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Heroes Never Perish! achievement in Happy Wars

Heroes Never Perish!

Resurrect the same character 7 times in a single game of Quick Match or Co-op Mode

Heroes Never Perish!0
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How to unlock the Heroes Never Perish! achievement

  • WhatsATopherWhatsATopher
    24 Dec 2017 24 Dec 2017 22 Jan 2018
    A method I thought would work well is to play co-op as Cleric, hopefully with a Resurrect+ buff, but if not just play normally for a while and hope for resurrect to be one of your first gained abilities. Then just follow behind the team and focus on resurrecting an AI teammate - they usually have a bad sense of self preservation.

    But after a night of dealing with near constant disconnects, or almost empty lobbies with Lv60 try-hards who rush the AI gate and finish the match in 2 minutes, I used a second controller signed in as a guest.
    It's the same method essentially, but instead of following someone and hoping they die 7 times before the game ends, just find a place away from the action in a damage-over-time area (ie. the pink poison swamps) and park the guest there. Then with your main stand somewhere safe nearby and spam resurrect.

    Be aware to keep count though, as the achievement unlocks at the post match summary.
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    ResinousHashishBoosting this is the best method, thank you. +1
    Posted by ResinousHashish On 25 Dec 17 at 19:06
    Dobermann XI can't boost! Quick match ends too fast and coop disconnect everytime!!!
    Posted by Dobermann X On 28 Dec 17 at 18:28
    Rknb117Play hells challenge in coop, just resurrect one of the ai over and over
    Posted by Rknb117 On 28 Dec 17 at 20:09
    mDoolin14Worked great! I put my guest account into the sand pits with the weird creature popping out in the desert. I think I got 50 resurrects in one match so it helps towards quest medals as well
    Posted by mDoolin14 On 14 Apr 18 at 05:11
    AwakeDeadeyeYup, those 2600 hours under the belt players ruining even coop. I'll try hard mode.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye On 17 Sep 19 at 05:04
    AwakeDeadeyeHard mode was dead, just stalked a particularly suicidal ai and revived him as he chipped away at the big tower, which he destroyed 99% by himself. Some guy got like two smacks on it and blew up at some point.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye On 17 Sep 19 at 07:05
    Worked first try +1
    Posted on 30 Jun 20 at 05:30
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