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Grand Theft Auto Online The Doomsday Heist

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Grand Theft Auto Online The Doomsday Heist

Elitist achievement in GTA 5


GTA Online: Complete all 3 Elite Challenges in The Doomsday Heist.

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How to unlock the Elitist achievement

  • Zoda iZ CruelZoda iZ Cruel248,622
    22 Dec 2017 18 Dec 2017 12 Feb 2018
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    Hello everyone,
    here are all the challenges for every single act.
    (Map of act and facilities locations below, including prices)
    (A little walkthough can be found farther down, with times you should arrive or restart the mission (currently working at adding times to it, this may take a few days if i have to do the missions by myself ))
    ((No need to do all acts in order, you can complete act 2, then 1, then 3 and still get the achievement))

    (You should do the heist at least once to know what happens etc. in my opinion)

    These are the challenges for a 2 /3/ 4 player team.
    You can do ths on normal, it doesn't need to be on hard.

    Act 1 - The Data Breaches

    1. Complete in under 5.30 mins
    2. Kill 78 enemies
    3. Nobody gets wasted
    (do not skip the trip, doing this, will void the challenge)

    (If you complete it, you'll get 50,000$)

    Act 2 - The Bogdan Problem

    1. Complete in under 15.00 mins
    2. Vehicle damage 5% or less
    3. Nobody gets wasted

    (if you complete it, you'll get another 50,000$)
    How to get under 5% damage
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 3 - The Doomsday Scenario

    1. Complete in under 30.00 mins
    2. Nobody gets wasted
    3. 0 (zero) hack fails
    4. 150 headshots

    (if you complete it, another 50,000$)

    Total gain from all elite challenges = 150,000$.

    If you need a video of all acts, look up at "three daug"s solution,.
    (Act 1 starts at 0.54 mins, Act 2 at 8.55 mins, Act 3 at 23,03 mins)

    (I couldn't see the video using my smartphone (but depends on which phone and browser you run on yours)
    Maybe use your Pc (if you own one), or launch the microsoft edge browser on your Xbox.

    Because i always forget to buy, remember to have full armor and snacks (snacks can be bought in your facility for free)

    If you struggle which facility you should buy, or which you can accomplish,
    here is a map (Acts are red, facilities are green), size of the picture 1783 × 2423, so you can
    see all roads etc.
    Prices are only for the facility itself, no cannon, no security room, no lounge, no sleeping quarters.
    External image

    If you need to change facilities, your car's in the facility AND your heist progression will transfer with you to the new facility.

    Tip. (all "good" facilities you should look up are bold )
    Facility 1 is too far away and pretty expensive. (and the way to the highway is awful)
    Facility 2 is not so good for act 2, but super close to the highway.
    Facility 3 is not so good for act 2, and ~670.000$ more expensive than facility 2.
    Facility 4 costs more than facility 5, and is too far away from a good street.
    Facility 5 is okay, if you use the railroads to get to act 2 (but you'll get slowed down if a train is in your way, because you can't overtake it -> 3 bridges and 1 tunnel, so you need some luck)
    Facility 6, look at the map, you don't wanna buy it...
    Facility 7 may be the best, but pretty expensive.
    Facility 8 has an annoying way, i wouldn't suggest it.
    Facility 9 is good for act 2, but far away from act 1 & 3. (but it's cheap)
    Update 2:

    Tips / Walkthrough

    If you struggle how to do a specific part, or just want to improve your current stratgy,
    read these tips, they could help you. These tips are no guarantee that everything works on the first try, it always depends on you, your teammates, and luck.
    WARNING, if you never played the heist before, this contain spoilers.
    Sorry in advance, text got really long sometimes. :(


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 1

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 2

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Act 3 - Very long text, sorry!

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    As most people write, if i did something wrong, or made any mistakes here, please write it in the comment section. (same for the people who are going to downvote, let me know what i can do better)
    (Please do not use the comment section for asking for people to play with, there is a session section for it.)

    This is my very first solution (as far as i remember), and english isn't my main language, still i tried my best so far, but misspelling happens, too.

    Good luck to all of you, and happy hunting. wave

    Credits to the guys who helped me here (my personal thank you) :

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

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    TwistMckI'm looking for a commited team to do this achievement and 'Masterminds'. I'm free anyday anytime cause I want to get this done a.s.a.p, message me! smile
    Posted by TwistMck on 12 Oct 21 at 00:02
    JahonCross@ Twist hey if you're still looking for a group, I'd like to join in been looking for a team to complete the elitist and mastermind achievement.
    Posted by JahonCross on 07 Dec 21 at 16:17
    FinancedGnome8If anyone still wants to do this hmu
    Posted by FinancedGnome8 on 28 Jun at 00:46
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  • EthigyEthigy1,130,975
    09 Apr 2022 11 Apr 2022 11 Apr 2022
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    You can also skip setups as well as preps! You’ll still have to pay but only for the preps.

    When a prep is selected, press X then immediately press right on D-pad after. This will bring up the buy prep screen but will have moved the selection over to the setup. Have someone with you in the facility to confirm the screen is over the setup and not the prep.

    You can then purchase the prep equipment. When you leave that screen it will look like you haven’t bought the prep or the setup. This is how it should look. Repeat for the remaining setups.

    When you’ve bought all of the setups, open the interaction menu and go to Facility Management. Turn the Heist Planning Screen off and back on. When it comes back on you will be on the heist finale screen if done successfully.
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    Ztr7This worked great, I've also found that after you buy all of the setups you can load into a new lobby and it will have the finale available. No need to ever buy the preps, just the setups with the glitch.
    Posted by Ztr7 on 14 Nov at 02:23
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