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7 Pass TDs with the Falcons achievement in Madden NFL 09

7 Pass TDs with the Falcons

Throw 7 pass TDs in a game with the Falcons (non co-op)

7 Pass TDs with the Falcons0
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How to unlock the 7 Pass TDs with the Falcons achievement

  • knight0fkh0nshuknight0fkh0nshu489,801
    30 Sep 2008 01 Oct 2008
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    What I did is picked the Atlanta Falcons and I played against the Miami Dolphins on Rookie difficulty. I set the quarter length to 7 minutes and I just passed and passed and passed until I got 7 passing TD's. The I ran the ball after that to run the leftover time out.

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    Crazy Nikos 78I made it on 4 minutes only, and I don't really know the rules of american football...
    Posted by Crazy Nikos 78 on 24 Aug 14 at 21:10
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  • JasonsOkayJasonsOkay134,676
    10 Oct 2011 12 Oct 2011
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    Thought I'd get that out of the way right off the bat to keep you from being as frustrated as I was.

    Steps for getting this achievement:
    1. choose the falcons and then any team with a low overall score from the game screen.
    2. press x at the team selection screen and you can change the quarters to 3 minutes and 4 if you're not as familiar with madden gameplay.
    3. after pressing A once you can then change the difficulty to rookie and then go down to rewinds and change to unlimited.
    4. Start up the game

    This is by far the easiest of the team achievements to get. Use standard throws for the most part and always look for the OPEN reciever. On rookie settings if you see a guy way down the field one on one with another player if you throw it to him he'll catch it 90% of the time. Use short throws when near the goal for an easy pass TD. If you ever throw an interception or incomplete pass just hit x for the rewind (you'll be prompted after the play) and try it again. A quick note would be that the same players don't get open replaying the same play. Odds are if you got intercepted one play you could rewind and throw to the same player and go for good yardage just be mindful of the coverage. This is very doable on 3 min quarters just:

    1. Be mindful of the clock and use your time outs if needed.
    2. Run out of bounds to stop the clock as much as possible

    To get the ball back quickly remember that you can always go under settings and then gameplay and rules and set the offsides bar all the way to 0. This will allow you to put your guy on defense right behind the QB to sack him as soon as the ball is snapped ultimately forcing them to punt it away. Things to remember with this method is you still can not touch any player on their team. If one runs across the back of the QB due to a play change just stand still and they will move around you with no penalty. Also your defensive players first move when the ball is snapped is still going to be to try to go back to where he was in place by default so try to put him diagonally across behind the QB.

    To be honest if you choose almost ANY play from cover defense(choosen from play type defenses either cover 2 or cover 3) you'll get an interception which gives you the ball quicker and with better field position. If I hadn't already gotten the 6 intercepts I would have gotten it again in this game. Just sack the QB the first down and then let them throw the next one. If it was successful then just do a rewind and let them try to throw and intercept again.

    If you find yourself with more time left to burn remember you can go into settings and gameplay and then rules and turn the play clock off. This means if you have possession of the ball you can go to plays by type and special and then clock management and then QB kneel and kneel the ball which will let the clock run indefinitely since there isn't a play clock. It will stop at 2 minute warnings but you can just kneel again to keep it running. DON'T SUPERSIM this will make the achievement not pop.

    Hope this helps
  • ReddupReddup205,163
    09 Aug 2011 09 Aug 2011
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    use the 2 controller method. Account needing achievement run shotgun, then other controller run field goal block tap any button to lob the ball and you have an open field ahead of you.
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    guns vs kittensIt says "non co-op"....
    You sure that you can do this outside of single player?
    Posted by guns vs kittens on 09 Oct 11 at 01:20
    Reddupcoop multiplayer mode, exhibition with 2 controllers and it will work.
    Posted by Reddup on 18 Oct 11 at 09:26
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