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Episode Ignis

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Episode Ignis

A New Protagonist achievement in Final Fantasy XV

A New Protagonist


A New Protagonist0
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How to unlock the A New Protagonist achievement

  • DarkeyedGrieverDarkeyedGriever
    16 Mar 2018 16 Mar 2018 08 Jan 2019

    Although the other guides are fantastic they still rely on you having a significant amount of skill to pull them off. If like me you were only born with the thumbs of a mortal and not a Final Fantasy god, then there is an easier way.

    Keep in mind this achievement not only requires you to beat Noctis, but you must also obtain an A+ rank. This will require you to defeat him as fast as possible (which shouldn't be an issue with this exploit), and obtain a combo of about 30.

    Immediately upon the fight starting run backwards to the rear right corner, in between the caravan and the garden bed/parking spaces (there is a big Cup Noodle billboard behind this area for reference). STAY IN THIS CORNER AREA. Continue the fight as usual, attempting to get a 30 combo if possible. (I only reached a combo of about 26 and still got the achievement with over 1mil points). This portion of the fight will still require you to be adept at side stepping and Noctis will evade nearly all frontal attacks. I used the flame daggers and continually side stepped until he went into stasis then I attacked. Continuous side steps and short quick attacks are how to hit him.

    Once Noctis loses approximately 30 percent of his health he will teleport to the upper canopy above the service station. Immediately run back against the rear wall and push Ignis into the corner against the rear of the caravan and the fence.

    Although it may take some luck as it does not work every time, Noctis may stay on the canopy, walking towards the edge in a hobbling animation (as if injured). Since he wont jump down and attack you, you can hold (Y) and charge your true clarity meter. SELECT THE STORM DAGGERS. Once charged, step out and move slightly forward and to the right until your target icon locks onto Noctis. Quickly use true clarity which will hit for around 900-1000 damage. IMMEDIATELY run back to the spot tucked in behind the caravan. Charge your true clarity and repeat.

    It is important to run back behind the caravan each time as Noctis will occasionally get hit for critical damage and get knocked over. This resets his animation and he will walk towards the edge of the canopy again. However, if he walks back in a slightly different spot you may come into his range and he will teleport and attack you. If this happens just let him kill you and restart the fight as he will not get stuck on the canopy a second time. I found that going back behind the caravan and ducking in and out of range will make Noctis less likely to find an opening to attack you.

    You will only have to do this for 3-4 minutes, with the longest part of the fight being actually doing enough damage to get him on the canopy. Don't be worried about using as many health items as needed as once he gets stuck on the roof you will not need any more after that.

    If this method doesn't work first time try a few more times as he will not get stuck every time, however, it does happen fairly frequently.

    Well done to all those who got this achievement legitimately, but for the rest of us without a hope in getting this then I hope this works for you instead. Please add a like if this helped you out.

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    ZippyAdamWorked great +1
    Posted by ZippyAdam On 10 Dec 21 at 09:34
    Sir Flama87The guide actually helped me a lot. Even through Noctis at some point jumped on me with Armiger, I managed to get 1.327.155 points by combining the sidestep trick and the one mentioned in the guide. Noct almost done me dirty by using the ring of lucis on me 🤣
    Posted by Sir Flama87 On 27 May at 18:56

    Great find! I hope it is ok that I share a video I found.

    I stood at the 3rd parking slot far to the right after moving out from corner. I never left and just stood there repeating the thunder. I think that is better because when I moved out and back I managed to trigger Noctis to leave.

    I defeated noctis when it started to get a bit dark! Time was 14:46
    Combo 44
    Total Score 1.425.033
    Posted by MattiasAnderson On 04 Dec at 02:56
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    05 Jan 2018 21 Jan 2018
    I found it easy this way if it helps anyone
    How to get A+ rating
    1. First aim for 30 or more combo. Its a must!
    2.when attaching don't tap cn_B hold it down so you can easily counter cn_X when promoted to do so.
    3. In order to get the 30+ combo you want to attach straight away as shown in the video until Noctis is in stasis. He wont be able to attach until he recovers for a little bit. This is the best chance to aim for the 30+ combo.
    4. When Noctis gets into stasis and you're attacking him, remember to flick your left stick any direction while still holding cn_B. This will make you avoid his attacks and let you carry on your combo until you hit 30.
    5.Once you have hit 30 combo take Noctis to where the truck is and hold B while countering whenever possible. Don't spam your potions, use them at a good pace. You should mostly rely on your counters to recover any health lost.
    6. Dont use the high jump whenever you want. Save it for when Noctis uses his Armiger chain because otherwise its impossible to avoid it. Therefore, as soon as he uses Armiger chain use your high jump 3 times and he should be finished with the chain by the time you used it all up.
    7. You can even use Total clarity if you dont have enough high jump to avoid Nocts Armiger chain.
    8. Attack cn_B and counter cn_X until his dead and at the end you should get A+ rating and the achievement :)

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    ZSquared8080Yeah this guide really helped. As soon as I stopped trying to dodge everything and just took the hit and countered, I was actually able to beat it. Not quite at A+ yet (my combo wasn't high enough) but feel better about doing it now at least!
    Posted by ZSquared8080 On 18 Mar 18 at 04:34
    TG Airborne 88Anyone else got Ravus joining the party at some point? I was stumped with him showing up and still only got a 554.517 out of it.
    Posted by TG Airborne 88 On 19 Apr 18 at 20:00
    lugudmCombo points is what make the difference in the rank, I manage to get 62 attacks in combo and get 1,7kk extra points. I get 2,3kk in total. Thanks for this guide.
    Posted by lugudm On 27 Oct 20 at 10:35
  • Legendary J ManLegendary J Man
    29 Dec 2017 29 Dec 2017
    I don't have a video guide of this, though I should have told the Xbox to record, the big trick I found is using the flame dagger side step.

    While using the flame daggers if you push left or right and attack Ignis will sidestep in that direction and go behind Noctis.

    This is the technique I would use to get a big combo. Once Noctis is in stasis I would attack, then at about 5 hits sidestep, after about 5 more sidestep again. Doing this Ignis will not end the combo. Once you get to the mid-twenties you total clarity. If lucky Noctis will not be pushed that far away and you can get a few more hits in. I ended up with a 34 hit combo.

    The sidesteps can be used to lay on some hurt for several of Noctis's weapons. I would attack once with the daggers, then wait for Noctis to retaliate, sidestep and then attack again. Once you get the timeing of the animations you can spin around Noctis until he goes into stasis. I found I was able to sidestep the shield, the daggers, the mace and the sword. Sadly the katana and the halbard are aoe attacks so you have to dodge away from those.

    Using the sidestep technique I got:

    Combo: 34 - 500k points
    Evasion: 130,000 - 250k points
    Time: 13:31 - 250k points
    I ended up at a million and some change points.

    It's really combo and time that will get you the most points.
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    JackTheCreeperThis ended up being the most useful guide, particularly the side steps and about the combo number. Got it on my third attempt. A best combo of 36 with a time of 9:17.
    Posted by JackTheCreeper On 17 Aug 21 at 12:11
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