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#Forzathon Bugging Out

Create a Bucket List Challenge in Yarra Valley or Blizzard Mountain with a Buggy and earn 35,000 XP

15 Dec 2017 until 22 Dec 2017

#Forzathon Bugging Out
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Challenge Guide for #Forzathon Bugging Out

  • DragyneSlayreDragyneSlayre54,702
    15 Dec 2017 15 Dec 2017
    8 1 2
    I was not able to make this work in Yarra Valley. I blueprinted two events. No results. I was able to make it work in Blizzard Mountain.
  • AlehldeanAlehldean198,921
    16 Dec 2017 23 Nov 2017 16 Dec 2017
    8 2 3
    Go to any Bucket List Blueprint Point in Yara Valley, I tend to use the Rolling Meadow point just north east of the Yara Valley festival. Then just set it to something easy like the Speed Trap just south of it or a short Route. Set it, run it, publish it, and attempt it.

    EDIT: I see some people are reporting problems with unlocking this in Yara Valley and going to Blizzard Mountain instead. I unlocked mine at the Rolling Meadows point. First attempt of a short route didn't unlock but then doing the Speed Trap just south unlocked it. I used the Ariel Nomad.

    This challenge may be glitchy and not counting certain attempts or certain types of Blueprint runs. This may take multiple attempts to unlock but it should do so.
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