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#Forzathon To the Finish Line

Complete all Challenges to win the 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster

22 Nov 2017 until 08 Dec 2017

#Forzathon To the Finish Line
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Challenge Guide for #Forzathon To the Finish Line

  • farmer banditfarmer bandit275,480
    25 Nov 2017 25 Nov 2017
    17 0 2
    In addition to the other solutions and comments it seems it isn't recording drifts correctly and so the only way I could get my drifts recorded was to use the "Drift Dubai" rivals event. I used the 911 Carerra '73. You can't put a tune on it but if you have TC and STM off and use manual gears you can get a few decent drifts in. I got about 20000 drift points over the lap on my first try. The track is long enough with plenty of corners to get drifts in. Add my gamertag "farmer bandit" if you want to set me as a rival to give a pacesetter ghost car.
    Then after finishing the event I went back to the main menu. Then hit the dashboard and press cn_start and quit the game. Reload the game and it then recorded step one for me.
    It's not a perfect solution but it might help you get step 1 done.
  • X30 TrucaseX30 Trucase252,353
    23 Nov 2017 23 Nov 2017 23 Nov 2017
    12 1 6
    The Challenge "#Forzathon To the Finish Line" consists of three goals:
    1. Drift 15.000 points in a Porsche.
    2. Complete three races in a Porsche.
    3. Win a race in a Porsche on Nürburgring GP.

    Since goals no. 2 and 3 are pretty straightforward (I used a random Porsche in Free Play), one lap per race, the first goal is kind of a grind.

    My impression is that the 15.000 points have to be achieved in one drift, so in order to do this, I made the following modifications:

    Firstly, I took a fast Porsche (like the RS 4 or the GT 2 RS) and downloaded a drift tune from the library, just search for the keyword 'drift', you'll find a couple of them. I took one which gave me a 4x4 drivetrain. It's easier to drift with all wheels than just the two in the back, trust me.

    Secondly, you need to deactivate all driving assists (especially ESP and TCS, because they will make a drift car undrivable!) and get used to the controls. I switched to cockpit view so I could see my steering wheel, and also the manual shifting helped so the car wouldn't shift up by its own.

    Thirdly, repeat until you have got the correct speed and the correct gear (mine worked fine in 3rd gear with about a 140 km/h). Also enable the drift meter in the HUD options so you will see when your car goes into drift.

    Why I think that you will need it in one go, is because you can select all different modes for drifting, but it's not directly told which one you must select.

    I started a Free Play game with the Race setup "Drift", and didn't change the timer, so you should have 8:00 minutes standardly. In this mode it will count your drift score. As the race track, I chose 'Maple Valley (short)', because it has a very long right hand bend right after start/finish.

    Enter this corner at the correct speed and gear (3rd gear @ 140 km/h approximately) and try to stay in the middle of the track. At the end of the turn, you can throw the weight around to the left side. Although you break your drift, the game lets you continue for about 1 to 2 seconds. Just take the next left turn without sliding to the grass and you may get the 15.000 points in one go.

    I got this after a couple of turns when I got used to the car's behaviour. (it will also record a small clip if you have this feature installed, just uploaded the clip)

    Sorry for the long text. ;)
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead468,571
    03 Dec 2017 03 Dec 2017 10 Dec 2017
    10 0 3
    #Forzathon To The Finish Line
    23rd Nov 2017 - 13th Dec 2017
    Approximate time to complete: 10 minutes

    To get each step in this challenge to update, you must either quit the game and relaunch it or complete any another event. The achievement tracker does not show your progress.

    Step 1: Set a Drift Score of 15,000 on a single Lap in a Porsche
    Method for those of us that can't get 15,000 in a single drift ;)
    Go to Single Player -> Free Play -> Race Setup
    Set Environment to Silverstone Racing Circuit - Grand Prix Circuit (by pressing cn_X) - lot's of wide corners
    Dubai is also a good choice
    Set Game Type to Drift
    Set Race Length to 05:00
    Set Car Division to ANY
    Select a Porsche - select an AWD car if you aren't very good at drifting. You can leave TCS and ESC on, but I recommend you set Shifting to Manual. As you approach each corner, make sure you are doing the correct speed and are in either 2nd or 3rd gear, then tap A to "power slide" round the corner. As long as you don't slide off the track, you will bank the points. If you can get about 1,000 points from each corner you will be fine. If you are a drift king, then Homestead - Speedway Circuit in a RWD with TCS and ESC off would be more your style. I don't believe you can drift in a FWD car, but it doesn't matter as there are no Porsche FWD cars!
    Complete the lap with a Drift total of 15,000 or more then wait for the timer to run out

    Step 2: Complete 3 Races in a Porsche
    Set Environment to Nürburgring - GP Circuit
    Set Game Type to Timed Race
    Set Race Length to 30 seconds
    Set Max Drivatars to 1
    Select a Porsche
    Complete the race 3 times, selecting Restart after each race

    Step 3: Win a race on the Nurburgring GP in a Porsche
    Use the same settings as Step 2
    From Car Restrictions, set Car Class to match the Porsche you are using
    Set Drivatar Difficulty to New Racer
    This time you need to win the race

    Reward: 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster
  • The Ol n DeThe Ol n De239,285
    23 Nov 2017 23 Nov 2017 23 Nov 2017
    5 0 6
    Although my Colleague did a good job. the information is not correct for the step 1.

    I am not a good drifter at all.

    I could not put a 15.000 score together.
    So I had a further look.
    Our friend DJKustoms, in his video, had a different description, that said "in a single lap"
    So I sorted out a lap score over 15.000 but it did not work.

    Then I watched this video

    His solution is to add individual high single scores from different tracks.
    I do not know if this is intentional from T10, or another of their famous infamous bugs,
    BUT it did work for me.
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