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#Forzathon Storm Brewing

Perform 20 Awesome Air Skills to win the Lamborghini Huracan HE

12 Jan 2018 until 19 Jan 2018

#Forzathon Storm Brewing
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Challenge Guide for #Forzathon Storm Brewing

  • HalidocHalidoc796,667
    12 Jan 2018 11 Jan 2018 12 Jan 2018
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    *Edit: Props to Vx L ROCK and lipsi99 for confirming that it has to be 'Awesome Air' skills. Having just popped this I would recommend using the hills around Redstone Gold Mine. What I was doing was either going slow and aiming for smaller hills or if I hit a bigger hill brake around halfway up so that the overall jump is smaller but is long enough that it doesn't qualify as a 'Great Air' skill. Video below of the exact area I used.

    No specific 'Awesome Air' skills challenge has appeared in the past, but various other variations of either 'Ultimate Air' or just regular 'Air' skills have.

    For reference an 'Awesome Air' skill is getting all four tires off the ground in any, shape, or form, but for a longer time than either just a regular 'Air' skill or 'Great Air' skill, but less time than an 'Ultimate Air' skill. 'Awesome Air' skills are required and 'Ultimate Air' skills will NOT count for this challenge, as mentioned in the edit.

  • DiegoOCH82DiegoOCH82181,495
    12 Jan 2018 12 Jan 2018
    4 0 0
    You must do the awesome air skill! The ultimate don't count for this achievements (i made more than 20 ultimate near the airport, but it not unlock!).
    Hope it helps!
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  • AlehldeanAlehldean197,581
    13 Jan 2018 26 Nov 2017 13 Jan 2018
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    Grab the car of your choice. If you happen to own a Skills boost HE car, that can give just that little bit extra skills and experience while doing this. Though any car will work. Head out just south of the Gold Mines. Lots of small hills that you can chain together to knock this out very quickly. Just make sure you're going fast enough so that the Air skills are at least Awesome.
    EDIT: According to comments on another solution Ultimate skills do NOT work. They must be Awesome.

    If this is your first Lambo, use it for this:
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  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead469,286
    17 Jan 2018 17 Jan 2018 17 Jan 2018
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    I think it is pretty clear from the challenge description that you have to "Perform 20 Awesome Air Skills" and that Great Air and Ultimate Air do not count. You could just drive around over some bumpy ground for a few hours, but here is how I got 20 in a just a few minutes.

    Drive around until you get an Awesome Air. Ideally you want to being going in a straight line, not very fast, and under maximum acceleration. As soon as "Awesome Air" appears on the screen press cn_Y twice to rewind twice. Hold down the accelerator, drive in a straight line and then as soon as "Awesome Air" appears on the screen again, rewind twice. There is no need to wait for the Awesome Air skill to be banked.

    You don't want to be rewinding then having to turn and break and accelerate to try and get another Awesome Air, just keep going until you get a consistent Awesome Air you can repeat every time.
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