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Cast Away achievement in The Sims 4

Cast Away

Have a Sim reach max level in the Fishing skill.

Cast Away0
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How to unlock the Cast Away achievement

  • KimitchiiKimitchii
    14 Jul 2018 15 Jul 2018
    Well, in addition to what was provided by the other guide (using books), you can also cheat your way into grinding this skill.

    So, to do that,you need to do the following :
    Step 1 : Press cn_LTcn_LBcn_RBcn_RT, it should open a command box on the top left corner of your screen, press cn_A
    Step 2 : Type the following into your command box Traits.equip_trait SteelBladder and then press Start to gain the trait SteelBladder.
    Step 3 : Now repeat step 2 but instead of SteelBladder, enter the following traits :
    Needs traits : NeverWeary (Energy need never decrease), ForeverFresh (Hygiene need never decrease), ForeverFull(Hunger need never decrease), NeedsNoOne (Social need never decrease). The only need that will keep going down, depending on the skill you're mastering is the "Fun" one.
    Useful traits : Savant (Helps learn skills faster), MorningSim (Helps learn skills faster in the morning)/NightOwl (Helps learn skills faster during the night), sadly only one of those two can be picked.
    {I believe I have listed all the traits I used to master my skills but if I forgot some, I will add them later.}

    Once you are done adding all required traits, you can click on a pond and select "Fishing" and then speed the game on the fastest speed and let your Sim level up its Fishing skill. Thanks to the traits, unless you have a job, you can go from 0 to 10 in one go.
    Yes, its cheap, but since it doesn't disable your achievement, why not?

    Hope it is useful! Please do leave your comments if you have anything to add.

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    Posted by Maceteur on 18 Sep 23 at 20:46
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  • TheOnlyMattoTheOnlyMatto
    29 Jun 2018 28 Jun 2018
    Two ways that i know of to get this :

    1) Buy the three fishing books, use them to get to lvl 9 fishing. save your game, go waste the day fishing while not worrying about losing job, congrats on lvl 10. i had an 8 member house hold and didnt want to take any risks myself.

    2) fish to 10. BORING.

    i chose the first one myself.
  • MrBandezMrBandez
    Locked 18 Nov 2017
    Pretty self explanatory,

    Depending whereabouts you live in the Sims world there are a few Fishing Spots in which you can do this achievement.

    All you must do is continuously fish until you reach the maximum level. This is quite a grind but means any fish you catch you can sell for a profit which all helps later in the game.

    Hope this helps
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    ShaneAFC91Is this glitched for anyone? I've hit level 10 multiple times now (save half way through level 9 and reload) and it never unlocks. Had the same issue with the guitar skill and charisma skill so far. roll

    Edit: Never mind, fixed my issue. Achievements Glitched?
    Posted by ShaneAFC91 on 25 Nov 17 at 01:15
    Project TortureI got this in the most random, weird way possible. I turned off aging for my sim so I could focus on getting all careers/skills maxed out on one sim to save time, he was insanely old but still only an adult. I went for the ghost family achievement, since everyone else in the city was dead/a ghost, I transferred 8 of them into my house and booted my main guy out. One of those ghosts had level 10 fishing and the achievement popped. I hadn't fished a single time in the game yet.
    Posted by Project Torture on 01 Mar 18 at 02:14
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