Update 22.8.2: Plains of Eidolon

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Update 22.8.2: Plains of Eidolon

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Pest Control

Kill 100 Plains Beasts

Pest Control-0.9
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    April 2019 Update: With the Plains of Eidolon remaster now on consoles, animals are no longer as prevalent as they once were before. They can still spawn randomly but I only found one set of birds that spawned and it wasn't a consistent spawn. I feel for the people who didn't do this achievement before the update as it will take considerably longer now and be much harder as the enemies are relentless in Plains.

    If you've already done the following achievement then you should already know how to hunt. If not, I've given a brief explanation below and included a video.

    WarframeAnimal LoverThe Animal Lover achievement in Warframe worth 234 pointsComplete 10 perfect Conservation captures in Orb Vallis

    As of now, the easiest method is to purchase a Kuaka lure from Master Teasonai in Cetus for 500 standing and the Tranq Rifle from The Business in Fortuna for 500 standing (not sure if the tranq rifle is actually required to start the hunts). Once you have both of those you will load into the Plains of Eidolon. Pull out your lure and travel to the blue icons that pop up. Follow the tracks to the next objective. Match the call with the little mini-game that pops up on the right. Get somewhere high up and out of the way so the animals don't see you. When the Kuakas come out, kill all 3 and repeat until you have the achievement.

    Here's a video (credit to ThatReallyGrossGuy on YouTube) showing the basics of hunting. Note that it is on Orb Vallis but it is the same on Plains.

    The following is now outdated as of April 2019.

    Here is 7 guaranteed spawn locations for birds to kill. These will always be here. I recommend spawning in solo.

    Start off in the Plains of Eidolon by shooting the bird directly above and in front of you. Run all the way to the immediate left side of the map and shoot the two there. Turn to the right and run towards the phallic shaped rock and shoot the 4 birds here. You can then quit at this point to Cetus or Orbiter and repeat. 15 runs at ~2 mins per run with load times will net you this achievement in about 30 minutes.

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