Update 22: Plains of Eidolon

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Update 22: Plains of Eidolon

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Sleds of Sunshine

Travel over 500 meters in a single slide across the Plains of Eidolon

Sleds of Sunshine-0.4
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  • ssippieessippiee488,687
    14 Nov 2017 14 Nov 2017 18 Nov 2017
    69 3 9
    So found some video's on people doing this in one slide. I couldn't get the aim glide trick to work. So here's the location and my successful attempt. I put a toggle on the slide button in the option menu.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Any feedback is very much appreciated, especially for negative feedback.
  • MunhumutapaMunhumutapa127,190
    22 Dec 2017 27 Dec 2017
    17 1 13
    i got this by sheer luck the other day.
    i tried too do it legitimately but failed.
    so for anyone having trouble, you can do the following:
    when in a team at the end of the mission, do not go to evacuation with everyone else.
    stay as far away from the cetus as you can.
    check the evacuation timer and initiate a slide whe it is about to time out. if it times out on you as you slide you will be teleported to outside cetus to be with your team and the whole distance counts as a slide.

    that was how i got it.
  • FataIMasterFataIMaster270,218
    17 Nov 2017 30 Nov 2017 30 Nov 2017
    20 6 1
    I've seen other people doing this via the glitch/trick but I have found both on pc and Xbox One that there is a the perfect location that this can be easily done.

    See the video down below.
  • Dacius DeciumDacius Decium196,488
    16 Feb 2018 16 Feb 2018 16 Feb 2018
    3 2 7
    I just got this by mistake today.

    I did it at the Vesper Relay. Take the Mastery Rank 8 Test. This is an obstacle course where you have to shoot orbs to create platforms. Once you get to the last platform you'll see a floating "arrow head" (just to give it a name). This is the goal post to end the test.

    Upon getting on that final platform you'll see the "arrow head". Jump to it and you'll free-fall as the test ends and you'll unlock the achievement. That's how I did it.

    When you make your attempt to get on the final platform, try to get on the very edge of the platform and jump to (or even over) the "arrow head". As I said, you'll free-fall indefinitely to the bottom of the map (your Progress and Rewards screen wil be on displace during your free-fall -you'll never reach the bottom of the map-).

    Good luck!
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