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HI SCORE MODE 150,000 points.

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IXI FalcoN
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IXI FalcoN
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Posted on 16 August 18 at 15:35
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Unlike the other KOF games this one is going to require some practice, competency at fighting games, and a lot of luck. There's no super easy cheese way through this one, but below is what worked for me.

Pick the following 3 characters and assign them in this order.

Chang is going to be your main. He's big and slow, but hits hard and has very good defensive moves. Forward+Y, Down+B, and Down-Right+Y are going to be your main moves. The first move will have him hurl his weapon forward with good range. The second is a similar move that hits low, great for smaller characters and will also knock them down. The third is your defensive move, spam this anytime the enemy gets in close and it will get them off you and deal some good damage. Do NOT chase them while the ball is swinging unless it's a character that jumps around a lot. Most of the time they'll just pummel you. Hit em once, get them off you, and then go back to forward+Y. With some practice you can run him against most opponents. He struggles against quick, ranged characters. That's where Mai comes in.

For Mai, I mostly did jump kicks (Down-Right on the LS + B) towards the head and then followed up with a quick Down+B. This usually is good for a 2 hit combo and puts them on the ground. If they get close use down+Y or forward+Y to get them off you. If you can pull it off, Jump+Y is a decent throw move that deals good damage.

Rugal I only had to bring out once. His down+B has good range and hits most of the time. Sub in another third character if you find someone better, I really only needed Chang and Mai.

So now that we've chosen our characters, we need to cherry pick a favorable first round matchup. You want to go against the Korean Team (Chang, Kim, and Choi) Chang is the big guy you're using and Choi is the midget Freddy Krueger looking guy. Keep restarting until your first round is against this team, it's random.

The goal here is to get 2 perfects, one each on Chang and Choi. You can get by with 1, but you will have to proceed to the 4th team which is going to be hard. If you do not get a perfect I would restart.

Vs Chang
This is simple. Keep your distance and spam forward+Y. Get just close enough that you can barely strike him with this move and keep hitting him, do not let up and give him an opening. The majority of the time he'll go down without attacking, sometimes you'll get unlucky and he'll land in a cheap shot when his health is low. Overall it was pretty consistent for me.

Vs Choi
This guy is a squirrely little asshole that likes to jump and hit you from above. Normally he's very annoying to fight, but Chang cuts through him like a hot knife through butter. Start the round right away with the down+B move. This puts Choi on the ground. Immediately start spamming the swinging ball move (Down-Right+Y). When the ball is swinging keep walking towards Choi. Most of the time he just jumps into the ball and gets smacked around. Get into a rhythm of starting up a new swing while Choi is still on the ground and he'll never have an opening. Easy perfect when you get the hang of it.

Vs Kim
Kim is the toughest of the Korean trio, but he's not too bad. He likes to rush a lot and the Down+B move is a good stopper and puts him on the ground. Just mix up your moves and spam the ball swing if he gets in close. Hopefully you can put him down without too much damage and get a decent score off him. Your goal here is to just beat Kim with Chang intact.

Ideally you will end the first matchup with 2 perfects and defeat Kim with Chang still alive. In this game you get a huge score boost from sweeping a team with one character. If Chang loses against the first team, restart. 2 perfects and a sweep should put you at roughly 80k at the end of the first matchup

Second Matchup

It's random who you will face from here out. The goal now is to sweep the second team with Chang. This gives you about 40k. If he goes down you will likely have to progress to the 4th team to get a high enough score which will be quite difficult.

Hero Team (Kyo, Benimaru, Goro)
This team is average difficulty. Kyo fights like Kim did earlier, use the same tactics. Benimaru is the toughest of the 3, he's faster and mixes his moves up a lot. Try to keep your distance from him. Goro is pretty easy, use the Forward+Y move mostly and he shouldn't give you much trouble.

