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Hall of Heroes Overview
The following is a walk-through to a replay of Hall of Heroes. I have made my best effort to establish the spawning of various enemies, tho at certain points it appears certain leaders, polarity goblins and even polarity types are randomized. If you have not yet completed the Hall of Heroes, this walk-through will help, but will not be as exact as enemies spawn in differently in a replay. For example, you will encounter trolls throughout the first part, however on the first play through only the troll at the end is present. I completed the Hall of Heroes twice on a Berserker and once on a Defender without dieing, and personally would recommend the Berserker if you know how to play. The Berserker gets through this level much quicker, and due to the high damage dealing, as long as you know when to dodge out of the way, no enemy should really pose a challenge. In theory this guide should work for co-op play, which would be the recommended next step if you still have difficulty.

If you have any suggestions, errors, additions or questions feel free to comment below and I will attempt to update my guide, giving you recognition.

I will list the enemy types below, detailing how to best defeat them, as usually the strategy works in all situations. When various specific situations differentiate I will specify.

You face two enemies in this level; Goblins and Trolls. Trolls are pretty easy themselves, where as goblins have different types that require different strategy.

Regular Goblins: Regular goblins are pretty weak, however their strength is in number. Use your slide attack by pushing the right analog stick towards further enemies and try and keep them spread out. A group of goblins packed together may pose more of a problem, as if they crowd around you they can easily outnumber you.
Missile Goblins: Some goblins will stay at range and attack you with missiles. Missiles can generally be dodged if you roll out of their target area, however if there is a leader around he may target you with a red laser beam, allowing the missiles to home in. Homing missiles can also be dodged, but require better timing. Whenever there are missile goblins, make them your first priority. They are Tougher then regular goblins, but will generally fall to a finisher, and be knocked back by a fierce attack (pushing both analog sticks towards the target at close and far range respectively). If hit by a missile, you will also be knocked back, unless playing as a Defender.
Polarity Goblins: Polarity goblins release a blast inflicting a status effect when destroyed. They appear as bright goblins, and generally in the Hall of Heroes appear as ice blue, which let out an ice nova freezing everything in the area when destroyed, or fire red which lets out a damaging explosive when destroyed. Take them out with ranged attack or your fierce attack. When grouped together, setting one off generally triggers the others, and they appear to be very weak against secondary ranged attack of all kinds. Note that some goblins appear much like polarity except darker, and will turn polarity when attacked in range, but providing you only focus on range when needs be, or quickly adapt to their change they shouldn't be a problem. Further more, although in my experience much rarer, missile goblins can also be polarity.
Elites: Elites are tougher versions of general goblins. They are shiney, have a health bar displayed at the bottom, but do not have a shield like the leaders. A few basic attacks will fell an elite, a finisher will probably do it in one. They tend to drop in from time to time, tho in my experience this is just random.
Leaders: Leaders have a shield around them, a different color, They are much stronger then regular goblins, but almost all of them will still take severe damage, or even fall, to a ruiner or a finisher. The few that do not are difficult to take out, due to their large damage output, however you should be able to follow a strategy of sweeping in and rolling out to deal damage and avoid taking damage.
Trolls: Trolls are giant mechs that use a giant hammer arm to attack, sending out shockwaves. All of the trolls attacks, including the shockwave, will be dodged with a roll. Trolls have a unique method of defeat. Although possible to just lay the damage on until they fall, the recommended way for dealing with a troll is to keep your distance and fire at its front armor until you wear down its shield (the yellow health bar overlapping the green). This can be done with ranged fire, jumping up and slashing at it or using your fierce attack, some of which will work better then others depending on the randomized strength of the troll. In other words, if shooting doesn't work, use fierce attacks, and if all odds are against you and this still doesn't work, jump up and attack in melee.

With the front armor down, the troll is vulnerable to mounting, however you may still need to take out the hammer arm to make this easier. Target and fire at either of the two points on its hammer arm until the health is depleted and the hammer is destroyed. Now use rolls and get behind the troll. If it still has its hammer, you can easily do this by rushing the hammer, and doing a roll under the hammer just as he brings it down for a shockwave. Behind the troll, you will see an A appear. Press it to jump onto the troll. If it doesn't, just try keeping behind the troll and spamming it. Sometimes it will work mid jump. Use your left analog stick to stay balanced as the troll veers to one side, and to the other, and when centered push the right analog stick up. Baldur will raise his weapons. When raised, bring them down with the analog stick and the troll will be no more.

1 - Tracking the Beast
Run through the first area too the area with the giant coffin. Make your way to the other side, killing any goblins in your path. On the otherside you will see a troll, with missile goblins to the left and right. When you get near enough, goblins will also start flooding in from where the missile goblins are. Make your way to each side, taking out the missile goblins, before finishing off the rest of the goblins and the troll. Take a right and go around and out the door.

