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A Long Night of Horrors

Prison Nightmare - Get at least 15 keycards on Mayhem or above and do not go in to custody.

A Long Night of Horrors+0.4
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Achievement Guide for A Long Night of Horrors

  • BreakingBear101BreakingBear101384,245
    25 Nov 2017 25 Nov 2017 25 Nov 2017
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    Heist: Prison Nightmare
    Difficulty: Mayhem
    Time Required: Takes minimum of roughly 45 mins

    Okay, so to start off, the odds of this achievement glitching for you are pretty high, so I'm just going to outline some solo strategies for this achievement.

    Note: You must COMPLETE THE HEIST for the achievement to unlock

    Your class build: Dodge or Heavy? Doesn't really matter, as long as you're comfortable with your own playstyle. I tend to favour a heavy build because a dodge build is more luck based and up to chance. Basic skills of a dodge build can be found in the ghost tree. Basic skill for your usual heavy build is the Iron Man aced skill as it unlocks the Improved Combined Tactical Vest.

    Equipment: Doctor Bag. First aid kit does not reset downs, but a Doctor Bag does.

    Heist Assets: Having an extra ammo bag, doctor bag and grenade case will certainly benefit you in the long run should you use them sparingly throughout your run.

    Recommended skills: Resilience(aced) due to the apparent abundance of flash bangs throughout the level it can save you from unnecessary damage. Hostage Taker(basic/aced) so that you can regenerate your health without having to use a doctor bag. Combat Doctor(aced) so that you have 8 uses from your doctor bags plus the additional 2 uses from the heist assets. Inspire so that you can pick up your AI; believe me when I say that your AI are your crutch. Should you go down because of a taser that you can't find for the life of you, you'll want your AI to be with you the entire time for the extra backup and revive. Feign Death/Messiah if you get in a situation where your AI are across the map, yet you got downed, this will benefit you for sure.

    Of course, you may not be able to afford all of the skills outlined here, but don't worry, they are just recommendations. I'd say prioritize health bonus skills like Hostage Taker. This will help you avoid using doctor bags so you can save them for dire situations.

    Perk Decks: Armorer(if playing heavy), because it increases your amor by 35 points. Rogue(if playing dodge), it adds 45% dodge chance on top of your skills. Sicario, because it helps with dodge and amor. Ex-President stores health from every kill you get and gives you health whenever you lose any. Think of it as a vampire effect.
    Half of these perk decks are part of a DLC iirc.

    General Tips: Learn the map so you can run away from a dozer/cloaker and avoid unnecessary damage. Also so that you can have some solid escape routes and be knowledgeable of enemy spawn locations. Save Doctor Bags so that you use them when it's necessary. You only have a maximum of 10 uses if you are playing solo, so don't waste them! Dragon's Breath Round is an attachment for shotguns and lights the enemies on fire. Definitely useful for tasers because they are too busy being on fire to paralyze you. Count your spins! it would be very painful for you to miss the mark by 1 or 2 keycards yet you are not aware. I'd recommend getting 1 bag of cloaker gold each time you place the keycard in the slot and counting with pen/paper. You will collect 2 bags for the first time and then after that collect 1 each time. This is so that you can cross reference your pen/paper with collected bags to keep track of your keycards. You can view collected bags with cn_back.

    Did I miss anything? Let me know and I'll add it to the solution. Thanks

    If you give me negative feedback please let me know why or PM me so that I can improve on my future solutionstoast
    10 Apr 2018 10 Apr 2018
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    This one is abit misleading as NOBODY in your team can go into custody not just yourself like stated, not sure about AI so I would just turn them off when setting up the lobby. Tested this multiple times where a team mate went into custody but I was fine till the escape yet nobody got it facepalm as soon as we escaped with nobody getting into custody once it popped. Also it doesn't count either if you bring them back from custody before escaping or kicking the person in custody/them leaving the game as being in custody voids the achievement instantly, thumbs up if helpful wink
    Note:if it's still not popping the 'work around' is what you need to do which is found on TA also.
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