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Elite Commando

Clear the game on Super Hard.

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How to unlock the Elite Commando achievement

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    I just finished this achievement and the most important things i can say about it is:

    First of all get the rocket launcher from area 5 wich makes the game a little less hard , so start your game playing area 5, this one is doable with only a revolver.
    The hardest parts surely are the boss of area 11 and the final level called "albatross"
    The boss of area 11 will try to stab from 7 different sides, but just before it does it will show you where he will attack from and in which order. REMEMBER IT.
    If it is going to fast for you then you should use the select button to framecheat your way through every time an attack is incoming you can push select and then again to immediately deflect the attack.
    Use the same tactic on the final boss off the game, i personally could never done it without.
    For the albatross level it's all about trial and error, you have to memorise what to do when, an additional tip is that if you manage to get to the final boss you will get the bazooka upgrade which allows you to steer your rockets, this will be an immense help if you fail on the boss and have to do the level all over again.
    Keep trying and don't give up. i needed atleast 8 hours to complete the final level and learn every bit about it.
    The levels should be completed in this order:

    Area 0(safe zone-revolver upgrade)
    Area 13(safe zone-flares)
    Area 5(Bazooka)
    Area 15(safe zone-green comm chip)
    Area 16(safe zone-iron boots)
    Area 1(grenades)
    Area 4(plasma rifle)
    Area 2(grenade upgrade, shotgun)
    Area 6(plasma rifle upgrade, powerclaw)
    Area 3(permit)
    Area 14(blue comm chip)
    Area 17(orange comm chip)
    Area 19(underground passageway access)
    Underground passageway 15-18(helmet)
    Area 9(vectore cannon)
    Area 7 (rescue Super Joe)
    Area 18(Joe's machine gun)
    Area 7 (Joe's machine gun upgrade)
    Area 8(shotgun upgrade, shin guards)
    Area 10(health recovery pills)
    Area 11(body armor)
    Area 12(location of the albatross)
    Final level called Albatross.
    Good Luck !

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    MosesChristusI used this guide for my Hard-"Hackerz"-playthrough, but it was still very helpful! ;)
    Thumbs up!
    Posted by MosesChristus on 08 Sep 12 at 11:19
    XI AlphaMale IXI'm having trouble with the Albatross boss. His side rockets come so fast I can't tell if they're "side high" or "side low." Help?
    Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 14 Feb 14 at 21:51
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  • bobby trippebobby trippe395,220
    17 Apr 2013 18 Apr 2013 29 Jun 2015
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    How would you like to be able to face the final boss with up to 28 lives?Or, be able to have more than three on any of the other levels that are giving you a hard time?

    Every stage has an extra life in it so what you do is go back to areas 1-19 and save at area A and this should buy you a lot more practice time with the big helicopter. This method also works with any other area except that less lives will be available.

    Start with 3 lives
    Areas 1-19 19 lives
    Ground Battles dessert, snow, swamp 3 lives
    Albatross 3 lives
    Total=28 this is assuming that you make it through the stage and the collection process without dying.

    The process
    0. Get somewhat familiar with the Albatross stage. This is optional but it will matter later on. I would strongly recommend making it as far into the stage as getting the Rocket Launcher upgrade. The game saves after you get this and fail the mission.
    1. Go back through the map and gather up 1-ups in areas 1-19. All you need to do is enter the stage, get the 1-up, hit start and call for extraction.
    2. Save your progress. This is not heavily explained anywhere but basically you need to exit the game from the pause menu. DO NOT hit return to arcade or dashboard. You should see the text, saving progress. You can do this same save method any time during the gathering process too.
    3. Start the game again and you should have all the lives you gathered. Enter the Albatross and make you way to the final boss. After you get a serious whooping the screen says, "mission failed," quickly head to the dashboard via the LIVE button. This will prevent the system from saving and allowing you to start the game again with 20+ lives.

    1-up Location
    01Make contact with base in the radio room and head to the second area. Go down the elevator one floor and make your way all the way to the right.
    02 Make your way all the way past the radio room and up to the boss's door. Drop all the way down and go right.
    03Climb the mountain and enter the door. Drop down and keep dropping down all the way to the bottom.
    04After the radio room, you will up past a small wall made of blocks. Head to the right through a room with small footings. Head up and go left over a short spiked area.
    05Keep heading up until you encounter your first helicopter bot. Head to the left and grapple off.
    06Right at the beginning past the bazooka wall. Grapple over the first water hole and it is right above you.
    07Open the door with the vector beam and enter. Go up four floors with the tanks then one more. On the red platform.
    08Head up all the way and through the door on the right. In this small room, go up all the way and take the door on the left. Again with this room, go up all the way and to the right.
    09. Drop down and take the secret passage to the left. Open the door and head to the right. Go up and go right. You should be at an area with a few fans at your feet. Drop down in the small opening and the 1-up should be close and to the left.
    10Head to the right and it is above the area with the spikes.
    11Upon entering the furnace area, keep heading right and it is way over on the right close to the bottom.
    12Head down the elevator and go in the door on the left.
    13-19 FSA SAFE ZONES inside the rooms with the big red syringe on the door.
    Albatross The first one is right after you complete the first three rooms. The second is when you are outside about midway through. After you come back inside, head up as soon as possible and the last 1-up is to the left of the bazooka trooper. This one is hard to get and may be better to ignore it.
    For the ground battles, the 1-ups should be easy to find. My advice for these stages is to make your way forward taking out what enemies you have to. Ignore the first truck and make your way forward until you get to where you are just about to see the two trucks on the screen. Start firing your rocket launcher forward and it may take several shots but you can take out the tank from very far away. This is quicker and safer.
    Brown map=dessert/western battle
    Green map=mountain/snow battle
    Blue map=swamp/jungle battle

