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In The Final Reich, retrieve the artifact.

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Achievement Guide for Fireworks

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    EDIT: Update with video guide, more tips, and better clarified text guide. Credit to MrDalekJD for the video.

    First of all, before even attempting this easter egg, you need other zombies players who know what they are doing, know when to leave a zombie, and can communicate well.


    Communication is the key as you can co-ordinate who has the final zombie while the other players continue the easter egg steps.

    You can share points with each other by pressing Left on the D-Pad. This is handy at the start for opening doors up around the map.

    I highly recommend all four players with the Camoflage perk. Freefire is not very useful while performing the easter egg, and Shellshock is the least useful of the four in my experience. Frontline, while useful, isn't necessary as zombies will be easy to kill with packed guns up until wave 20+, and if needed all players can use Camo to achieve the same effect.

    Equip some consumables in the Soldier tab of the zombies menu, it's not really necessary but it can help if you're in a pinch - I recommend max ammo, discount coupons, or max special bar.

    Do not use nukes unless you are inbetween waves for some free points, or if you need last minute help during defending the lightning rods. Otherwise, I don't recommend them. You will waste zombies, advance the wave, and make it harder for yourself in the finale.

    The MP40 is a really great all rounder gun. You can wall buy it for 1000 points, and it's right next to pack a punch in the Sewers. Highly recommended, rather than wasting points and wasting time on the box.

    From my experience, only two players can ever have Jack in the Box at any one time.

    It's much easier to do this easter egg on lower waves, so really make your zombie kills count and don't advance waves more than you need to (carrying over from other zombies easter eggs)

    Try to get into the salt mines by wave 5, and have the Tesla Gun crafted by wave 8. With good teamwork and communication, the finale should be no later than wave 15 for the easy version of the easter egg. For reference, I went into the finale on the hardcore version on wave 22, and on the easy version, on wave 12.

    Step by step:

    1) Open the tunnels by activating the three cranks to power the pilot light.

    2) Turn on the power, and open the vault door.

    3) Turn on both power switches for the salt mine - one in the morgue, and one in the lab, then run to open the door.

    4) Down in the salt mines (the Emperor's Chamber), interact with the sword hilt. It is the strange machine closest to the giant statue of Emperor Barbarossa. Now you will have to kill approx. 20 zombies beside the strange machine (Geistkraft machine) to infuse it with zombie souls.

    5) Once it's activated with enough souls there will be a huge red aura effect, and the Geistkraft machine will begin to raise up to the ceiling, go back up to the command room, and turn the crank in the command room to let the Geistkraft machine up into the room.

    6) Wait a few seconds and hit the red button on the command room control panel. There will be a blackout and it will be hard to see until the Tesla Gun is assembled.

    7) Escort the Geistkraft machine to the lab - it may stop along the way and will need to be charged with approx. 20 more zombie souls.

    8) Once it's filled up with enough souls at the lab, retrieve the first Tesla Gun part once it gets manufactured.

    9) Wait for the machine to return to the command room, then press the red button again.

    10) Escort the machine to the morgue, again filling it up with zombie souls as required, then retrieve the second piece of the Tesla Gun the same way.

    11) Wait for the machine to return to the command room, and a Flammenwerfer boss zombie will spawn, his name is Brenner, and he is obviously a hardcore mofo coz he shoots flames n shieet. kill it and leave it's head in the command room for later.

    12) Activate the circular table machine next to the big red button to begin crafting the Tesla Gun.

    13) Once it's done, have everyone pick up the Tesla Gun. Now to continue, go down to the salt mine (Emperor's Chamber) again, and interact with one of the three machines (on the left). This is the Right Hand of God, even though it's on your left.

    14) Nothing will happen, so you will need to return to the command room and look opposite the crafting machine where you got the Tesla Gun, for a wall panel puzzle.

    15) Activate it, and it will show you 4 lights, either red, green, or blue. Remember the order - example 1: Blue, 2: Red, 3: Red, 4: Green.

