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Investment Portfolio

Collect a total of $35,000 cash

Investment Portfolio0
05 November 2019 - 5 guides

Achievement Guide for Investment Portfolio

  • BraunisBraunis206,618
    10 Dec 2017 11 Dec 2017
    25 7 19
    Reach to level 40 on easy. A few secods before the boss shows, hit pause and change dificulty to Normal. Beat the boss with rage and grab $50000 to unlock the achievement.
  • OXN3OXN3735,377
    01 Dec 2017 25 Nov 2017 01 Dec 2017
    14 0 30
    EDIT: As of 01/12/17, the number has changed from 100k to 35k. However, most of the strategies still remain the same.

    This is a bit of a bastard. And before you ask, no, you don't have to hoard it all in one go, it is cumulative.

    Most enemies will drop about $10 when you blow 'em up. The ones that drop heat seekers after they die will drop $20, and the bosses drop $1000 sometimes. I say sometimes because, for some reason, level 20 and 30 didn't drop their cash pickups, and it might be do to the fact that the cash disappears faster than you can blow 'em up. If you are going for this, you're gunna want to stock on health, since you'll be running into a lot of enemies and gunfire, thanks to there being no magnet power-up or something.

    As it stands, even doing that strategy put me nowhere near the achievement. I got as much as I could by level 40, and after the boss, I unlocked the achievement "Rainy Day", which is for grabbing $50000. The game doesn't continue after level 40 either so, y'know.

    Good luck.
  • Addicted2RPGsAddicted2RPGs139,922
    14 Apr 2018 02 Apr 2019
    1 0 0
    Just offering a current solution to this achievement. The bosses no longer drop tons of cash, so you have to be very diligent in picking up ever bit that falls. I've done this 2 times testing it out making sure to grab ever bit of cash, and I got the achievement on wave 31 once and 32 the next run. There is a little wiggle room on when it will pop, but just make sure that you're grabbing all cash you see on the way, and you'll get it just fine on easy. You are free to spend all you need as you don't have to have $35k on hand at one time. Hope this helps anyone that thinks that the achievement is broken or glitched. It's not, but it is more difficult than it used to be, and the value should be increased by TA value. If you don't get it to pop you do have to start again from the top unfortunately.
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3931,591
    15 Dec 2017 30 Dec 2018 30 Dec 2018
    1 0 0
    The top solution is perfect, however fails to mention that you have to finish the boss within 5-7 after he appears
  • MST3000MST3000216,373
    30 Dec 2018 30 Dec 2018
    0 0 0
    For me the last Boss droped only 1000$ on Easy & Normal!!!

    For all Gamer who have the same Problem with this Achievo:
    I got the Achievement in a complete new Game in Level 35!
    Buy every Upgrade you can get and use the Bombs for the Enemys who drops the Diamonds.
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