    HAMM3RCLAW says:
    "To clarify Bobby's point: The 1-ups only respawn after you lose your final life and see the "Mission Failed" text and the game saves. Then you're back to 3 lives. When collecting the 1-ups on each level, SAVE AFTER EACH ONE. Then, if you die at all, dashboard out and reload the game (If you keep playing and save, you won't be able to recover that lost life). When the game reloads, you'll have all the lives you'd collected up to your last save.

    Collecting 1-ups in the ground levels were the most difficult. I found that using the machine gun allowed me to kill the troops most effectively (it pretty much auto-aims, as well) and then switch to the rocket launcher and rush the tank truck at the end, blasting away. By positioning yourself at the right of the screen, you can shoot the tank and the "bullet hell" motorcycles that enter from the left. The level ends IMMEDIATELY when tank truck explodes, so don't worry if it looks like you're about to be overwhelmed.

    Another trick I found was pressing 'start' and selecting "Exit Game" if it looked like I was starting to take too much damage. That gets you out without costing a life, and takes you back to your previous save. Selecting "Exit Game" also resets the positions of the trucks on the map, so you can use that if they've got you pinned in and you don't want to risk the ground fight. On the regular levels you can just pause and call for an extraction any time before you die. That resets your armor and you can try again."

    Connolly800 said:
    "The best advice I can give re pausing during the missile salvo is pause before a missile is at arm's length. This is typically once it comes into frame but you can press select again to get a better idea of where it's going.

    If it's head height, hit left/right as you fling out your arm.
    If it's at chest height, crouch.

    What helped me too was to get into position for the next missile once I'd deflected one. Saves having to worry about that when you're trying to decide whether it's a low one coming from the side or not.

    Something else that I observed was that if you do get hit (or get splash damage) DON'T give up. On my successful attempt I took a missile early on, and managed to get to the end. Just bypass Groeder. He isn't worth it.

    PS: One more thing! Once you fire off a rocket give it time to clear the helicopter's tail before guiding it to the cockpit. If I had a £ for everytime I did that.

    Again though, thanks for the guide! This wasn't to say the top one isn't helpful, I just found this one more useful to me."
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    bobby trippeCongratulations!!!dance
    Posted by bobby trippe on 29 Jun 15 at 10:50
    Connolly800You're very welcome HAMM3RCLAW, congratulations!

    I should've said that in the laser sequence whatever engine is lower, that's the side he'll strafe towards. Soon as you know, start running! I made use of the back button for that one too.

    In my run I almost started fighting Groeder, then when he got me with a lucky shot (and took my health down to a sliver) I started grappling off towards the exit and left him to die. Probably for the best :P

    Hopefully the other people who want to give this a go can benefit from our experiences. smile
    Posted by Connolly800 on 29 Jun 15 at 14:54
    CR1SPY666I would have never beaten this game without this solution! It still took me about 50 deaths before I finished, but I managed to finally finish this game, thanks to your help! Awesome!
    Posted by CR1SPY666 on 19 May 17 at 14:33
  • CrysisWarXX3CrysisWarXX3403,192
    27 Apr 2018 28 Apr 2018 17 Jul 2020
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    Hello and welcome to my guide , First of all please don't attempt this achievement unless you have completed all of the challenge rooms because this achievement is hard and you won't get it by luck only by practice and improving your skills and the challenge rooms will help you doing that , Ok lets start:

    Step 1 : The first thing you need to do is to complete area 05 so you can get the bazooka , The bazooka makes the game much easier so this is the first step.

    Step 2 : You need to follow those videos step by step (the videos aren't mine but they helped me a lot) you don't need to follow them in my order just play the levels in any order you like, By following these videos you will decrease your playing time from trial and error.

    Step 3 : In this step i will just note something for the fabricator and the helicopter bosses, make sure to use the pausing trick and you shouldn't have much troubles defeating them.

    Step 4 : Before starting the albatross area make sure you have at least 20 lives in hand there are 25 maximum by having a lot of lives you can progress much deeper in the level without reloading the whole level from the beginning and of course you will save a lot of time but don't forget if you lost all of your lives quit immediately to the dashboard so you wont lose all your 20 lives and you can start with them all next time.

    Finally those are the videos and just remember don't gave up just keep trying and you will get it if you can do two areas in a day this is more than enough, Good luck soldier smile

    Area 01

    Area 02

    Area 03

    Area 04

    Area 05

    Area 06

    Area 07

    Area 08

    Area 09

    Area 10

    Area 11

    Area 12

    Area 13
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