why?
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 29 Mar at 00:18
    I8ITackyticsI8ISplash mountain briar patch and river secret mickey 2 and 4 - please add to your guide that you can hit back what brer fox throws at you to make it easier. I was struggling with this for over an hour and a half before watching a video guide where they hit back what brer fox threw and it blew my mind. Did the worst one, number 4 - the 13 obstacles, after 3 more tries and the bit that i was struggling on most was right at the end after 12 when brer fox and bear throw together.
    Posted by I8ITackyticsI8I on 29 Mar at 01:51
    DevilofNunsWow, a lot of new comments here and I try to update the solution soon with the new input!
    Posted by DevilofNuns on 01 Apr at 10:21
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