Speed Run achievement in Braid

Speed Run

Complete a full speed run of the entire game, beating the challenge time.

Speed Run+0.3
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How to unlock the Speed Run achievement

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    This is NOT an easy achievement in any way.

    First of all you will have to unlock the speed run mode by beating the game. Beating the game requires you to find all puzzle pieces and solve all puzzles in order for you to unlock the final level (or world 1).

    I recommend if you have not recently beat the game to play through the whole game again without a guide to get yourself familiar with your own way to solve the puzzles before looking to see if there are faster ways of doing them.

    If you just got the game I recommend going for this achievement soon after beating it so you will be familiar with a way to solve the puzzles.

    When you are going for this achievement plan to spend some time on it, I know the achievement says you have to do it in less than 45 minutes, but you have to become very good at solving each of the puzzles in order to do it that quickly. Personally I spent 7 hours retrying the full game speed run before I finally got the achievement at only 43 minutes.

    EDIT: The final stage of the game will take a MINIMUM of 4 minutes, that's without messing up at all so if you're going through the final stage at 42 minutes or more you can go ahead and restart, chances are you will end up with just above 45 minutes. Also if you get that close you should look at the video and review any stage you had difficulty with.

    If you are looking for ways to do levels quicker I recommend looking at this guys speed run. He did it in 32 minutes and NEVER messed up. I used some of his ideas and saved just enough time to get the achievement.

    EDIT: Don't worry about memorizing the whole speed run, you CAN pause the game without the time adding up, so if you are having trouble with a specific puzzle go ahead and pause the game and then look at the video until you know how to do it, also putting the puzzles together does not count against your time so don't get anxious or nervous solving the puzzles.

    There are 3 parts to this video, you can find the other parts through the same video.

    EDIT: Decided to put all three on here as the comment suggested
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    Vengeful Voidafter 5years I tried it.

    1st attempt:

    2nd attempt:
    45min 1sec... yeah its true angry

    3rd attempt:
    40min xx sec

    I can only say, who wanna try this. Do the world where you have most problems with. For myself it was world 6.
    I did
    World 2. 3:30min
    World 3. 10.40min
    World 4. 17.40min
    World 6. 28.20min
    World 5. 35.40min
    Epilog 40.xxmin

    Try it and you will get it.
    Good luck everyone
    Posted by Vengeful Void on 12 Apr 18 at 20:56
    MattiasAndersonI want to add this for anyone else that keep screwing up on out of reach!

    Much better solution!

    And for crossing the gap if you find doing what he do in the video tough or non consistent:

    But on crossing the gap after the first puzzle with the bridge I make a shadow bridge instead so the monster does not need to jump on my head. That is easier and faster.

    If anyone just like myself is having trouble with the last ladder on elevator action. This one is good for that part. If you still don't understand what he is doing in the video just like myself. He is jumping and while in the mid air he press X and LT up to rewind. Be sure that you grab the ladder.

    ps. Maybe you should add these into your guide?
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 16 Apr 18 at 01:28
    MattiasAnderson41:07:03 Finally! I think I could make a very good video guide for this and make it much easier but unfortunately I don't have the tools to make one. Thanks for posting that video and to all the comments here with times etc.

    Nice to be done with this!
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 16 Apr 18 at 17:13
    NessNoldoI really gave up with this thing... I had never play a video game so annoying like this one, I mean, there are hard games that are fun to complete, but with this one you just want to kill its developers. Really. I just don't want to put a hand on it never again.
    To expend so much time in an achievement is not worthy in my opinion.
    Posted by NessNoldo on 29 Jul 18 at 04:33
    J SchwizzleThanks so much for this -- fantastic video guide and definitely appreciate all the encouragement from folks sharing their attempts and times in the comments.
    Got it on my second try with 43:23... although that doesn't count all the times I cut the run short because of some spectacular fat-fingers and failures on various levels smile

    Some other links that I found interesting and helpful were this 39 minute run with no ladder glitch:

    and this 20-minute (!) run. It's a PC version and seems to leverage every glitch possible, but it's just plain impressive to watch, and I promise your head will explode a bit on the "time" screen at the very end:
    Posted by J Schwizzle on 08 Feb 19 at 18:52
    joebobpantsTook me about 10 hours and my final attempt was 44:25.98
    Posted by joebobpants on 09 Jun 19 at 00:19
    DeadBardtI hate this game, I wish I never started playing it, imho this is not a masterpiece as many people say, please could sameone explain to me how the guy in the first video do the "platform in the picture" thing al 1:58 minute?? If I try it, I fall down...
    Posted by DeadBardt on 14 Jul 19 at 09:37
    LordjiActivate the puzzle to reorder the different pieces and put the piece you're interested in (the one with the platform) where required.
    Posted by Lordji on 14 Jul 19 at 10:34
    DeadBardtI've done that during my first run, now I'm trying time attack.
    In the video he put the piece of puzzle with the platform in 3 different places, lower level, medium level and higher level, using the piece of puzzle as an elevator, I can't do that, when I move the piece of puzzle I fall down, even trying to jump, don't know how to do that trick, learning how to do that could safe me important seconds...
    Posted by DeadBardt on 14 Jul 19 at 13:18
    sjpsjpsjpI completed this over the weekend, at 40:17. I would have actually hit about 39:00 but accidentally left the last level in World 6 without getting the puzzle piece, and had to circle back around to get it.

    Honestly, the key is just practice. I found World 4 and 6 to be the hardest, and I practiced the crap out of those. For my 40:17 run I had a stream of good luck in those Worlds (including levels where I'd struggle, even after a lot of practice) where I ended up getting to World 1 at around 34 minutes. There's also plenty of content on Youtube now to provide strats to get through some of the harder levels with relative ease.

    I had put off this last achievement for years, but it only took me probably 10-12 hours over the course of a week to feel ready for a run, and I got it on my first deep run attempt (I restarted a few times during world 4 due to burning too much time.)
    Posted by sjpsjpsjp on 09 Dec 19 at 17:59
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