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Turning Tides

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Turning Tides

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Naval Weapons Collection

Perform a kill with all "Turning Tides" weapon variants

Naval Weapons Collection0
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Achievement Guide for Naval Weapons Collection

  • A 2rue BooferA 2rue Boofer154,742
    13 Dec 2017 11 Dec 2017 18 Jan 2018
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    There's 8 new weapons, 2 per class and 1 melee weapon

    You must get a kill with the following weapons. These are the requirements to unlock each weapon. Also, if you pick up a weapon off a dead enemy and get a kill with it, it counts towards your achievement.


    Maschinenpistole M1912
    Perform 50 kills with Automatico M1918 Storm
    Destroy 5 boats with the AT Rocket Gun
    (Note: progress can be gained by destroying empty boats, an enemy does not have to be in it to get progress)

    M1917 Trench Carbine
    Perform 15 kills with sidearms
    Perform 5 multikills
    (Note: I believe this is 2 or 3+ kills within succession for the multi kills. I got in the new destroyer ship and got multi kills with the main gun, I focused on enemy boats as they regularly had more than 1 enemy inside them)


    Farquhar-Hill Optical
    Perform 25 headshots with the Farquhar-Hill Storm
    Complete 20 squad orders (Play Conquest and look for the green icons around objectives and make your way and capture it

    Farquhar-Hill Storm
    Perform 25 kills with the M1907 SL Trench
    In a round, perform 10 revives


    M1917 MG Low Weight
    Perform 25 kills with the BAR M1918 Trench
    Perform 250 vehicle damage using explosives

    M1927 MG Telescopic
    Perform 50 kills with the M1917 MG Low Weight
    Perform 1500 points of suppression with any LMG
    (Note: Suppression points are earned by suppressing enemies, and not killing them, after earning the M1917 MG Low Weight, I just fired continuously at large groups of enemies without killing them and earned all 1500 points in 2 games)


    Type 38 Arisaka Infantry
    Perform 25 counter sniping kills
    As a scout, perform 3 multikills
    (Note:Counter-sniping kills are kills on other snipers. The Multikills are tough to do with a sniper, so I'd suggest playing on Albion and getting in a boat and attacking other boats or playing on Argonne forest and getting in the Behemoth, easy enough to get multi kills in those vehicles that don't make you spawn as a tanker class)

    Carcano M91 Carbine
    Perform 25 kills with the Gewehr M.95 Carbine
    Destroy 5 explosives
    (Note: the 5 explosives will be hard to do legit, I'd play on the standard Conquest maps and keep your eye out for mines on the ground)

    Melee weapon

    Naval Cutlass
    Capture 20 flags while in a boat
    Perform 15 kills on swimming enemies
    (Note: Flag captures can be obtained on Fao Fortress and Albion)
  • KapitanKurwixKapitanKurwix141,754
    04 Mar 2019 04 Mar 2019 04 Mar 2019
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    Solution for Naval Cutlass assignment.

    For those who are struggling to get swimming kills, play shock operations on Zeebruge. As a defender during first phase, there is a lot of boats coming in on A, so you will have plenty of opportunities to kill someone who bails from them. Also the last phase where spawns are split with broken bridge, bring a lot of opportunities as attackers have to swim quite a big distance to get to land, making them easy targets.

    If you want easy flag captures with boat without anyone bothering you, search a game with Fao Fortress map and also check the option to disable pre round in advanced tab so you can play by yourself. Search for a server with conquest mode (I was able to find couple empty servers) and spawn in the boat. From a boat you can get point A,B,C,G. After getting them kill yourself (drowning is an option), change teams, and do it all over again with opposite side.
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