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Protect the convoy by shooting down all the planes in The Rhine.

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Achievement Guide for Defender

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    04 Nov 2017 04 Nov 2017
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    Defender Achievement/Trophy Guide

    During Mission 11 'The Rhine' you must destroy all 25 enemy planes while you are on the AA gun. This achievement is similar to the Ack Ack achievement from Mission 2, however there are more planes and they are much faster making them harder to hit. If you should fail to hit one you Must restart the checkpoint immediately otherwise if it checkpoints you'll have to start the entire mission over again.

    The planes have a flight pattern which you can use to try kill them;

    Here is a video guide:
  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m230,519
    12 Apr 2018 15 Apr 2018
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    heya guys ... this achievement sucks so bad , its quite a bit harder than the ack ack achievement but still very do-able ... i made a video guide so if you are stuck just watch that and you will see they always come in certain groups ... if you miss one you must use the last checkpoint and re do it :) enjoy

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    A real easy way to get this is to get in the turret and shoot down all the planes and once you get the checkpoint save and quit then hit resume mission and it will take you back to that checkpoint and if you miss the planes and you get a checkpoint then close out the game and DO NOT SAVE AND QUIT once you are loaded back into the game hit resume mission and you just keep closing out the game if you miss a plane and get a checkpoint
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