Going across the bridge ahead, you will see a group of goblins appear atop the rubble at the other side and charge. Start bringing down the goblins, as more come in. missile goblins will appear atop the rubble, but they can be difficult to get from that position, so it might be easier to just move around and try to dodge their shells. When you destroy enough goblins they will eventually jump down, and you can take them out. Head around the piece of rubble to the left, and take out the goblins that spawn in from the sides. Keep your eyes peeled as they will spawn in polaritys. Head through the door at the end.

Follow the staircases along tho the left, and you will reach a small balcony overlooking an area with a troll and two missile goblins. Jump down, and head for the missile goblins. When you get close, goblins will spawn in from a cave above and drop down. Take out the missile goblins followed by the normal goblins, keeping an eye on the troll so you know when to dodge roll. Take out the troll, and another horde of goblins will jump down. This wave shouldnt be too difficult as the goblins drop down one by one. Also note that to the left of the stairs, along the wall of rubble, are a few containers. Continue on through the door just past where the second goblin wave dropped down from.

Head along the funeral track, taking out the groups of goblins that will jump out from the rubble. Note the container just before the first piece of rubble on the right. Further down the end, there is a missile goblin and a leader aiming it. Use slide attacks to take out goblins on the path too the missile goblin, take out the missile goblin, then take out the leader. Pick off the rest of the goblins and head through the door to the left.

In the next area you will see two giant staircases and a set of pillars in the area before it. A group of goblins will spawn in including two missile goblins at the foot of the stairs. If you are having a tough time rushing the missile goblins due to the tight cover the goblins provide at this chokepoint, move behind the pillars and use them for cover. This will also provide a slight turtleneck ac the goblinsmove between the two pillars to get to you.

Proceed up the stairs and a troll will rise out from the giant puiece of rubble. Goblins will also start dropping down. Take out the goblins, rolling through the shockwaves, and take out the troll before turning around and accessing the well on the altar in the middle of the two stairs.

In Cyberspace, move forward and to the right, and use the Push ability to open the door. Back out of Cyberspace, head back and turn right, going through the newley unlocked door into the next area.

2 - The Temple's Defilement
Walk across the bridge towards the ruins, and you will notice a group of goblins jumping down from atop. Take them out, and take the entrance on the right through the ruins. Goblins will spawn in alot more at a time, so be sure not to be overwhelemd. On the otherside, prepare for a battle as large hoardes of goblins swarm in. After the fight, proceed to the door at the end of the bridge.

Follow through the hall, taking out the few goblins that drop down, out onto a balcony overlooking a large area. In the middle of the area you should see a Troll, with several missile goblins around it, and a horde of goblins up the stairs to the left. As soon as you jump down, a group of goblins will jump down around the Troll. Focus on taking out the missile goblins and dodging the trolls shockwaves. The shockwaves will also effect the goblins, so they shouldn't swarm around you too easily. With the missiles down, if you have a clear shot at the troll, take out its armour and mount/finish it. If not, cut through some goblins untill you do. With the troll down, head up the stairs to the left and take out any remaining goblins, both the ones waiting here and the ones that will follow you. Turn right, and make your way towards the door where goblins are spawning from. If the door isn't active, move towards the obelisk further along the balcony to trigger more goblins dropping in. Defeat all the goblins and head through the now active door.

In the next open area, deal with the goblins that spew in from atop the two stair cases, and over the rubble to the right. There are containers in the left back corner. Be careful of the fire polarity goblin that will jump in from the rubble. Once the goblins have been taken care of, move down the hall past the side balconies towards the troll. There are about 4 missile goblins behind the troll you will want to take out first, and a leader who should fall to a ruiner. Take out the trolls armor and hammer, and finish it. There are containers just behind the rubble towards the door on the right if needed. Once everything has been defeated, head through the door.

Jump over the balcony, and down the stairs. You will see a goblin leader appear on a bridge above the area ahead, followed by a hoard of goblins who will jump down. Rush through the approaching goblins to either side and charge up the stairs behind the pit. Take out the missile goblins, and proceed to take out the rest of the goblin infatry and the leader. Head up the stairs at the end and through the door to the Lair of Grendel.

3 - The Lair of Grendel

Head across the bridge, and at the other end you will find a troll in front of a group of goblins. Keep your distance, firing your ranged weapon, and the goblins should charge you. Let them get close enough to pick them off before taking on the troll.

Go through the door and move onto the elevator. Ride it down, and at the end you may or may not have a group of goblins jump down. Take them out and move forward.

You will be facing a short hallway bridge leading to an open area filled with goblins. Stay back and let them charge you, picking off what you can with your ranged attacks. Keep your eyes peeled as there should be at least two ice polarity goblins. Be sure to pick them off with range before they get too close to you. The secondary attack on most rifles and cannons work especially well here. Be sure to also be ready to dive out of the way of any missile shells coming in, as there are two missile goblins at the back. Once the two polarity goblins are taken care off, you may want to rush to the back and deal with these. There is also a Leader goblin amongst the hoard of goblins so keep your eyes peeled and take him out with either a finisher or a ruiner. You will find two containers on the left just as you get off the bridge, and to the right at the corner behind the rubble.

