Relics of a Forgotten Past achievement in Too Human

Relics of a Forgotten Past

Complete a 7 piece Elite armor suit.

Relics of a Forgotten Past0
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How to unlock the Relics of a Forgotten Past achievement

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    Acquiring your Epic Set

    First off, a lot of people call the Epic set Elite. There is no right term, for the achievement "Relics of a Forgotten Past" contains the word "Elite" while the strategy guide by Prima calls them "Epic." Just know when seeing topics containing the words "Epic Set" or "Elite Set", that many people mean them to be interchangeable and are indeed talking about the 7 piece set that is only for your class and alignment. That said, here goes.

    Acquring your Elite Weapon

    Some people have gotten their Elite weapons off of bosses. I got mine (a blue print) out of an obelisk in Aesir. They can also be found off of bosses as I have found the Human Commando Elite weapon and the Human Champion Elite weapon off of Grendel.

    The easiest way to get your Elite weapon is at the weapon shop in Aesir. Load up a game, go to Tyr's Workshop and search through the weapons. If it is not there, select "Quit Game" from the menu that appears when you press "Start". Load a game like before, and repeat until your Elite weapon appears. Note, however, that you will have to pay over a million Bounty for it, so be prepared for that. Some people have seen their weapon in there and not had enough bounty and went to a mission thinking they could go back only to find that the weapon selection is different after the mission is over.

    Acquiring your Elite Armor Set

    If you aren't prepared to sink some hours into getting these pieces, don't bother trying as this can be a quest that tests your patience and sanity. There is no such easy way of acquiring your armor via the Armor Shop as there is of getting Epic weapons from the Weapon Shop. You have to either receive them from drops which are blueprints you must craft, or trade for them.

    First we will discuss the old-fashioned way: Grinding for them. I am patient to a fault and I wanted to rip my hair out at various points trying to get my epic set this way, but it was rewarding after I did it.

    Firstly, a Note About Tokens
    Think of tokens as checkpoints in a way. When you complete a certain section in a level, you earn a token. For instance, The Hall of Heroes is broken into 3 sections, 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3. By completing 1-1, you will receive a token. By then playing on in the level, you will get another for completing 1-2, and so on and so forth. The importance of tokens cannot be stated enough. The more tokens you have, the more likely the Boss (and, in some cases, Elite enemies) is to drop an Epic Blueprint. Long story short: If you think that you can do 1-3 over and over to skip most of HoH to do Grendel runs, you will not likely ever get an epic piece.

    I acquired my first piece off of Hel, the final boss in Helheim. I then started to do Helheim runs and got one more piece after about 5 more runs. However, Helheim can take quite awhile to beat, so at the advisement of others here on GameFAQs (thanks guys), I then switched to doing Grendel runs on Hall of Heroes. After a good 25 or so run-throughs of slaying and re-slaying Grendel, I had all of my set. I can also quote the dialogue of the Berserkers, Baldur and the Wolves like a preacher quotes Scripture, so be prepared for a lot of runs if trying this method.

    1. The Grendel (Hall of Heroes AKA HoH) method of acquiring your epic set:

    The easiest thing to do here is select "Continue Campaign" from the main menu and while in Aesir, go to one of the many terminals and select "Replay a Past Level" from the terminal. Then, select Hall of Heroes and start from the beginning (1-1). Remember, you want as many tokens as possible so the Boss and Elites will have a higher chance of dropping an Epic Blueprint. Play through and skip anything unnecessary such as secret arenas and wells, to save time. Unless you want to actually do all of that for bounty or other drops, but not doing the extra stuff will save you a ton of time. Run staright through to Grendel and pulverize him. He's pretty easy and quick to get to (provided you skip unnecessary wells and arenas). I got the remaining 4/7 pieces needed for my set off of him over 25 runs in 2 days. i have also seen people while playing co-op with me receive a piece of their Elite set off of the Elite Goblins ( the ones that rush at you a lot faster than the others and ususally have a red shield around them) and off of Grendel. I played by myself just because the drops are hard to get to drop in the first place, and I didn't feel like competing with others for them.Others also swear by making a co-op game and setting the 2nd slot to "Private" and playing through alone. The logic here is that there will be more enemies, hence, a higher chance of an Epic Blueprint drop.

    2. The World Serpent (3-4) Conveyor Belt Runs
    This method involves going to a terminal, and selecting World Serpent 3-4 from the level select list. What this allows you to do is to access the conveyor belt area quickly and the great thing about the belts is that they are chock full of Elite Goblins. I have never done this myself, as I already had my epic set before I found out about it, but it seems to work for a great number of people. On the conveyor belts, many Elite Gobs will rush you, and they all have a much higher chance of dropping an Elite than regular Gobs. Fight them all, and Quit then reload it again until you have some sweet Epic badassery. The downside of this is that you don't have all the tokens, and that probabaly hinders your drop chance for an Epic, but this method makes up for that because you can do this fairly quickly over and over again.
    Trading for Elite Equipment

    These are guidelines and there always exceptions for trades depending on what people want/need, but for the most part, poeple adhere to these behaviors and methods.

    Firstly, offering Bounty is usually a complete waste of time. I have never duped, or been given anything, and have over 18 million Bounty. Bounty is worthless, since it is so easy to acquire. "Duping", the process of duplicating items that was not intended by the makers of the game, has also rendered Bounty even more worthless since there is so much floating around.

