Multi-tasking achievement in STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II


Defeat 25 Hero ships with Fighter ships.

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How to unlock the Multi-tasking achievement

  • MattyJWestMattyJWest661,406
    13 Dec 2017 16 Dec 2017 04 Aug 2018
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    While no means as annoying as Choose Your Path, this achievement can still be quite annoying simply for the rarity of the targets. To that end, before you start conciously grinding this make sure you upgrade your Fighter class ship. I had level 3 unlocked on damage increase, offensive power increase and engine power.

    Early in any given match you won't be presented with many opportunities to add to your tally because your opponents will need to earn the battlepoints required to use a hero ship. If you're playing offence this is probably a good time to recklessly play the objective, and if you're on defence then maybe casually not protecting your objective is your best bet. You want the match to push into the second and third stage if possible, as this will give your opponents every chance to play a hero ship.

    Periodically check the scoreboard cn_back to see if anyone on the opposite team has the triangular star logo next to their name which indicates they're in a hero ship then do your best to take them down. Sometimes hero ships can be difficult to discern from regular ships (Luke/Poe if it's an X-Wing match, for example), so try to look out for the player's name to make sure you're focused on the right player. If anyone manages to kill you while in a hero ship the game will helpfully mark them in orange for revenge once you've respawned. Some heros can be a challenge, I often found Darth Maul hard to kill because of his stealth ability, and Luke/Poe have crazy efficient healing abilities.

    You'll often have competition from other players on your team (a few hero ships present big targets) but if you focus on just trying to take down heroes then you're likely to take down one (maybe two) a match.

    Also: When I was looking into this achievement originally there was talk that assists, either by the hero crashing or being killed by an ally, counted towards the total, but from my own observations the tracker only moved when I personally defeated the hero ship. If anyone has any evidence to the contrary, let me know in the comments! EDIT: It would appear to be confirmed by multiple sources that assists do not progress this achievement. Also that Darth Maul sucks...

    SEVERAL UPDATES LATER EDIT: As per skhter in the comments: "Might want to add that this is slightly easier now with the added hero ships mode. You can suicide at the start and instantly spawn into a fighter jet. Then you'll have 3-4 enemy hero ships to hunt."

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    RedXPLooking to boost this - please message me - GT: RedXP
    Posted by RedXP on 29 May at 19:02
    BadCarnivorelooking to boost this if anyone is interested....
    Posted by BadCarnivore on 22 Jun at 10:14
    MysticManager63Anyone still looking to boost I need help with this one
    Posted by MysticManager63 on 05 Jul at 17:03
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  • Mr Dan JonesMr Dan Jones261,347
    21 Dec 2018 21 Dec 2018
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    This is probably one of the more annoying achievements to get.

    Hero Starfighters is the best gamemode to go for as there will ALWAYS be at least 1 hero for you to go for.

    You have to use a Fighter class ship, so no Bombers or Interceptors.

    A few tips:

    The Arc fighter was the best for me as the rear gun actually got me a couple of hero kills when I was just flying around.

    Heroes such as Iden's Tie Fighter and Yoda's Jedi Starfighter have quite low health and can be taken out pretty quickly if you can keep up and aim accurately.

    The Falcons are obviously big targets and can make aiming a lot easier, especially since the Dark side ships all have Laser Barrages. Problem with this is a few people might be going for the kill as well.

    Assists do not count, You have to get the notification of "Hero Ship Destroyed" along with the little red kill notification you normally see.

    Rey, Luke and Poe all have annoying healing abilities. And Maul can escape with stealth pretty easily.

    Just remember to use your abilities at the right time and make sure your main weapon doesn't overheat or someone could come in and nab the kill. It will take a lot of matches but if you keep it up you will be able to get a couple of kills per match if you are lucky.
  • InsidiousMrMooInsidiousMrMoo421,866
    16 May 2020 26 May 2020 26 May 2020
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    So I wanted to make a guide or boosting as this is the easiest method for getting this achievement, although it will be a time crunch.

    So here is what you will need.

    Boosting Setup:

    1. 8 Players yourself included
    2. All players will need to change their ping server (Under EA account options) to Australia
    3. Coordinate with your boosting partners to hit search for Heros vs Villains Starfighter (We had no trouble the first time all 8 of us getting into a server by ourselves)

    So now for the grind, whoever is going for the achievement should crash right at the start and spawn as a normal fighter, from there you will just need to kill the enemy hero ships.

    We did it with 8 of us, and it took around 2 and half hours to complete. I highly recommend going one player at a time as this speeds up the process.

    I hope this guide helps, and if you need me to clarify anything in the guide, please let me know.
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    PeachCloud87115just to let u know u dont 8people we did it with 4 two on each side
    Posted by PeachCloud87115 on 16 Jun at 02:23
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