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Perfect Score

Get a score over 200 in any minigame.

Perfect Score-0.4
07 November 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Perfect Score

  • BigWiIIieStyIeBigWiIIieStyIe380,529
    03 May 2019 03 May 2019 01 Jul 2019
    52 4 13
    This can be done with only 1 extra controller. Play Arena with no bots. Make sure you have your dummy account next to an edge of fire, then put your main account right beside it. Wait for the score to count up to 179 and immediately hit cn_B this should kill your alt and put you at 200 points.

    **Update: TheOnlyMatto confirms you get more points with fire than with a knock-off.
  • CangemiCangemi752,156
    04 Feb 2019 04 Feb 2019
    21 1 0
    This can be done online or offline, though it is recommended that you do this with a second controller. Select Party and the minigame location Brimstone Basin (although you can't select which minigame) and keep both players alive long enough for Player 1 to collect 175 points. Once they do, kill Player 2 and collect the Pot of Gold for winning is worth 25 points.

    Credit to!
  • TG AceoHeartsTG AceoHearts804,513
    20 Jan 2018 21 Jan 2018
    19 1 0
    You score 1 point for each second you are alive in an arena minigame. If you have the game set to linear the game will last for 3 minutes if there are still 2 players alive - this will get you 180 points. To reach 200 points or more you must have at least 3 bots enabled. Kill 2 of them, and then wait until time runs out before killing the last one. This can also be done with multiple controllers if you have trouble killing multiple bots before they kill each other, suicide, or keeping one alive till time runs out.
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