Fatal Fury Team (Andy, Terry, Joe)
These guys are fast and Andy likes to spam his ranged move a lot. Chang will struggle against this team. Against Andy, get in close and spam the down+B to keep him on the ground. Use the ball swing if he goes on the offensive. Just stay close to avoid him spamming his ranged move. For the other 2, play cautiously. I liked to use forward+Y a little, let them come in close, and then quickly break out the ball swing. Hit them once and then back off, repeat. Sometimes they'll just combo you to death. Hard team to sweep.

Art of Fighting Team (Ryo, Robert, Yuri)
An easy team with the exception of Ryo. He LOVES his hadouken move and it will shred up Chang if you let it. Like with Andy above, get in close and try to stay there. Mix your moves up and try not to give him distance. Robert is easy, he likes to jump a lot so we will mostly spam the ball swing like with Choi earlier. Unlike Choi, do not pursue him. Hit him once with the ball swing, let him get back up, start the move again and he will likely keep jumping into it. If you chase him he'll get some nasty hits in. Yuri is very easy, stay away and use forward+Y as your main attack and down+B if you catch her rushing. Good team to sweep against if you can get past Ryo without taking too much damage.

Ikari Warriors Team (Leona, Ralf, Clark)
A pretty balanced team that's not very difficult. Leona has an annoying move where she'll send a glowing ball behind you and tear you up from behind. She's vulnerable while doing this, so if you can catch her before the ball hits you it's a free shot. For the other 2, fight them like you would Kim earlier. A good team to try and sweep.

Psycho Soldier Team (Athena, Sie, Chin)
Average difficulty. Athena mixes up her moves quite a bit and while she isn't overly difficult, there's no great strategy to beating her. Follow the basic strat: Forward+Y at a distance, Down+B if you catch them rushing, ball swing if they get close to get them off you. Sie is pretty easy, you can mostly Forward+Y him, but be ready to catch him on a rush. Chin is a more annoying version of Choi. Fight him like Choi, but be ready to back off if he gets a hit in because Chin can wreck you if he gets rolling.

Women Fighters Team (Chizuru, Mai, King)
Other than King, a hard team. Chiz is the big problem here. She likes to teleport around and has some nasty AOE moves. I tried to stay away from her so that I could escape the AOE moves a little easier. Just follow the basic strat and keep your distance. I lost to her quite a bit. Mai is a harder version of Athena with a ranged attack that she likes to spam. She also likes to jump a lot....sometimes. If you catch her in a jumpy mood it's an easy fight with ball swing spam. Otherwise get in close and try to down+B her to prevent her spamming the ranged move. King is pretty easy, use the go-to strat.

New Faces Team (Yashiro, Shermie, Chris)
Yashiro is rough. He's a big dude but he's quick, hits hard, and has a nasty special move where he grabs you, tosses you in the air, then mows you across the ground. This move will take out almost half your health bar, so this fight can go to shit pretty quick. Play defensively and be cautious. Shermie isn't too bad, use the basic strategy with her. Chris fights like Sie from earlier so use those tactics against him. An ok team to sweep if you can get past Yashiro.

'97 Special Team (Ryuji, Blue Mary, Billy)
Hardest team by far for me. Ryuji and Billy are monsters, but thankfully Mary is easy. She fights like Yuri, use those strats against her. I could never find a good way to deal with the other 2. Against Billy just try your best to stay away from him and he fucks you up HARD in close range. Might be worth just restarting if this team shows up, I never swept them.

Third Matchup

This is where shit gets real. If you got 2 perfects against team 1, and swept both team 1 and 2, you should be sitting on roughly 120-130k now depending on how well you did against the second team. The goal here is to just defeat the third team by any means necessary. Simply beating them even with poor performance should net you the rest of the points. Hopefully you match up against one of the easier teams. Good luck.

For Caravan mode, you will not have time to fight against the third team. You MUST get 2 perfects in round 1 against the Korean team and then sweep the second team to get the 100K needed.
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