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Thanks For Playing

Complete all C-Sides

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How to unlock the Thanks For Playing achievement

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    Since nobody wrote a guide yet, I will make the start and go for it.

    NOTE First of all: To UNLOCK the C-SIDES, you need to have ALL the HEARTS and then beating B-SIDES. After completing ALL 8 B-SIDE chapters, you will unlock the C-SIDES!

    Actually there is not much to say. I found the B-SIDES harder in a way than the C-SIDES.
    The good thing at the C-SIDES is, that they are very short.
    They are 3 ROOMS LONG so basically really SHORT.

    The HARDEST CHAPTER of all was definitely the end of CHAPTER 7. Also the end of chapter 5 and 8 was a pain in the a$$ to me.

    I hardly recommend to start with chapter 7. Because if you won’t be able to beat chapter 7, you can save a lot of time by attempting this achievement. (It’s just not that you complete Chapter 1-6 and then give up at Chapter 7).


    CHAPTER 1 - 8 / C-SIDE

    Here’s a video of all the C-SIDES:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    It doesn’t hurt to take a look first before attempting to get the achievement.

    CHAPTER 1 - Forsaken City
    Not much to say. It’s not really that challenging and you shouldn’t have too much problem with it. I had 72 deaths after completing Chapter 1.

    CHAPTER 2 - Old Site
    Shouldn’t be too challenging either. The only part which sucks a little bit was the last part in the last room. In the Video I posted, it’s at the mark: 01:47. I had 114 deaths.

    CHAPTER 3 - Celestial Resort
    Surprisingly it’s the easiest one in my oppinion. It’s really very short and I completed the last room on my 3rd attempt. If it was luck or not, I can’t tell - but even the guy in the video had a death count of 90 (then 112). I had 24 deaths.

    CHAPTER 4 - Golden Ridge
    Also surprisingly a very easy one compared to the other C-SIDE Chapters. My death count: 117

    CHAPTER 5 - Mirror Temple
    I was really struggling with that one. Room 1 and 2 are actually very easy. Then suddenly I was struggling with the last room. You really need to have a perfect run and a perfect timing to manage the last room. It was really hard to me so I wish you good luck. In the video, it’s at the mark: 05:01 - 05:25. I had 651 deaths (!)

    CHAPTER 6 - Reflection
    I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s too hard neither. What this chapter makes it that easy is, that there are 4 save points.
    The last room is in the video at 06:22
    Thank god there are 2 save points in the last room. 1 by entering the room and the second one at 06:44. If there wouldn’t be a checkpoint, it would be a pain and very time consuming. My death count: 147

    CHAPTER 7 - The Summit
    That one is very, very hard. This is where the challenge and pain begins. Room 1 and 2 are actually very easy compared to the last room what’s gonna await you.
    For any reason I recommend to start with this chapter. Because if you won’t beat this chapter, how are you supposed to get the achievement then. Or at least you can save a lot of time if you’d give up by attempting this achievement.
    The last room took me 2-3 hrs to finally get through the hell. (Last roome starts at 07:54 in the video). My deaths: 401


    The guy had more than 1300 attempts and it took him more than 3 hrs for sure! It shows again that you should never give up and keep trying it. The happiness hormone what you get after completing it is indescribably and worth it.

    CHAPTER 8 - Core
    The last chapter was always the hardest one till now. (If it was in normal mode or B-SIDE). Luckily it won’t be so painfully as much as Chapter 7. But again you’ll learn a new ability - The “broad jump”. I found Chapter 8 very time consuming. Because the last room is very, very long (starts at 10:52 in the video).
    For any reason I couldn’t manage that broad jump at 10:44 as in the video showed. It took me several trials to finally get through it. But till you get to that spot takes a lot of time because of its lenght.
    The feeling after obtaining this achievement is totally worth it. It kinda feels like you had a big fight against someone and then you finally won.

    This achievement is really challening but at the same time it’s not. It’s just time consuming and sometimes you just need some luck to get through a part.
    What the C-SIDE makes that hard is, you need almost a perfect run with always perfect timing. The last room of each chapter is very long. That what it makes so time consuming. Chapter 5, 7 and 8 makes the achievement that hard to get. But still I had almost less death than on my B-SIDE runs. If you are able to manage Chapter 7 or 5, you shouldn’t have any problems getting this achievement.

    You can literally feel the game. I was nervous, angry and then happy. My heart throbbed so fast - I had a pulse above 120. I was sweating and could have break one of my controllers. And after all when you complete a chapter - that feeling you get! It’s unbelievable! It feels like no one can stop you and you’re god in a way. Like you’re the best player... but still it was just a chapter. Well, at least I felt like that, haha!

    The game by itself is definitely a masterpiece. Even IGN gave a 10 out of 10 on their review.

    The last time I enjoyed a game that much was a long time ago. The art, the soundtrack, the gameplay and its beauty is totally worth it.

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    tehPinkBulletsAgreed. I did Chapters 1-5 then discovered Assist Mode. I was having so much anxiety before from dying so often. I was yelling at the screen "Why would the makers of this game make this so hard!?!!!" Assist mode from now on.
    Posted by tehPinkBullets on 06 Mar 19 at 14:43
    aqzmanI just wanted to add a note to this (great) solution just in case someone runs in to the same issue I did.

    It looks like has to be the last achievement you get. I completed all C sides but the achievement didn't unlock for me, but I hadn't unlocked the 1UP! achievement. After I earned the 1UP! achievement I completed the chapter 1 C side again and the achievement popped right away.
    Posted by aqzman on 17 Apr 19 at 10:35
    iMaginaryy^ nah that's probably just a cloud delay / stuck issue. happens a lot. unlocking another achievement/repeating requirements just helped it along.

    I for example certainly still have the strawberries left, but the C-side achievement unlocked just fine.
    Posted by iMaginaryy on 17 Apr 19 at 10:40
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  • lLeoOneBRlLeoOneBR724,041
    22 Jan 2019 22 Jan 2019
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    It's not a solution but a bit more information.

    First of all, you need to complete all B-Sides for unlock C-Sides.
    C-Sides are ver very short stages, but very very frustating.
    If you use the assists, you can breeze all the 8 stages easily in less than 10 minutes.
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    Miojo666lol I'm currently on level 6 c-side and I came here just to check out what ppl said and I find out about this assists. Now i'm finishing it without them haha. If I can't do it for anything I'll try to turn the assists on to check them out. What do they do?
    Posted by Miojo666 on 26 Mar 19 at 01:15
    God Mode, you can bypass any obstacle without challenge. Needless to say, they completely break the game in comparison to playing it the way you've been playing up to this point. Enjoy the 7th C-side, probably my favorite level in the game after C-side #4 toast
    Posted on 26 Mar 19 at 06:28
    Miojo666Phew, completed the game. 11 960 deaths total. Turned assit mode on afterwars to test it and indeed is pure god mode
    Posted by Miojo666 on 30 Mar 19 at 19:33
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