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  • GrufaloGrufalo347,389
    27 Apr 2012 23 Apr 2012 24 Apr 2012
    8 0 3
    None of the xp glitches in the normal version works in the german version. The fastes way too gain xp is playing Attack and Defend on villa. Take turns runing and capturing the intel. with 7 people in the game you gain 252 xp. The more people it is in the game the more xp you gain. Rember if you are idle for too long the game stops giving you xp.
  • SonderfallSonderfall1,914,839
    21 Jun 2015 21 Jun 2015
    4 1 0
    You will need 400.000xp for Elite rank. Unfortunately the xp-glitches aren't working in the german version, because they cut out the A.C.E.S.-System (so no bonus-xp for completing tasks either). The only thing you'll get is 2.500xp if you played/completed the first R6V.

    Here's the fastest way to get XP regulary: With 6 players (including yourself) start a PLAYER MATCH (advantage over ranked: you can start a new game instantly) on TEAM LEADER and take a small map like CQC-Training. Run over to the enemy team and shoot them all.

    1 Round takes 30 seconds and will net you:
    3x 18XP for the kills
    1x 121XP for killing the enemy leader
    1x 121XP for winning the round
    296XP TOTAL

    Using this setting it will take roughly 10-12h to get the Elite rank from zero.
  • Living LegendsLiving Legends685,737
    30 Jan 2019 29 Jan 2019
    2 0 0
    A new method was found by me when boosting this.

    Set up a player match with the slots set to private to avoid randoms (yes they still exist in 2019).

    Game type: Team Leader
    Map: any but I used villa since it is easy to navigate

    Under preferences tab
    select no to kick team killer and team betrayers

    this way the game doesn't kick people out for killing their team.

    Have the host have a turbo controller to tap A consistently.

    Losing team then kills their team again and again ending a match in about 12 seconds. These 12 seconds are from the start and finish of the lobby including loading times.

    The more people the more xp you get. We were ending 5 matches a minute which is superior to running one and receiving intel.
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