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All Gold achievement in NINJA GAIDEN 2

All Gold

Obtained all Gold Medallions in the Survival Missions

All Gold+0.3
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How to unlock the All Gold achievement

  • LordxDragonfireLordxDragonfireThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    10 Sep 2010 04 Jan 2011
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    For this achievement you have to obtain 2,000,000 karma in each survival mission, this is extremely hard. You have to be an absolute expert in the game to get this one.

    - Know when to attack/defend
    - Whenever you see 2 essence floating, do an UT, but only when your karma multiplier is 5, you should'nt absorb green essence for an UT
    - Stay on the move, you'll die pretty quickly if you don't
    - Get your karma multiplier to 5, this way you'll only have to earn 2,000,000/4 = 500,000 karma, which makes it sound a lot easier. AND more important is, when you have completed the waves of enemies for the first time, the difficulty will go up from Acolyte - Warrior - Mentor - Master Ninja, and you don't want that, so you should get karma ASAP.
    - When your karma multiplier is 5, absorb all essence, also the green ones
    - Don't give up, if you get frustrated, quit, and try again later, there's no point in losing if you lost your focus.

    Weapon combos (by Lord Terentius):
    I've found that you don't really need to know +10 combos to do well in a Survival. Only a handful will do, but the key is knowing WHEN to use it. Below are some weapon combos that helped me get the All Gold Survivals achievement:

    True Dragon Sword:
    Izuna Drop - XYXXXY [Great against Gajas & Humaioids, but tricky to pull off]
    Flying Swallow 3x - Jump toward YYY [you'll be using this A LOT - don't be afraid to spam it]

    Vigoorian Flails/FAILS (lol):
    Foe Destroyer - XXYY [This is fantastic against hordes of closely pack enemies resulting in high chances of Instant Kills]
    Piercing Mountain (whilst on the ground) - XYYYYYY [If you're struggling to maintain a combo and need green essence FAST use this. One successful connection from this combo and you're looking at 17 hits. Once you go airbourne you have Invincibility Frames too so this is KEY against RPG Ninjas]
    Piercing Mountain (airbourne) - Jump towards YYYYY [see above - If things are going VERY wrong, jump at an enemy with this]

    Demon Tears Kick - Toward XXXXX [propels multiple kicks towards an enemy sending them and yourself across the arena. Not an instant kill but helped me get away from trouble when surrounded]
    Overlapping Storms - 360 Y [When surrounded either quickly perform this, or jump into a crowd of enemies. You'll get loads of hits and a massive boost to your combo counter. Plus it has I-FRAMES]
    THE TONFA'S UT1 & UT2 TECHNIQUES ARE JUST BRUTAL!! USE THEM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!! They're perhaps the best delimbers around and even a UT1 will annhiliate a Dinomech.

    Eclipse Scythe:
    Jump XXY or XXYYY [This is all you need. Once the first hit connects you're in I-FRAME mode. Once you've killed an enemy, dash-jump away and repeat. Perhaps the easiest of the Survivals to Gold]

    Blade of the Archfiend:
    Mighty Zhong Kui - XYXXXX [This will cut ANYTHING to shreds and is almost a guaranteed Instant Kill]
    Swooping Dragon Fang - YYYY [See above]

    100 Flames - Jump YXY or YXX [2 massive strikes followed by a 360 spin of the weapon that provides some short protection from would be grapples
    Thunderous Light - Jump YY [Just the one hit then a 360 spin... a quicker version than above]
    Immense Tragedy - YYYYYY [A devasting non-UT combo, but a WORD OF WARNING... make sure you have plenty of time/space to pull it off as it takes a while to 'warm up']

    Falcon's Talons:
    Izuna Drop (airbourne) - Jump towards YXY [best humanoid killer in the game. Doesn't work against Gajas. NOTE: half the time you DON'T get the Instant Kill bonus... for that use the combo below]
    Flame of the Chimera - Jump towards YXX
    Izuna Drop [ground] - XX toward XXXXXY [this is surprisingly easy to pull off and works as an Instant Kill against ALL humanoids & Gajas]
    Thunderous Lion Roar - Toward XXXXXX [ideal against a tough single opponent or closely packed group]

    Lunar Staff:
    Gleaming Shadow - XXY [a very quick & efficient Instant Kill]
    Izuna Drop (airborne) - Jump XXY [unlike the Falcon's Talons you can use this against both Gajas & humanoids...HOWEVER it has a ridiculously short range and if you miss you're vulnerable on landing]
    Heavenly Shadow/Izuna Drop - 360 UT + Y at the height of your jump [arguably one of the more useful UTs around as it allows you to complete the move in full. Remember to tap Y at the height of the jump against humanoids & Gajas to convert it to an Izuna Drop]

    Good Luck! You'll need it! Do not be ashamed of yourself if you can't do it, this one is legendary.

    Please comment before placing a negative vote so I can edit the solution to improve it, thanks.

    Lord Terentius:
    For the tip on using UT's constantly when your karma multiplier is 5.
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    ReaboThese tips are really good! Ty! Nearly there!
    Posted by Reabo on 17 Apr 16 at 15:53
    Joshua Dmc NgErr you've had your achievements removed! Why would anyone want to listen to a cheater.
    Posted by Joshua Dmc Ng on 17 Aug 16 at 08:20
    Desi ShinobiWho has?
    Posted by Desi Shinobi on 24 May 18 at 14:07
    ReaboHe is talking about LordxDragonfire, the poster of the solution.
    Posted by Reabo on 24 May 18 at 14:10
    Desi Shinobihaha so he has, I wonder why
    Posted by Desi Shinobi on 24 May 18 at 14:19
    Talvalin7 years later and I still haven't managed to get gold in the last survival mission, the Kusari Gama, only silver. Argh.
    Posted by Talvalin on 25 Jan 19 at 03:58
    x I LAZ I xThis achievement can suck my fucking asshole. 9 times out of 10 I don't even see a Green Escence until the second or third wave - and no, I don't UT, OT, or ET enemies. Absolute horseshit - just like this entire DLC. It's not enjoyable in the slightest, it's ridiculously fucking unfair.
    Posted by x I LAZ I x on 27 May 19 at 21:16
    WonderCalibanThere is a way to cheese this achievement. I have it and only played the game for an hour and did the first level. Trouble is, it was like 12 years ago and I can’t remember how.
    Posted by WonderCaliban on 18 Feb at 20:29
    Desi Shinobiwell, that was a very useful comment.. laugh
    Posted by Desi Shinobi on 19 Feb at 15:00
    TalvalinThere's no cheesing. The game was broken in the past such that watching a video made by someone who had any Mission Mode achievements would unlock the game achievements for you. Naturally this was patched very quickly so I think it just needs to be done the hard way.
    Posted by Talvalin on 04 May at 11:10
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