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Captain of Industry

Have a Sim reach the max level in the Business career.

Captain of Industry-1.9
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How to unlock the Captain of Industry achievement

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    The Sims 4 Business Career is one of ten careers available in the game. The two skills that dominate this career are Logic and Charisma and the promotion requirements are pretty gentle for the base career track. The two skills can be developed at the same time by having your Sim play chess with another and actively talk to them while they play. Leaving home with an energized moodlet in the beginning is best achieved with a brisk shower right before work. The real hassle around your neck for this career is the daily task “Fill Out Reports”. This interaction takes approximately 3 full Sim hours to complete. Your Sim gets no need increases, builds no skill points and has a fairly high chance to finish the action with a ‘bored’ moodlet. Fitting this corporate unpaid overtime into your day is tough, but critical if you want to advance your performance meter.

    The last two levels of the base track change, requiring a confident mood for job improvement. This is easily obtained by brushing your teeth before going to work. Once confidence becomes a business career requirement, you gain access to a helpful new interaction: “Give Career Advice”. Performing this interaction successfully will leave your Sim with a +2 confident moodlet, which will help ensure they are confident when they head to work. The career splits when your Sim reaches the 7th level.

    The Management Branch continues the need for confidence. The promotion requirements now become steeper. Logic and Charisma are still the two stars of the show, but Charisma becomes the focus. Luckily the reward objects provide both powerful environmental and confident aura items, allowing you  to easily make a confidence room where you can build up your charisma skill faster. Of the two branches, management makes more money at the top level. It’s daily task “Make Business Calls” is a welcome departure from filling out reports as it only takes 1 Sim hour to perform. It can yield a +2 confident or +2 Embarrassed moodlet depending on if your Sim makes the sale or not. Make Business calls cannot be done on the weekend.

    The Investor Branch shifts the focus to Logic, with reward items giving more focus. For the investor track, the ideal mood is focused and it requiring more logic than charisma to progress. The “Research Stocks” interaction is very similar to the fill out reports interaction, as it also takes several Sim hours to perform each day. It is yet unknown if it helps your chances of making when doing the “Invest in Stocks” interaction. The final level makes more per hour than management but less per week as they only have to work 4 days a week.

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