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Pressure Cooker in Call of Duty: WWII

Pressure Cooker67 (10)

In Prologue, survive until wave 20.

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This guide was written out in a way to help players learn little techniques to improve their game in zombies. I realize that this is a hard achievement to the majority of players and that some people wont even attempt it since it must be done solo. I apologize if it is a bit long, but this is why.

Ok so this achievements kinda awesome because it takes a considerable amount of skill. If you do not consider yourself the greatest zombie player then this one is going to cause u a lot of trouble and you will likely have to practice a lot to get it done.

The Setup: Get yourself the mp 40, armor (re buy every time u lose it, you'll have plenty of points) quick revive, monkey bombs, and the mg. This video will show how to unlock the box.

The mg isnt necessary, but i found it to be the best gun to use during unlimited ammo. You will only get 3 monkey bombs and they honestly kinda messed up my strategy later on in the game so only use em if u feel they will help.

Video reference strategy: This guy gets to round 25 and shows his strategy which is pretty much as solid as it gets.

My strategy:

First 9 or 10 rounds: For early rounds u can just use the mp40 and camp next to armor if you'd like. i preferred to be mobile to help prepare me for the ensuing rounds, but that's just me. Always kill with headshots. The quicker you kill, the quicker u can focus on your surroundings and optimize how u will avoid getting hit and run away.

Round 10 and on: Alright so a huge part of training in here relies on starting the round to the left of quick revive, with your back to the drop. The plan here is to let the zombies spawn in a little bit before u even have to start training. There will usually be one outlier zombie that spawns in front of quick revive, kill him. Then stay here until you have to back up. I tried to get a kill or two if I could manage it without getting hit here, Once you're ready to get rolling back off of the second floor and start controlling your speed to 'tighten' the horde that is slowly beginning to form behind you. This is a hard concept to explain over text, but basically if u just run straight forward then the zombies will all spread out and give u less options to run to. You want to try to make it so theyre following u more compact. Move towards the right room. This is where getting a feel of the spawns thru practice helps. There is only one spawn in this room and it rarely spawns a zombie in later rounds. Take some potshots at the horde that should be forming behind you, Just make sure ur back is at least secure for a seconds time. Never take more than a second or two of shots unless upstairs and youre sure u wont get cut off from behind. There will be some zombies coming around the stairs in the next room, What u want to do is try to rush to the right of zombies and pass them on the stairs in one use of sprint, only stopping midway if youre going to get cut off and need to make space. This is a very important part of training that probably takes the longest to master, but it makes it so u can pass almost any situation without getting trapped. The first time making this run it will seem unsafe, but i never got trapped doing it. When at the top of the stairs, take more potshots, but first check for zombies coming across the hallway towards quick revive. If there are, then you should try killing the horde from the jump off at the stairs we started at. U should be able to kill 6-12 depending on wave and your efficiency. Use unlimited ammo and spray the mg for a good amount of kills. Remember, the more zombies u kill here, the more will be spawning, making it more difficult to horde them up, Then u just repeat. Just keep re buying armor and ammo as you pass it per rotation if u need it. If the simplified strategy shown in the video does not work, then I highly recommend trying this one as it does take more skill, but it is much safer/efficient.

If you need me to go in depth on any techniques shoot a comment or message
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I wanted to try and add to what others are saying, and try and specify how to do this most effectively. Using the method described above I was able to do this first try, I am relatively experienced at zombies however, so if you are new to zombies this will be very challenging. That is not to say impossible, if you try your best to follow the strategy I'll describe as close as possible you stand a chance, even so, it requires a fair amount of improvisation, because the zombies can sometimes do unexpected things. The primary challenge with this comes from how brutally small the area you have to survive in is, as well you can only do it solo, and the only perks available to you are armor and quick revive.

When you are ready, press "replay prologue" from the main menu.

Rounds 1-8

There's not much to say here, just shoot zombies as they get in with the MP-40 off the wall. It's probably easiest to camp by the armor machine, or just run around. If you find you are getting overwhelmed, go ahead and start trying the training strategy I'll describe below. During these rounds, you will want to have:
-Opened up the mystery box area using the easter egg described in the other guides (requires you shoot a series of lamps around the area).
-Have purchased armor
-Purchase quick revive
-Hit the box for a jack in the box (the new monkey bomb).

There's really no need to get a specific gun out of the box because the gun you will be using is the MP-40 the entire time, as it's the only one you can get ammo for, as no drops of any kind come from killing zombies.

