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Pick Me Up achievement in Gears of War 4

Pick Me Up

Complete Campaign on Hardcore or higher without ever killing an enemy with a Lancer or Gnasher

Pick Me Up-0.2
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the Pick Me Up achievement

  • T Dawg182T Dawg1821,197,004
    10 Dec 2017 10 Dec 2017
    71 10 67
    This achievement actually can be cheesed, I just did it myself. You can do the splitscreen method with your guest or someone else on casual, just don't use the gnasher or lancer for either character. Again, only the account going this has to be on hardcore or above, the other player CAN BE on casual. If you haven't done your inconceivable runs, you can knock both those achievements and this one in one run with the cheese(as others have confirmed the glitched nature of solo inconceivable). I just did this myself, so the other guys saying you BOTH have to be hardcore is false

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    MrKoolxDoodso not even the dummy account can use the gnasher or lancer?
    Posted by MrKoolxDood on 04 Feb 21 at 03:08
    Simone l8lJust got it, finally! My report is : I played the first act using lancer, then with a friend for maximum difficulty objective, he on random. I didn't use lancers anymore but no pop. Started new story, difficult on its own and obtained upon the arrival of giant robots 5-2. Best wishes to everyone.
    Posted by Simone l8l on 14 Apr 21 at 23:34
    metallicafan459Working on Hardcore in Co-Op.m and have just completed Act I

    My friend has 20% progress but I only have 16%!! My war journal also states that I have only completed 4 chapters - so definitely something going on! Will update when I replay later on and see what was broken! angry

    UPDATE: After the next chapter it sorted itself out, also unlocked the co-op chapter achievement that hadnt popped - so looks like just random delay.
    Posted by metallicafan459 on 19 Sep at 12:31
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  • Circa DarkrageCirca Darkrage228,292
    28 Dec 2017 07 Dec 2017 22 Jan 2018
    56 26 86
    IMPORTANT: There are people who have reported that this achievement doesn't pop as mine did at the credits. My advice would be to do this when connected to Xbox Live, and if it doesn't pop at the credits, play through the campaign again and wait 72 hours for XL to sync. Make sure you do this in one save file, go on Hardcore, and don't kill anyone with a Lancer or Gnasher, including melee/ Chainsaw. Further clarification is given below.

    As of the January update for Gears 4, you now will see chapter progress on the achievement. Each chapter you complete should go some of the way to getting the achievement. You can use the achievement tracker to make sure it is calibrated. There has been a person who says that the progress is slow to update, and thus 2 chapters progress may be put on instead of 1. Make sure you account for that if you decide to use this method.

    Just to add clarity to the description, you can hold a Lancer/Gnasher, and shoot from a Lancer/Gnasher, but you CANNOT KILL AN ENEMY OF ANY DESCRIPTION WITH THE LANCER/GNASHER.

    You can kill with any other gun, the Retro Lancer, Marksa, Overkill, Boomshot, Torque Bow, Grenades, Pistols etc.etc. just make sure you don't kill an enemy with the Gnasher/Lancer, play on Hardcore difficulty (or harder if you feel like challenging yourself) and the achievement should pop at the credits.

    I would advise people to drop the Lancer and swap it for a Hammerburst or a Retro Lancer, if available, and swap out the Gnasher for any power weapons, like the Longshot, Boomshot or Dropshot.

    In the first part of the prologue, swap out the Gnasher for the Marksa Mk.1 after defeating the first UIR soldiers you meet. You will find ammo for this from fallen enemies and from ammo boxes.

    In the second part of the prologue, swap your Gnasher for a Hammerburst after you defeat the Locust Drones, again, you can find ammo from the boxes at the House of Sovereigns and from fallen Drones. Boomshots are available from fallen Boomers that you kill.

    In the third part of the prologue, defeat the 2 Locust Drones at the top with your Snub or Frag Grenades. Then, pick up the Hammerburst, and there should also be a Boomshot in that area as well, which you can swap for the Lancer and Gnasher.