    Secondly, usually offering Epic Weapons is a waste of time too, unless the person doesn't wish to load a game, check Tyr's shop, and quit, and re-load etc. There are far more Epic weapons floating around than Armor. Most everyone is not willing to part with their Epic Armor for runes, or charms either.

    Usually, if someone is willing to part with a piece of Epic Armor, they want a piece of Epic Armor from another class, or they want Aesir Armor in return. Aesir armor is armor that usually has 3-4 open Rune Slots, thus highly customizable and depending on which runes are inserted, sometimes better than Epic Armor.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't pursue trying to trade weapons or runes or bounty, but be prepared to read what the Trader wants, and act accordingly. It gets old telling people that you don't want bounty or weapons when you stated that in the first paragraph of the post. That being said, many traders will list what they have and pretty much say " Make me an offer." In that case, I'd go for offering bounty, weapons, Runes or Charms.

    I didn't make this because I feel "Elitist" or anything. I made it because I genuinely want to help people with their acquisition of Epic items and just cannot do so because there are so many topics, it would take me all night to try.

    Remember, Epic Armor requires a large amount of patience, and it will pay off. Keep at it, and good luck!

    -runJebus also added If you're a berserker, and therefore running the conveyor belt instead of farming the spider, don't play from the campaign. Use multiplayer, set up a game and close off the 2nd slot. This increases the amount of named goblins (the guys that can drop reds) on the conveyor belt.

    I have not tested his method myself but if you're having problems acquiring your set you might want to try this route and see what you come up with.

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    Chaotic MaseyI'll pay some 1.9 Billion for a full set of elite armor
    Posted by Chaotic Masey on 05 Jul 13 at 16:56
    MazraelSure I remember the devs say the tokens were very important, maybe just for the level your playing? yesterday accidentaly starting Ice Forest instead of restarting level 3 (as in I'd started it just before & returned to Aesir), so having 2 without tokens I managed to get 2 red armour pieces, one in each level as I refilled the tokens.. though after 8 hours play it has refused to drop any reds or Aesir - maybe the value of you loot and/or bounty has an influence on the chances as I sold off nearly everything (orange & below) after getting the 2 reds - I just need 1 more red, the gloves.
    Posted by Mazrael on 10 Jan 14 at 02:11
    z RagnaroK zThis guide is literally copy and pasted from
    Posted by z RagnaroK z on 25 Jun 18 at 23:41
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    Here are the odds, calculated by Wynn over at for an
    epic Armor drop:
    Hall of Heroes – GRENDL Run: 6.47%
    3-4 Single Player: 2.27%
    3-4 Multi Player: 3.39%

    Another way I've read with a decent outcome is to play the Ice Forest all the way through. When you defeat Hod be ready to dashboard out. If you don't hear the epic music then dashboard out and continue campaign and fight Hod again. Rinse and repeat. The reason you can't just load the end of the chapter is the section tokens play a big role in the epic armor drops according to the creator of Too Human. It needs to be done in campaign also.
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    YuhansI only have a sword for my cybernetic defender and I got it in shop (I reloaded the game a few times until it appeared). It costed a lot though so I have to earn some cash if I want to use this method again.
    Posted by Yuhans on 13 May 09 at 22:22
    Marcada1Can someone please list the human-champions elite armour set?
    Posted by Marcada1 on 03 Jul 09 at 06:51
    Tm5kHuman Champion's elite set is as follows:

    Crown of Fallen Kings, Heart of Fallen Kings, Arms of Fallen Kings, Gauntlets of Fallen Kings, Leggings of Fallen Kings, Heel Irons of Fallen Kings and Mercygiver of Fallen Kings (this is a sweet 1-handed spear / staff that has really good reach).

    Bonuses for equipping 2 or more of this set:

    2 pieces: Mastery: Asgard's Fury +1, 4 pieces: Mastery: Feeder of Ravens +1, 6 pieces: Mastery: Ascent to Valhalla +1, 7 pieces (complete set): Mastery: Champion Skill Tree +1.
    Posted by Tm5k on 08 Oct 09 at 04:42
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    I found the best way is to do spider Farming. Method I use requires the following.

    *Netflix, NPR or some other form of entertainment, this gets boring
    *GRNDL glitch. Complete 1-3 and beat GRNDL then immedialty return to Aesir before the game forces you. This causes you to pick up all drops regardless of distance.

    With these two in hand, head to 3-4. Go up the ramp, thru the room with floor-destroying piston and the walkway, you will get to a room with 2 trolls, a spider and a well. Defeat the enemies and proceed to the door, stopping on the rectangle. Shoot the spider that appears, increasing your range if needed. The items that dropped should come to you. Then run back towards the well and turn back after you hit the incline. Rinse and repeat. It seems to me that you get 1 red item per half-hour on average. You will know when you get a red item because a chorus will break out. It is important that you not die before start this as it will decrease your chances. When you are done farming, proceed into the room and down the conveyor because there are like 6-9 leaders there.

    I got this strategy from the forums
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    Epsilon ThetaPlease give credit to the owner of the posted video and the original author of the strategy you described here.
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 09 Sep 10 at 15:15
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