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AVG Veteran achievement in Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

AVG Veteran

Complete the Final Flight mission.

AVG Veteran0
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How to unlock the AVG Veteran achievement

  • GraymawrGraymawr
    13 Jul 2019 13 Jul 2019 22 Jan 2020
    Good day. This my first solution I am publishing so let me know if you have suggestions.

    I played the rest of the game on Normal difficulty because I liked a little bit of a challenge but I was able to get this on Casual. I do expect that helped me a little bit. I also recommend setting the control-style to Pitch / Roll as the beginning of this mission requires A LOT of very slight adjustments to your rudder. The slightest foul up will fail the mission right at the start and it is a pain.

    If you read anything in this, I mainly recommend reading the first objective walkthrough and the heads up/glitch alert at the beginning of the fifth objective walkthrough.


    This was the must frustrating part of the mission and it really could have done well without it. The rest of the mission is not bad. You are flying a B-25 Bomber in the very middle of a very crowded formation. The game didn't seem to be very consistent about how level you were starting out. Sometimes, I had to level and course correct almost immediately. So you need to stay in the very middle of the formation or center screen for this entire section.

    You will notice that as your heading adjusts, there will be dark red arrows that fade in around your plane when you start to get out of formation. They are telling you which direction you need to head up, down, left, or right to get back to the center. You should be OK to keep your air speed between 90% and 100% during this section but dumping speed too much to stay in formation did not help all that much.

    Use cn_LB and cn_RB ever so slightly to get on course. If you have only one red arrow showing up on screen you are doing OK. If you have two, you will want to start turning by holding cn_LB and cn_RB a little longer and turning the plane slightly left or right as needed with the cn_LSl or cn_LSr.

    If you have three red arrows, you are in real trouble. Likely, you will be too low or too high in altitude compared to the rest of the formation. Move your left stick up or down as needed and speed up a little bit to get back to the center, and QUICK! If you get off course, there is a blue bar timer that very quickly counts down the amount of time you have to get back in formation. If you have the three arrows too long, this bar counts down 5 seconds that you have to get back. Also be careful, not to collide with the other planes!

    The formation is going to bank to the right slightly at least twice before continuing straight onwards to the next objective. These turns are going to be the most difficult for you to course correct on. They don't seem like they would be very hard for you to manage but you'd be mistaken.

    I feel like entering in a spoiler alert even though there is not really a story. If you would like to be surprised as to what objectives come next, please try them first.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    The achievement should pop when the final cutscene starts.

    After final cutscene ends, stick around after reading the epilogue, historical facts regarding the Flying Tigers and the achievment to complete the game will pop when the credits start playing.
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    I hope this helped!
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