    At the beginning of Act 1 Chapter 1, if you are playing as JD, you will start with a Marksa and a Gnasher, you can swap this for a Retro from Oscar, a Longshot from Kait, or a Hammerburst from Del.

    In Act 2 Chapter 2, All Geared Up, you will automatically pick up a Custom Lancer and a Gnasher. Drop these before leaving the area, as leaving the area will trigger DeeBees to come down from the dropship. There is 2 Longshots, for 16 bullets, Hammerbursts, Marksas, Retro Lancers, Frag and Incendiary grenades to pick up. After this you won't be reset of your weapons until the very end, in Act 5 Chapter 3 when you go into the Giant Mechs, and by that time you cannot hold a Lancer or Gnasher for the rest of the game.

    Be careful not to pick up the various amounts of Lancer and Gnasher leftovers on the way.

    EDIT: I was presuming that the majority of people had already beaten the campaign before attempting this, or at least I would recommend you beat the campaign on Hardcore before attempting this.

    It really isn't that difficult. If you are new, or struggling, look on the solution for the Insane campaign, for a more definitive guide on beating the campaign. They contain videos and tips on certain parts of the campaign. I wouldn't recommend beating the campaign without a Lancer or a Gnasher on a first time playing really. Play the campaign, learn where to go and where the weapons are, and swap them out. It isn't as difficult as Inconceivable or Insane by a longshot.

    For those doing Co-op, it can be obtainable doing it in this mode, however, your partner must also not kill anyone with a Lancer or the Gnasher, and playing on Hardcore or they wont get the achievement themselves. EDIT 2: You can go on Hardcore and your Co-Op partner on Casual, and as long as the person playing Hardcore doesn't kill an enemy with a Lancer or a Gnasher, that person will get the achievement, and not the person getting Casual.
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    A So So SniperI'm trying to do this in conjunction with the 'Deadly Resourceful' achievement, which is popping each swarmak blister with a different weapon on Insane, and I'm a bit worried about whether or not popping a blister with the lancer counts as a lancer kill.

    I refuse to play Insane any more than I have to, so could someone please tell me if it counts?
    Posted by A So So Sniper on 04 Sep 19 at 23:43
    Circa Darkrage@A So So Sniper I would presume that it would still be valid, because you are not killing the Brumak, unless you use the Lancer to pop the last blister.

    If popping a blister does count as a kill, you can replay the chapter on Hardcore again and it should count.
    Posted by Circa Darkrage on 05 Sep 19 at 15:37
    Circa Darkrage@J4CKA1 People have said that their co-op partner using the Lancer/Gnasher themselves have not got the progress towards the achievement.

    I would recommend that both people don't use a Gnasher/Lancer.
    Posted by Circa Darkrage on 08 Sep 19 at 11:02
  • HereticMDHereticMD568,455
    02 Jun 2019 02 Jun 2019
    15 1 5
    Like many people my achievement had glitched and was stuck at 95% I'd try redoing the prologue as well as completing the campaign again and nothing had worked. I was reading the gears forum today when I read a post about the achievement and someone trying something different.

    That was when during the end of the prologue while defending anvil gate he tried something different usually he would hide in cover till the end of the chapter like me, but this time he sat on the turret firing till the end since you can't die on the turret. I tried that and the achievement poped at the end of the prologue. I'm guessing you must be on the turret at the end for it to count that you've completed the prologue.

    Hope this works for others like it did for me
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    I DAN M4N IThis did not work for me and now I don't know what to do. :(
    Posted by I DAN M4N I on 11 Aug 19 at 21:41
    MFC06Didn't work for me
    Posted by MFC06 on 31 Aug 19 at 05:18
    WhiteWarrior933I tried this and it didn’t pop at the end of the prologue but ended up popping at the end of chapter 1 instead. 👍🏼
    Posted by WhiteWarrior933 on 25 Mar 20 at 21:51
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