#Forzathon Speed Is Key achievement in Forza Motorsport 7

#Forzathon Speed Is Key

Complete all Challenges to receive 2012 Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG S Coupe FE

22 Nov 2017 until 08 Dec 2017

#Forzathon Speed Is Key
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How to unlock the #Forzathon Speed Is Key challenge

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    All following has been carried out in free play.

    Challenge 1: Go at Least 180 mph on Homestead Miami.
    My 1st try was 10 laps of the speedway track with an Indy Car.
    It did not register at all.
    My 2nd try was 2 laps of same track with 2015 McLaren P1 GTR.
    It worked.
    Challenge 2: Complete 6 laps of Daytona.
    My 1st try was 6 laps of the speedway track with 2015 McLaren P1 GTR.
    It did not register at all.
    My 2nd try was 7 laps of same track with an Indy Car.
    It worked.
    Challenge 3: Complete 3 races in a Forza P1 Division Car.
    My 1st try was 2017 Porsche 919 Hybrid on 1 lap of Homestead.
    I did quit after the first race, and it did not look like registering ( 0/3 ).
    For my 2nd try, I took Daytona speedway, and went for a reasonable number of 4 laps.
    When I did quit, it had registered ( 1/3 ) although I had not scored a win.
    For Race nº2, I kept the same car, same race.
    I did not quit, and left it to the game to sort the 3rd, and I ran 3 laps on the GP Nurburgring.
    It worked.
    Challenge 4: Wina race in a HyperCar Division car.
    I ran 3 laps of Top Gear Outer Loop, forward, in a McLaren P1 GTR.
    It registered.

    ALL this is NOT a solution.
    These are just what worked and didn't for me.
    Hope this helps.

    Update 1:
    Although the Challenge popped and is registered on Xbox & TA,
    The Forzathon line does not completed in the game, and I have not received the car.
    To be followed.

    Update 2:
    As mentioned by other players, if you come back later on in the game, you should find the forzathon challenge completed, and a message gifting you the car.
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    Coffee OUFCI find quitting out of your game, then going back in seems to register as it will sync to the server.
    Posted by Coffee OUFC on 23 Nov 17 at 12:07
    ДжэйIt counts, but do not updates. After the race do not quit, but press restart - will work too. You can’t restart twice, so after last challenge you hit restart and achievement unlocks, but you need one more race to have forzathon shows as completed and grabbing your reward.
    Posted by Джэй on 23 Nov 17 at 12:19
    KILLANEYROCKSAfter finishing the last challange achievement poped so i checked the progress on the game it didnt refresh and give me the car but once i quit out and restarted the game ther was a notification on forzathon i had 1 reward wating once i went in it was claiming reward car was added to my garage
    Posted by KILLANEYROCKS on 23 Nov 17 at 12:56
    McMackemThe down vote will probably be a disgruntled Forza "fan" who hates everything about Forza. If you hadn't even finished proof reading the solution it's because they don't like the idea of Forzathon and will dislike anyone who does. Have another like from me :)
    Posted by McMackem on 24 Nov 17 at 00:46
    HanshiroThanks for the info! I'm pretty unhappy about the Forzathon tracking in general.
    Posted by Hanshiro on 24 Nov 17 at 11:14
    BonxyWasn’t me with the negative vote dude.

    I’ll try your updated guide tonight. Thanks.
    Posted by Bonxy on 24 Nov 17 at 12:12
    ChockaShockaSome gamers like to give negative votes. There is never a good reason for a negative vote and the option to vote negative should be removed.
    Posted by ChockaShocka on 24 Nov 17 at 15:36
    DeaconFrost2kthe tracker is one race / event (also game restart counts) later, this week you can switch between the porsche and this challenge to trigger the other challenge tracker wink
    Posted by DeaconFrost2k on 26 Nov 17 at 16:09
    JustAnotherJayFYI, 180mph is roughly 290km/h for those using metric.
    Posted by JustAnotherJay on 26 Nov 17 at 19:49
    XtowersFor challenge 4 I used the Porsche Spyder passing challenge in the Breakout Championship and it worked.
    Posted by Xtowers on 02 Dec 17 at 04:13
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