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Grand Theft Auto Online The Doomsday Heist

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Grand Theft Auto Online The Doomsday Heist

Orbital Obliteration achievement in GTA 5

Orbital Obliteration

GTA Online: Kill another player with the Orbital Cannon.

Orbital Obliteration-0.2
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How to unlock the Orbital Obliteration achievement

  • IamWilliamBIamWilliamB
    19 Dec 2017 13 Dec 2017 13 Dec 2017
    to unlock this you need to have purchased a new "facility" from the doomsday update and add the orbital cannon for $900K. you can use the cannon fee for surveillance. pay $500,000 to manually target or $750,000 to auto target. upon death of the player this will unlock.

    Edit* the cheapest facility is 1.25 million up in Paleto Bay.

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    BrandonKFTWI killed someone, but the achievement did not pop? :(
    Posted by BrandonKFTW On 07 Jan 18 at 00:56
    IamWilliamBrockstar cloud services where acting goofy the last few days. maybe it will unlock later?
    Posted by IamWilliamB On 07 Jan 18 at 03:03
    Ham Man 89Had a free shot just now for me. "Happy Holidays from Rockstar" - dunno how long it will last
    Posted by Ham Man 89 On 01 Jan 19 at 02:14
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  • Jon McCloudJon McCloud
    13 Dec 2017 25 Dec 2017 30 Dec 2017
    For Starters, you cannot use a friend's cannon. you must purchase and use your own.

    You will need to own a facility. They range from 1.25 to 2.9 mil. They are all the same on the inside so you will be paying strictly for location. However I would advise one of the 3 close to an act finale for elitist achievement such as "Grand Senora desert" which is good for both act 1 and act 3. from personal experience.

    You can then purchase an oribal cannon for 900k either during your facility purchase or after through the renovate option. you will find it in the back just before your heist room.

    To fire the weapon will cost 500k for a manual shot and 750k for an automated shot. Some are too worried about missing and pay the 750k but shouldn't be because it has a decent blast radius.

    There is a Slim chance to fire the weapon at no cost if you Manage to shoot someone and dashboard out right after the kill.

    If lucky you will have only wasted 900k on this achievement instead of 1.4 or 1.65

    Final note: I'm aware I posted this on the day of the free oribital cannon shot but I tested this method days beforehand. Just in case anyone was worried about this.
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    LeglessMoofI tried the method to get a free shot, but it didn't work for me. I never saw the autosave icon though (even after waiting several minutes), so I probably did it wrong.

    That being said, I still gave you an up-vote, as I found this solution to be more detailed and well-written than the other solution.
    Posted by LeglessMoof On 29 Dec 17 at 13:41
    Jon McCloudIm sorry it didn't work for you. I know one other person who said it worked for them recently but they also said the autosave never showed so they just took a guess. I feel compelled to look into it.
    Posted by Jon McCloud On 30 Dec 17 at 07:12
    NiteDragonessI never saw the autosave icon but I had $1.4 mil before buying the shot. I bought it and my money went down to $900k. I quickly used it then dashboarded and loaded back into the game and I had $1.4 mil again. Thank you it worked.
    Posted by NiteDragoness On 30 Dec 17 at 07:37
  • TheBoxyBearTheBoxyBear
    29 Mar 2023 21 Mar 2023
    NOTE: This achievement can be buggy. If you got the kill but no achievement, check the social club for the achievement before firing again.

    This is unlocked by using the orbital cannon that comes as a 900k bonus option when buying or renovating a facility. Only the owner of the facility can use the orbital cannon. Before buying a facility, you should look into the optimal locations for the Doomsday Elite challenges as the first two acts include the drive from the facility to the mission location in the timer.

    After getting your own orbital cannon, you should have access to one free shot given to all players a while back. Although it's shown as the manual and automatic shot being free, you only get one shot from either so use the automatic shot and make sure to use it on a friend so they don't suddenly disconnect during the shot (also it sucks to get obliterated by randoms for no reason so please don't be one of those people)

    If you don't get the achievement for some reason, check the social club and see if the achievement is marked as unlocked there and if so, the Xbox achievement should unlock on its own eventually. Otherwise, using the orbital cannon again costs 500k for a manual shot and 750k for an automatic one.
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