Once this battle has been taken care of, go ahead and activate the Cyberspace Well up the stairs to the left.

In Cyberspace, follow the green field up and to the tree, and use your Push ability on the massive boulder to open the lair to GRNDL-1. Go back out the way you came, and exit Cyberspace.

Through the door opened in Cyberspace, you will be faced with an area leading up to a staircase. goblins will start charging down the stairs towards you. Try to close the distance quickly, and use your sweeping to get closer to the foot of the stairs, where you will find a couple of missile goblins. Once these guys have been finished off, the two waves of normal goblins should be a walk in the park. You will also find containers in the corners of the area directly to the left of the stairs.

Go up the stairs and activate the glowing console to the left or the right of the central rail. Wait for the giant funeral pyre to make its way down to the open space below you, and jump on. It will ferry you to the end of the level. Be sure to watch out for missile goblins that litter the balcony to the left. Just dodge roll around to dodge their shells. You probably won't have enough time in range of them to kill them. You can use your Fierce attack to knock them over, preventing them from firing, or simply shoot out their missiles. Eventually the funeral pyre will come to the end of its path, and Baldur will jump out into a colleseum-like arena before being incinerated by a jet of flames. Walk forward towards the center to trigger the boss battle.

BOSS: Ground-Roving Night-capable Destructor/Light-infantry, designation 1 (GRNDL-1)
Background: GRNDL-1 is a "new entry" into the Children of Ymir, and as such very little is known about the monstrosity. It has been terrorising the innocents of Midgard, killing them, shredding their flesh and leaving only their mangled corpses. Baldur has come to the Hall of Heroes, seeking out this creature, after fighting it off when it attacked a tavern in Midgard, severing its arm in the process. This injury and complete loss of its right arm appears to have been fully repaired by the time Baldur tracked down the beast, as the injuries it takes in the opening cinematics of the game are not evident. This boss fight has four phases, triggering when the boss is roughly at 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% health.

"Grendel" was a creatur from Beowulf lore, whom for no known reason attacked a tavern and started killing and eating the people. Much like the opening cinematic, the creature is banished when Beowulf manages to take off the creatures arm, and it later succumbs to death in a cave under a swamp, illuded too by both the nature of the halls, and the swampland of the Cyberspace linked too it.

Phase One: Quadraped
For his first phase, GRNDL-1 runs at you on all four legs, and attempts to dish out some heavy melee damage. It is fairly easy to go toe to toe with him during this phase, as he pauses long enough before attacking to allow you to roll out of the way. Just rush in, dish out a couple of hits, and roll out when he unleashes. Wash and repeat untill he starts running away. He will charge through a wall, and perhaps take out some wolfs, before releasing drones into the air. If the drones latch on to you, they will drain health, slow your movement speed, and prevent you from jumping, but rolling will release all of them. Just keep laying into GRNDL-1 using the same strategy of attack and dodge, and before long he will stand up and enter phase two.

Phase Two: Biped with Chest Gears
This is when things get tricky. GRNDL-1 rises to two legs, and opens his chest armour revealing a series of churning gears. If you get too close too him, he will attempt to grab you and grind you against his gears, doing a fair amount of damage. The safest way to go from this point is to just keep moving backwards and attacking him with primary ranged attacks. Providing the gun you are using is not a laser weapon, most of the drones will accidentally fly into the middle of the crossfire and be destroyed aswell. Using this method is not only the safest, but also the slowest method, however I would personally recommend continuing to target his chest. Not only is it the only target that projectiles do not appear to simpley richochet off, but lore does suggest that GRNDL-1s greatest weakness is the vunerability of opening its front armour plate in order to feed, revealing "several critical areas that can be exploited."

Another way I have found is to rush in with a finisher, and roll out straight away. I have personally found this to be very effective, as GRNDL-1 appears to take far more damage from melee attacks to the exposed chest. Remember that this does leave you far more open to the special attack, so only do this if you feel comfortable with the controls and your reaction times. If you do not feel comfortable, but want to take this approach, use the drones to build up your combo meter, and use your ruiner to effectivley freeze GRNDL-1 for long enough to pull off your finisher without retaliation.

Also remember that there are containers littered all around the edges of the area. This phase will probably be the most difficult and health-reducing.

Phase Three: Quadraped (again)
Same as phase one. Attack in melee and dodge before he hits back. The only differance is that drones will be flying around for the entirity of this phase.

Phase Four: Biped with Face Gears
GRNDL-1 operates similar to phase two during this phase, except with it's chest gears ceasing to operate properly, it will push you into the gears on its face. Just keep your distance. Once again the chest is the weakness, but not too melee weapons. Instead just keep backing away and firing at it with any non-laser secondary ranged attack. Before long it will crumble, rewarding you loot and completiong of the Hall of Heroes.
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