28 Oct 09

2 TD Punt Returns in a game achievement in Madden NFL 09

2 TD Punt Returns in a game

2 TD Punt Returns in a game (non co-op)

2 TD Punt Returns in a game0
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How to unlock the 2 TD Punt Returns in a game achievement

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    21 Jan 2010 21 Jan 2010
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    16 Aug 2008 29 Oct 2008
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    on rookie. when you recieve the ball run down one side of the pitch when you getting close to the opposition players turn round and run backwards a few yards. Run to the other wing in a straight line when there turn round run backwards. Run to the original wig by now thier entire team is behind you and you can run straight up the wing for a touch down. this can also be used to return the kickoffs.
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    knight0fkh0nshuThis worked really well, thanks!
    Posted by knight0fkh0nshu on 07 Mar 09 at 16:14
  • FlopadopasaurusFlopadopasaurus210,329
    26 Dec 2010 26 Dec 2010 26 Dec 2010
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    With two controllers I played as the Patriots with the controller I was trying to get the achievement with (1), and with the other (2) I picked the Falcons. Rookie difficulty and unlimited rewinds in case i made a mistake.

    I'll number the steps to make it easier to read.

    1) Pick heads or tails
    2) Make sure Controller 2 is the receiver and Controller 1 is the kicker
    3) Kick the ball and run into the opposition with controller 2 once you've caught it
    4) Pick any formation
    5) With controller 1, tackle the player with the ball once he's hiked it (Don't pass. If you did, allow yourself to get tackled and use a rewind) Keep doing this until the option to punt it come up.
    6) Fully charge the punt and hold down on controller 2s left analog stick while tapping B. And with controller 1, sprint around the opposition easily and score the touch down.
    [If you didn't score repeat step 5 with the other controller then redo step 5)
    7) Score the field goal and kick the ball back to the opposition. Then repeat step 1 onward until you reach 2 TD Punt returns.

    To make sure you have the 2 TD Punt returns,
    Press Pause > Game Stats > Hold RT and scroll up to Punt Return > Scroll across to "TD"
    Once you have confirmed you have the required number,you can then quit the match and the achievement will pop up.

    Solution feedback is appreciated :)
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    x SURUASAPMIP xThe only thing i dont agree with it the use of the Patriots, has gerat stats but Davis and Hester for the Bears get it done...... QUICK !!!
    Posted by x SURUASAPMIP x on 13 Feb 11 at 11:05
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