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December Update

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Momma Said I Can't Die

Beat the campaign on Inconceivable solo

Momma Said I Can't Die0
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Achievement Guide for Momma Said I Can't Die

  • Yurgi WinduYurgi Windu296,419
    07 Dec 2017 07 Dec 2017 10 Dec 2017
    96 11 96
    If you have completed this prior to the update and all your solo chapters have been marked as complete prior to the update then this will unlock. However to get it to do so you need to complete 1 chapter on inconceivable to get it to pop. Best and easiest method is select solo campaign, select chapter and the select Act 3 Chapter 1. Make sure it's set to incobceivable. This chapter is a 5 minute walk through with no enemies to kill or be killed by. As soon as the cut scene loads up at the end the achievement will pop.

    If you are not sure if you have completed everything on solo just go into select chapter and check through the 5 Acts. If everything is completed you will have the inconceivable logo under solo which is a skull with three daggers behind it in silver and red colours.


    It has been confirmed that if you play on inconceivable with a coop player on casual this still counts towards solo progress as well as coop. You will most likely have to restart the game to get it to update the solo progress but it does still work. This way the player on casual does all the work whilst the player on inconceivable can take cover. This will likely get patched but as of 10th December 2017 it still works.
  • Gameboy679Gameboy679874,443
    10 Feb 2018 15 Feb 2018
    35 2 2
    easy way for Inconceivable! and Momma Said I Can't Die achievements with coop buddy in one run

    1. Host plays on inconceivable, second player plays on casual
    2. On the end of the chapter second player leaves, host can pause the game but it is not necessary but it helps in some of chapters
    3. Second player come back but now he takes inconceivable difficult
    4. When you complete the chapter it counts on inconceivable difficult for both players
    5. Repeat with all chapters
    6. On the end of the game both players get Inconceivable! achievement
    7. When you restart the game all your progress is copy from coop to solo(nice glitch),
    you can check it on the markers on the chapter select screen
    8. Now only you need it is complete any chapter on inconceivable solo(3.1 is the best because it is without enemies)
    9. When you do this you get Momma Said I Can't Die achievement

    Most of chapters have easy places to switch difficulties

    I used this method with my friend Mastah Ghost and we got both achievements without any problems.

    If you have a question send me a message

    Sorry for my english :P
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