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Delivery Mission achievement in MudRunner

Delivery Mission

Complete all bonus objectives in the challenge "Delivery Mission"

Delivery Mission0
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How to unlock the Delivery Mission achievement

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    This was a tough one. The 3 bonus objectives are:
    *Reach desetination with A-469 in the trunk
    *Tow C-4320 out of the water and repair it
    *Attend the challenge at night

    For starters, you have to change to night at the very beginning. LB will turn your headlights on and off if you’re having trouble seeing. Also follow the tutorial on how to attach another vehicle with the winch and how to use “Drive” mode while towing. Basically in Drive mode the cn_Y button makes the towed vehicle use its own engine to push instead of the winch just pulling.

    Another note is that if your trailer with the Jeep in the back tips over and the Jeep falls out, you should restart, because that’s the first objective, to finish with the Jeep still in the trailer.

    The water currents you have to cross are very strong, so you want to try to cross at as narrow a point as you can so you can get in and out of the water as quickly as possible. While crossing, keep the cn_Y button held down so your towed truck is pushing you along the whole time, otherwise you might get stuck in the water and swept downstream.

    After crossing the first two rivers, go almost to the third river and disconnect the trucks. Use the C-255 to drive close to the shore on the left side and back down into the water, getting the trailer into the circle for the C-4320, which is submerged out in the water. Use the d-pad to go into trailer view and hit cn_Y to attach the winch to the submerged truck. If you’re not able to reach it, you might have to back the trailer further into the water, just be careful not to back it in too far or it can be carried away by the current. If you get the C-255 stuck, you can switch to the C-6511 and back it up to the C-255 and winch it out of the water.

    Once you have the C-4320 on the winch, use cn_Y to pull it in while driving out of the water. This may take a few attempts of pulling it a ways and switching to the C-6511 to pull the C-255 out of the water some, then winching the C-4320 some more. After the C-4320 is completely out of the water, you will unlock:

    MudRunnerFishermanThe Fisherman achievement in MudRunner worth 29 pointsWinch a disabled vehicle out of the water with another vehicle

    Then, pull the C-255 alongside the truck you pulled out of the water and use the advanced menu to repair it. This will complete the second bonus objective. You can just leave that truck there at this point as you do not need to get it all the way to the finish, just out of the water and repaired.

    Now all you have to do is get your two main trucks to the finish line. Use the C-255 in the lead and hook the winch back up to the C-6511 and start towing it again. The third river is very strong so be careful and make sure you go up stream as far as possible and cross at the narrowest point, holding down cn_Y the whole time. Once you get both trucks to the other side of the third river crossing you are home free and just need to drive to the finish.

    If you struggle with this challenge, here is a video that helped me tremendously. Credit to the video creator, it was not me.

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    RadiantViperMight be obvious but you have to "unlock" the submerged truck before you can winch to it. This may require going deeper into the water then you would think since I think you have to go into the circle with the truck itself, not the trailer.

    Personally I found it easier to pull it out on the other side of the third river but still a great solution, +1
    Posted by RadiantViper on 05 Feb 19 at 02:57
    TheOnlyMattoEasier to winch the vehicle and pull it out of water if you drop your load (the tanker) and back up until it unlocks the vehicle. Ty for the video.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 04 Nov 19 at 00:24
    reactTo unlock the submerged truck you can just switch to the A-496 on the back of the trailer and along as it is in the circle it will unlock. No need to go in as far then.
    Posted by react#2409 on 19 Feb 20 at 17:58
    RallyForLifeI don't understand what's going on, but in my game the vehicle goes much further, the engine always crashes!Do you have to play the levels?I only did the 3 stars in the challenges to this, which I can not take out the vehicle because it is so far away
    Posted by RallyForLife#742 on 18 Jun 20 at 10:11
    erod550Have you tried backing into the water instead of going front first? Or doing what react2409 said and back in and then switch to the vehicle in the bed to unlock it?
    Posted by erod550 on 18 Jun 20 at 17:09
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