Rounds 9-20

This is when things get very challenging, camping is not an option because you won't have sufficient fire power, so you need to run an incredibly jenky and difficult train through the area. I drew up these poor illustrations to try and highlight the best route to take.

It is very important you follow the instructions to the letter, a small slip up will likely mean your doom.

1. Start every round right beside the Geistschild machine (armor, I probably spelt it wrong). Try and survive here as long as you can, in later rounds this won't be possible. You want to prioritize zombies coming to your right, bcause you will be running this way, and they can block you. You want to try and stay here until every zombie has spawned, which happens quite quickly.
As soon as too many zombies to kill come up the stairs in front of you run to right beside the mystery box.

2. Stand here as long as possible as you wait for the zombies. Do not shoot any. As soon as a zombie walks through the door to your right, go forward and out the far door.

3. Same idea here, stand still until a zombie comes too close, you are trying to bait as many as possible through the mystery box room instead of outside of it. It is important you be as far to your right (toughing the mystery box wall) as possible.
Because you need an open space between you and the drop down to the bottom floor. When the first zombie gets too close, run to the opening in the stairs and drop down.

4. Have your eyes open when you land, because there tends to be a few zombies in this bottom floor, you need to quickly figure out the best route to take.

5. It is usually a good idea to first run over to 5, and stand there until the zombies come close, don't shoot any.

6. This part is the most important and the difference between doing it right and doing it wrong will either let you get up the stairs worry free or will down you. You need to try and delay in this room for as long as possible. You are trying to get any zombies near the stairs by armor to get away from them and get into the room you're in. The longer you spend here the longer the zombies have to come after you. It is best to run in a kind of serpentine pattern to keep the zombies behind you from hitting you, and getting to the back room as late as possible. Again, there will likely be zombies in front of you, which is where the improvisation comes in, there's really no way to describe the best way through here, you have to play it by year, depending on where the zombies are coming from, after a few cycles you should get the hang of this.

7. After stalling as long as possible run to 7 and stop. Same idea, stand there until a zombie gets to close. This is just more stall time to ensure no zombies block the stairs.

8. Now you need to as quick as possible sprint through the room behind the stairs. If you were adequate with your stall during 6 and 7, you will reach the bottom of the stairs just before the zombies get there to block your path. If you didn't stall them enough, and they're blocking the stairs, there's not a whole lot you can do, because you will be trapped in all directions, and will have to either use a jack in the box or down.

9. Climbing the stairs, it's possible there are 2 or 3 zombies in the way. Make sure you hug the right wall and move up the stairs as quickly as possible. It will be tight and you may take a few hits, but as long as you don't delay, you should be able to slip past these guys on the stairs.
Run to the armor machine and face the stairs, this is the only time during the whole cycle where you will actually be killing zombies, so shoot them as they come up the stairs. But, do not be too lethal, if you kill too many, more will spawn to your right and you won't be able to sneak by them. Once too many zombies reach you, run to your right and repeat the whole cycle.
The first cycle at the start of every round is always the hardest.


-The key to doing this is patience. You only shoot the zombies at one point during the cycle, because at other points killing zombies may cause zombies to spawn in front of you, which could easily down you if you don't have room to sneak by them.
-Buy armor as soon as you lose any, armor constantly goes up in price, but since you are only spending money on the MP- 40 ammo, you'll have a ton of points saved up so be stingy.
-If things look sour, see if its possible to get through losing just armor, you have effectively unlimited armor. If you are completely trapped, try your best to get a jack in the box down, you only get 3 total from the box, and there's no way to get any more, so be very sparing.
Once you run out of jack in the boxes, you still have 3 quick revives, if you down and enter quick revive, you get mustang and sallies and can quickly dispatch of the group around you, when you get up get to the armor ASAP, but some, and try and get the cycle going again. Buying Quick revive is very risky because there is a length animation that plays, so you can only really do it at the end of the rounds.
-You won't have to worry about the heavily armored guys, I believe they don't come until round 20, and the achievement pops as soon as round 20 begins.
-Expect to fail! This is incredibly difficult and requires some practise to master, even after getting it down, sometimes zombies behave unexpectedly, and you're forced to down or use a jack in the box, that's why they're there, so don't hesitate to use them to save your life. Don't get discouraged if you get a game over, the more you practice this, the easier it becomes.

Below is a recording of me running the cycle once, the whole cycle shouldn't take more than 20 odd seconds,and mastering it is key to getting this achievement.

This achievement is actually a pretty fun challenge for experienced zombies players, and its the kind of thing I wish zombies had more of. Good luck!

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