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Not All Miss achievement in SWBF2

Not All Miss

In multiplayer, defeat 3 enemies within one Vanguard usage 5 times.

Not All Miss0
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How to unlock the Not All Miss achievement

  • OrphanOfSossOrphanOfSoss
    24 Nov 2017 26 Nov 2017
    The other solution covered what vanguard is so I'm not going to go into that too much, instead I'm going to focus on strategy.

    My star card set up was like this for the achievement:
    CR2 blaster, thermal detonator, Killstreak Vanguard, Toughen Up.

    I did this achievement exclusively on the Blast game type for the small maps and enemy tendency to group together. Basically when you think a room has a few people in it, activate Toughen Up, activate Vanguard and then lay waste. Using this method you should be bathing in the blood of your enemies in no time. It shouldn't take you too long once you get the hang of it. My favorite maps for this were Death Star II and Kashyyk (in the caves).

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    ElusiveEagleI helped a friend get this achievement last night. We found that you have to wait a second or two in-between kills for it to register the kills for the achievement. When he just plowed through the enemies back-to-back quickly, it wouldn't register. Hopefully that helps!
    Posted by ElusiveEagle On 15 May 21 at 07:40
    SilyolmeheeLooking for people willing to boost. GT Silyolmehee
    Posted by Silyolmehee On 16 Jan at 00:46
    o DEEVIUS oVery easily done in Co-op missions - no special cards required, just keep respawning and going for it, activate Vanguard when there's a group of enemies nearby, lob a grenade and just run 'n' gun it. Got it in two rounds.
    Posted by o DEEVIUS o On 20 Nov at 21:17
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  • Korean Jesus IXKorean Jesus IX
    31 Jan 2018 10 Nov 2017 30 Nov 2017
    For this achievement you need to be the assault class.

    Vanguard is the special ability cast by pressing cn_LB and cn_RB at the same time. Activating vanguard gives you a shotgun which stays activated for a certain amount of time.

    There are star cards which will help towards this, Killstreak vanguard being the main one to focus on. This star card extends the vanguard duration every time you get a kill. I would recommend crafting this straight away as soon as you have 40 craft parts.

    As per the comment section Blast is recommended for this.
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    RecovskiSo I'm pretty sure i did it already 6 times. but the tracker stopped at 60% even so the ingame "trooper" tracker is still at 3/5. I just dont get it... anyone has a workaround ?

    EDIT: Finally got the Cheevo. Apparently changing your Vanguard Skill (Prec / Reg) voids the achievement. Stay with one option for the cheevo and you should be good to go.
    Posted by Recovski On 13 Mar 18 at 12:13
    IrvinmanGrenade kills also count toward the 3 kills. I would find a group of enemies, toss, the grenade then activate and charge in after it blew up and then run in and mop up. Got it in about 5-6 matches of blast.
    Posted by Irvinman On 02 Feb 19 at 15:38
    S P 4 C E YI got it in two co-op missions. Just simply throw a grenade at a bottleneck of enemies. I was quite regularly getting a kill off the grenade and then a couple of shotgun blasts did the rest.

    That was all done at level 8-13. It’s not as tough as it first seems.
    Posted by S P 4 C E Y On 30 Dec 20 at 22:01
  • ShadowEpyon10ShadowEpyon10
    28 Sep 2019 28 Sep 2019
    With the addition of co-op you can now do this against bots. I managed to do it with a rare recharge vanguard so if you have epic slug or killstreak this may be a lot easier.

    Best thing to do on Fellucia once you get to stage 2 you only have 2 points to capture. Go to A and enemies will come from all around. I managed to do it 3 times over in one match as enemies just kept coming.
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