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My Power Level is 530,000

World Match - Acquire 530,000 BP.

My Power Level is 530,000-6.2
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How to unlock the My Power Level is 530,000 achievement

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    UPDATE :
    Chaos and Fooga methodology commented:

    "just want to say that this is so easy to boost now it's not even funny. All you need to do is find the other player and that's it. The games will keep rolling over and over they will never end. Just trade wins takes a few hours.. but you do need to be around the same rank so if you are Saiyan rank you can only fight Namekian or Frieza Clan."

    "You simply search ranked at the same time under “challenge” if you are not the same rank at the start (although I’d suggest picking it anyway as it feels like a dead bracket), and then communicate on finding one another at the same time since you can’t see the player names anymore. That’s the hardest part since now you can rematch an infinite number of times. Trading 2 wins off one another at a time seems to be the fastest route until one player gets to Demon tank (500k BP), where you’d just let them win until they hit 530k, but it’s super quick."

    Also, GameMaster452 states "and tested that to boost with someone, you'd need to live in the same geographical location." Just to let you know.

    Below is my guidance and additional tips and helpful info that will hopefully help you out (non-boosting) in getting this achievement.

    In order to get this achievement you really have to master this game and be really focused. As of 30th Jan I am number 6 in the world ranking and it took me since launch (5 days non stop playing to get it) you have to know all the character moves, know how to counter them and quickly analyse a player's playstyle. Here are some tips and info:

    Saibamen - 0
    Earthling - 30k
    Namekian - 70k
    Saiyan - 120k
    Frieza Clan - 170k
    Super Saiyan - 220k
    Android - 270k
    Super Saiyan 2 - 330k
    Supreme Kai - 400k
    Demon - 500k

    Every time you rank up you get 10 k - 15 k bonus points - an example would be if rank up to demon you will start off at 510 k. The points increase and decrease depending your bp and who you fight, if you fight someone with the same rank you will gain more and lose more points. There were times I fought the same person and I got 2000 points in my first fight and then I got paired again and I only got 150 points for some reason, not sure if its because its the same person but it does happen once in a while.

    Also if you noticed there is like a small box to someone's name, it represents how good a player is, I think its compared to the amount of wins to losses:

    White : Beginner (After 5 matches your colour will change depending on your skill)

    Blue : Below Average (If you consistently lose)
    Light or Dark Green : Average
    Yellow : Intermidiate
    Red : Advanced
    Purple/Pink : I am not really sure but I would assume its Godlike ( I have never been able to beat one)

    This picture is from Bandai US's twitter account:
    External image

    If the player's name is highlighted in purple it means that they have disconnected frequently or rage quit a lot.


    It is important to note that, you will get win/lose more points if you are fighting with someone who is the same rank/bp near yours. So if you fight with a saiyan and you are a saiyan yourself. you will win/lose more bp. On the other hand, if you are a saiyan and you beat a demon for an example you will win/lose less bp. (Credits to count023)

    0 - 300 k points - This part is more or less just a learning curve where you should just practice, everyone generally finds their main during this rank matches, win and lose some, you dont really have anything to lose at this stage. If you lose tho, you lose about 750 points but really this is where you really just have to learn how to play with other people.

    300 k - 400 k points - This part gets really grindy, like really time consuming and really test how good you are as a player. I recommend fighting people who are similar or less to your skill level. Every win will net you 1950 points ish, one thing i would advise is to not repeat the same moves, people do learn to counter them eventually.

    400 k - 500 k points - similar to 300k points but this time you will get/lose 1650 points for every win/loss

    500 k - 530 k points - wins will net you 1450 points and a lost will reduce your bp by 2400 points. This part requires you to have a lot of patience, if you keep losing take a break - I played to the point I couldn't use my D-pad correctly and I just stopped.

    Update :

    A lot of you guys been asking my main a lot: I main black goku and I alternate the rest. I chose black goku purely on how cool he sounds and eventually mastered his combos so it doesn't really matter who you choose but who you are most comfortable. Based on my stats, I switched around with goku, gohan and blue vegeta.

    Tricks and analysing :

    When I say analyse a player, I literally mean look at how your opponent plays and do a move and see if your opponent knows how to counter it example :

    Goku's ultimate : You do a combo and end it with his ultimate (teleports from behind) - you either dash to him and beat the shit out of him or just play passive. See not many people are prepared to fight goku cause his ultimate literally teleports you behind someone and you can predict what he does, if he blocks, grab him/dragon rush him quickly. But this easily counterable if somone jumps and decides to dash to you and you just have to deal with it.

    Beerus : He has this combo where he punches you twice and slides behind you and beats you again and it can get quite annoying - learn to block it, if you main him use it occasionally and switch around, dont repeat too much cause when someone learns to block it you won't really have a trick to beat your opponent. Hit also has a similar combo.

    Kid Buu : Everyone I know uses kid buu does a combo and then always turns you into candy and then use a super/ultimate move. This is really a cheap trick, if you do it too often people will know how to counter it so dont do it as often.

    This is what I meant by analysing a player and everyone has a special move of their own and you have to find out which suits you the best. Gradually it is gonna get harder because when the dlc comes out, the playing field has change. If you can master the new character thats good but if you can't learn to counter him - well that is gonna be an issue for you.

    Here a video of one of my fights that took a while to find :

    An example of Goku's ultimate: I realised whenever he uses gohan he does that move every time he switches (i don't know what its called but he teleports and hits you from above) - so I block and then if I can get a combo in I know for a fact I will win cause he won't know that when I use my ultimate if I see him blocking I will grab him if he doesn't I am gonna beat him up. Hope this clarifies for some of you guys.
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    Bk LuCKY ChaRMS Yes it does did it today
    Posted by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS on 15 Feb at 20:02
    FelipeDornelas7 IF SOMEONE wants to do with me, at the moment I have 300000.
    GT: FelipeDornelas7
    Posted by FelipeDornelas7 on 01 Mar at 20:28
    Fairbrother69 Actually a very fun game to get good at and not boost.
    Posted by Fairbrother69 on 03 Mar at 12:15
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