    16) Interact with the panel right next to it, and set it to whatever color number 1 was.

    17) Now you are on a timer and have to interact with the next 3 panel before time runs out.

    Panel 2 is in the underground dirt tunnel between the morgue and the blood soaked Sewer room that exits out to the waterfront.

    Panel 3 is right next to the door on the inside wall, between the blood soaked Sewer room and the riverside wharf/docks.

    Panel 4 is above the pub, right next to the door you need to open to access the lightning tower.

    18) Once successful, go to the lightning tower and activate the machine in the center of the area, underneath the tower.

    19) You will need to defend it for approx. 1.5 mins, it's not too difficult, just don't get cornered and trapped.

    20) Once successful, you will need to activate two small levers on either side of the tower support columns, closest to the tower entrance.

    21) Defend again for approx. 1.5 mins.

    22) Now all 3 of them are charged up, a giant lightning bolt will strike the tower. Go back down to the salt mine through the command room, and activate the machine on the left again.

    23) Go to the machine on the right hand side of the room, and interact with it, it will prompt you with a new objective. (It seems sometimes you need to interact, other times it will prompt you automatically.)

    24) Go back to the village and shoot at one of the four glowing orange spots on the Nazi zeppelin until it glows red and eventually gets destroyed - it will drop a zombie soul generator that works similar to the Geistkraft machine.

    25) Charge the generator with approx. 20 zombie souls, and it will explode, leaving a battery. Pick it up and carry it back to the salt mine and place it in one of the three slots on the right hand machine (Left Hand of God).

    26) Go back to the village, and shoot another generator from the zeppelin once it returns to the play area (can take up to 2 minutes, if it doesn't appear by then, start a new wave.)

    27) Fill up another generator with zombie souls again and carry it to the salt mine.

    28) Go back to the village and shoot another zeppelin generator. This one will troll you and fly back up, so just shoot it down a fourth time.

    29) Charge it and place it into the final slot on the Left Hand of God in the salt mine.

    30) Activate the Left Hand of God, then go back to the command room and pick up the Brenner Flammenwerfer zombie head that you left there earlier.

    31) You will now need to shine the head with LT (Left Trigger) on 4 different paintings to get a secret code - an eagle symbol that can face left, right, up, and towards you, and a roman numeral. Make sure you memorize them.

    Painting 1 is in the pub, next to the bar.

    Painting 2 is in the blood soaked Sewers, next to pack a punch.

    Painting 3 is in the Morgue, in a really shadowy part of the room next to the spiky trap.

    Painting 4 is in the courtyard, where the sniper wall buy is.

    32) Return to the salt mine chamber and interact with the middle of the three machines (the Voice of God), matching the eagle symbols with the roman numerals you found.

    33) If everyone hasn't already picked up the Tesla Gun, do so now, then at the same time, everyone must shoot at the sword hilt (it has a big aqua colored orb around it once the Voice of God is activated.)

    34) After a moment, a massive M O T H E R F U C K E R will appear, you will need to lead him up to the village to kill him.

    35) Once in the finale, waves will barely advance, and there may be multiple Flammenwerfer zombies and Edgelord big guy zombies. Luckily, normal zombies won't spawn as frequently, until a generator has been dropped from the zeppelin. When a generator does get dropped down, zombies will begin spawning very rapidly so don't get overwhelmed, and do a lap around the area if you need to.

    36) Repeat the entire zeppelin routine to drop the generators down, then charge them up with zombie souls like last time.

    36) With a charged up battery in hand, have the other players shoot the Big Boss to stun him, then within 5 seconds, go up to him and interact with the battery in hand. Repeat this two more times, with the other two generators from the zeppelin.

    37) Congrats, you have finished the "easy" easter egg and are now ready to attempt the convoluted mess that is required to rescue Klaus with the "hard" easter egg.

    38) Have a goddamn beer toast
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