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I am Only Following a God's Sense of Justice achievement in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

I am Only Following a God's Sense of Justice

Complete all of Zamasu's lessons.

I am Only Following a God's Sense of Justice0
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How to unlock the I am Only Following a God's Sense of Justice achievement

  • AttitudeParkAttitudePark
    27 Jan 2018 13 Dec 2017 27 Jan 2018
    Simple enough, beat yet another Master. Although this one is slightly different as he is IMMORTAL.
    So, the initiation fight is Zamasu and Goku Black... just defeat Black then survive until the time runs out.
    Now.. Lesson 1 and 2 are new concepts (for masters, anyway) as you must press the buttons that appear onscreen. This can be a pain as sometimes the buttons won't register but keep at it!
    Final lesson, you have to defeat Zamasu with his ultimate. This will be no problem for a Strike build (most likely one shot him) but for blast builds, just spam the attack until he dies (his health regenerates so be aggressive)

    The DLC Achievements bug has been fixed as of 27th January 2018, so go ahead and get it popped!
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    Crims0nScorpionhonestly at this point it's just waiting for Extra Pack 2 and hope that releases it...I would chock it up to Xbox bugging out but the other 2 unlocked just fine, hopefully they do get fixed tho I'd hate to have to make a new character because I only have the one
    Posted by Crims0nScorpion On 07 Jan 18 at 08:51
    AttitudeParkA new character won't do it. I did this with my Saiyan and my Frieza and nothing has popped.
    I doubt I will buy the next DLC unless I get a giftcard from Game Pass or something
    Posted by AttitudePark On 09 Jan 18 at 22:50
    Crims0nScorpionI bought the bundle so I'm getting Extra Pack #2 but buggy achievements don't determine whether I buy DLC or not but I do hope they'll pop eventually
    Posted by Crims0nScorpion On 17 Jan 18 at 05:59
    AttitudeParkIt's fixed, guys! You can pop them just by going onto the achievement page on the Xbox but to actually move up the progress bar you have to sign into the game itself
    Posted by AttitudePark On 27 Jan 18 at 23:27
    Anbu Blackops10Where do you locate him because I cant find him
    Posted by Anbu Blackops10 On 28 Jan 18 at 01:52
    AttitudePark(provided you purchased the latest DLC), he will appear on your minimap :)
    Posted by AttitudePark On 28 Jan 18 at 09:54
    count023Anyone able to tell me how the hell i'm meant to do the combos on Zamasu in the 2nd lesson? He blocks all the stamina breaks(is that what they're called? forward + x) and I can't get the combo to go because he keeps dodging/blowing me back.
    Posted by count023 On 13 Feb 18 at 23:57
    AttitudeParkIt is completely luck based, unfortunately. Even with a stamina break, for whatever reason it won't let you begin the combo as it counts the break as the first button prompt in the combo. I believe it took me around 40 minutes of trying over and over before I nailed it
    Posted by AttitudePark On 14 Feb 18 at 17:36
    XI Icey XII’ve completed all the zamasu lessons and still don’t have the achievement. I’ve maxed out his friend ship and even done the final mission a few times
    Posted by XI Icey XI On 08 May at 20:59
    XI Icey XII fixed it. All i had to do was do the missions on a new cac.
    Posted by XI Icey XI On 18 May at 22:09
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